The adrenaline rushed inside of me as I let got of the ball and aimed at the basket.


Nothing but net…

"And number 23, Nathan Scott, shoots and makes in a perfect 3-point shot!" the intercom announced loudly.

"I have to say that I really don't know what UNC would have done without Nathan Scott being start shooter this season," one anchor said.

"Well Bob, can you believe that Nathan Scott is only a sophomore? He is by far one of the youngest players on the team. He definitely has a bright future at UNC and at possibly whatever Pro-basketball team decides to sign him."

I smiled as I heard the announcers continue to converse about my basketball career. It's hard to believe that it was now two years since the havoc that erupted in my life.

The chaos that I was thankful for because of one individual.

My gaze shifted throughout the baby blue and white wearing crowd to the distinct person that stared at me with a radiant smile. Her face held maturity as her soft eyes held learning and honesty. Her auburn hair was now down to her shoulders as she decided that it was time for a change.

A transformation that represented her as an adult...

And she still looked absolutely beautiful.

Age making her more stunning as ever…

"I love you," she mouthed to my beaming figure.

"I love you too," I mouthed back as I saw her cheeks turn a rosy color.

Time also never stole her innocence.

We have been together for a year and a half now. It took her six months to finally agree to our relationship and six months for me to win back her affection and care.

It took her half a year to finally forgive me for my stupid mistake…

Though, it was for the best because we became friends as instants passed and she finally learned to trust me.

In our relationship, we have been through good times and bad. We almost called it quits last year as it was difficult seeing each other because she attended Duke and I UNC. However, everything was mended as she decided to transfer to UNC the following fall and study teaching here.

We also have been living together in an apartment for a couple of months now.

My thoughts were pulled as I heard the coach yelling at me to get back into the game.

Just like thunderous Whitey…

Then, someone beside Haley waved at me. I nodded and ginned at the brunette. Maria had become best friends with Peyton and Haley. The day of my outburst in the cafeteria, she had gone to the bathroom and when she came out, she watched me erupt and yell from a corner. She was amazed and influenced from my unforgettable scene.

She followed my actions a couple of days later.

The popular group became smaller and less famous with my departure. I was able to establish a new crowd, one that was associated with all the distinct, but unique cliques of Tree Hill High.

Tim took my spot in the group; including the attractive, but exasperating girl, Alysia.

Right after I left the group, Alysia persisted to bother and flirtatiously convince me to come back to the group, but I did not give in. I was waiting for Haley.

Last I knew about Tim was that he was signed to play ball at a small college nearby.

They have yet to go to state.

Alysia, she stopped going to school because she partied too much and is now living with her parents.

She still hasn't gotten her life together.

One acquaintance that does attend UNC with me is Brooke Davis. She is a cheerleader for the Rams and is also a member of a popular sorority. Although, she finally put her intelligence to use as she decided to not carry on her friendship with anyone from Tree Hill. I do see her around school a few times, though I just nod at her and continue to walk away.

She is still the Classic American Girl that parties with her new group of sisters.

As for Brandon and the rest of the guys, the last time we saw each other was after graduation. We congratulated each other.

We never spoke again.

"Nathan Scott!" the coach roared. "Get your ass over here!"

I sent Haley an amused look as I turned around and ran over to where the team was huddled. We went over the play and broke away. I nodded at my blonde teammate and he moved his shaggy hair in agreement.

I glanced over at the clock and noticed that there were only seven seconds left.

We were down by two points.

The whistle of the coach was blown, signifying the continuation of the game. Immediately, I was blocked by two large Blue Devils. The ball was passed around my team till I faked a left and was not blocked anymore. My light-colored partner passed it to me and I rapidly began to get attacked by my opponents. I threw back the ball to my teammate, he faked a right…


He flung me the ball once more and I was double teamed again, but I threw it and…


"Nathan Scott for the win!" the announcer yelled excitedly.

The crowd erupted in cheers and roars while my teammates and I commenced to hug each other in sweet triumph.

"Did you see that Bob?" one broadcaster asked astonished.

"I sure did!" he responded. "That was a great play performed by the Scott brothers. Without Lucas' ability to fake well, I really don't know if Tar Heels would have taken home the victory…"

"And never in Tar Heel history have there been brothers on the same team who also performed greatly. They are both vital to the varsity UNC team and are mostly responsible for there undefeated record."

I paced over to Lucas and roughly shook his hand in accomplishment.

We both held the replica Scott smirks as we were still in high spirits for our win.

We gradually started to become friends. We weren't best buds or went out together to drink coffee and chat, but we do, time to time, play a game of one-on-one.

The competition still existent between us…



Our eye contact broke as we turned towards the loud, diverse voices.

I abruptly initiated to smile as I watched the petite individual run over to me, my UNC jersey she wore flying around her. Suddenly, she jumped into my arms and squealed in excitement.

She still smelled like Vanilla.

"Great job Nathan!" she exclaimed.

"Thanks Hales, but was there ever a doubt?" I cockily told her. "And you also didn't have to yell, I am right here," I joked.

"I had to," she responded as she continued in my arms. "Your ego is so big that I had to yell so that all of you knows," she shot back.

I distinctly heard the laughter of my once blonde haired girlfriend.

"And what the hell are you guys laughing about?" I questioned them mischievously.

"You guys have such a weird relationship," replied Peyton as she was being held by Lucas.

They have been together for almost two years.

"We have a distinct relationship," Haley corrected. "It keeps it young," she added as she got off of me. "Because honestly, do we really want it as boring as yours?"

We didn't hear a response; subsequently we turned around and observed them in a hot make out session.

We began to laugh.

"Do you want to follow suit?" I asked her as I motioned towards Lucas and Peyton.

"Why Nathan Scott, I am not that type of girl," she teased with a wide smile.

"So we should get a room?" I asked her mischievously while my trademark smirk played on my lips.

"Nathan!" she exclaimed with large eyes and an extended smile.

"What?" I retorted acting confused.

"Sometimes I wonder why I love you…" she said faking seriousness.

"Because I am hot and a great player?" I responded for her.

"No, I don't think so…" she voiced with a grin.

I stared at her playful face and smiled.

"Because I also love you too," I answered truthfully as my blue eyes gazed at her brown ones.

"Right answer," she replied as she closed the gap between us.

Our lips met and I commenced to experience the stimulating pulsation throughout my entire body. While my embodiment throbbed in excitement, my mouth tasted the sweetness that only belonged to her. My hands that were settled on her waist were now beginning to roam around her luscious form, causing the kiss to get deeper and deeper.

Every single time I kissed her it felt as if it was our first time; electrifying and fresh…

"Geez… would you guys just get a room," someone behind us spoke.

We pulled away and breathed heavily, trying to catch a breath of fresh air. We both began to smile in embarrassment.

The Eye of the Beholder now sees my life as something fulfilling and remarkable. I at last feel the same excitement and thrill that I used to experience when I started to play ball. It didn't feel like an obligation any longer.

It wasn't a curse anymore.

I have a wonderful girlfriend at my side that cares and loves me with all her heart. I also have a bright future ahead for me in the NCAA and hopefully someday in the NBA.

I finally got everything I ever wanted.

A smile broke onto my face as I held onto Haley tightly and lovingly. She gazed at me with her light russet eyes and her cream colored skin and I once again was in awe with her.

She returned my smile.

Her cheeks became scarlet.

I finally got it.


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