The Eye of the Beholder

Chapter 1

The Truth behind the blue eyes

The eye of the beholder believes that I, Nathan Scott, have the perfect life; the life of the wealth, status, and popularity. They see me at all the best parties, wearing all the best clothes, driving the newest cars, and most of all, ruling the court on Friday nights. All the girls wish they were my flavor of the night and all the guys wished they were me. I live the desired life of every other teenager.

I live the life of the misunderstood.

For the eye of the beholder doesn't see my life through my eyes. They never see the deserted house I walk into every day of every week. They never see the pressure and the demands to succeed on the court and be the best that I could ever be…the high expectations of my own father.

They never witness my true being.

They don't know that my friends are practically strangers. My friends don't know me they just recognize the person they see on the surface. The person they observe in school and on the court. The same person who carries himself with confidence and poise…

The person that is the Great Nathan Scott.

But most of all they don't know that I ache for someone to be by my side at all times, at all cost, without judging me. I desire to have one single person that I could really talk to and be…me.

Without the cockiness and the self-assurance that everyone sees.

I quickly glance up, pausing my thoughts, and see from afar a girl with auburn hair gaze at me with a confused and puzzled eyes.

"Yo Nathan!" Tim interrupts me.

"Yeah…sorry, I just spaced out," I told him as I shifted my gaze and put on my fake smile.

This is my life, day after day, I put on the same false grin and act like nothing is wrong and everything is perfect. For that is what is expected from me, Nathan Scott.

Even though everything is far from it.

For the eye of the beholder never notice my existence through my eyes. They don't know that I wish to have the life of any other teenager.

Without the anxiety of succeeding…without the demands of being the supreme player on the court… without the pressures of being me.