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She's talked to me. She's enjoyed it.

She knows me. She thinks I'm worthy.

But does she love me? Does she know how I feel?

These were the thoughts running through Beast Boy's head as he stared up at the sky. Ironic, he thought, that this is almost exactly what it looked like on the day I made the wish.

And this was true. The sun was past its zenith and slowly setting. The red ball of fire brushed the tips of the city as it continued its way down. There were no clouds, he noticed. Beast Boy smiled slightly. A perfect night for stargazing.

He heard the faintest sound of a cloak swishing in the wind and his grin widened. She was here. He still couldn't believe that she kept coming back, night after night, just to watch the stars. With him. And it couldn't be because she wanted to learn the constellations; after all, Beast Boy had taught all of them to her some time ago. He was a little surprised at first to learn that she couldn't pick out the various animals and people in the sky, but quickly jumped at the chance to teach her. Finding those types of things were easy for him. Maybe it was because of all of the practice he had at looking for weaknesses in Raven's mental wall, or maybe he was just skilled at seeing things that no one else noticed. Whatever the reason, she now knew all of the stars, the constellations and their names. So it couldn't be because of that.

She sat next to him, not saying a word. She never did; not until the first stars came out. Beast Boy was content just to look at her until then. He loved her. He really did. And he knew that.

But does she? he thought once again, frowning slightly. I'm going crazy thinking about it. What am I supposed to do?

The first star came out. "Venus." Raven said aloud, shifting a little to face him.

He nodded. "The evening star. Also called the morning star sometimes." He smiled slightly. "Isn't it lucky?"

Raven looked taken aback at this, Beast Boy noticed. But she quickly recovered, and donned her old, 'nothing bothers me, so don't even try to' face. "How would it be lucky?"

Beast Boy thought for a moment. "Well," he said carefully, "not only does it get to see the day begin, it also gets to see it end. All of the other stars just see the night, but the morning star gets to see the end, and the beginning. It's special. Like the moon."

Beast Boy continued to stare at the dusky darkening sky. "People don't think much of the moon. It seems pale in comparison to brightness of the sun. It's not as pretty, and it's not as bright. But what they don't realize is that it has a magic all of its own." He turned to face her, smiling lopsidedly. "It's beautiful in its own way, maybe even more beautiful than the sun. It's bright, and even though it's surrounded by darkness, it shines even more brightly. I think that it's more beautiful like that. Because I can see the moon for what it really is." Raven stared back at him in wonder.

"Beautiful..." he finished, looking directly into her eyes. She was the moon. She was beautiful. She was surrounded by darkness, but was even more brave and pretty because of that. Although she seemed dull compared to the other people, she shone in a light all of her own. No one could see that, except him. And he loved her for that.

All of a sudden, he felt like he would burst if he didn't tell her. He opened his mouth to speak, but she turned away quickly, looking down and away from him. Disappointed, he closed his mouth and looked up, his burst of courage gone. What's the matter with me? he thought. Oh yeah...I'm in love.

The rest of the time was spent in silence, interrupted only by the occasional mumbling of a star's name or constellation. Beast Boy tried to concentrate on the stars, but he was distracted by the girl next to him. He found himself stealing glances at her and quickly turning away when he thought she would look at him. I'm going crazy...but then again, I am a fool, he thought. He smiled. Just another fool in love.

Finally, it was eleven o'clock. At this time, Raven would stand up and depart, while Beast Boy would stay a few minutes more, just reflecting on the day. And, like she did every day, Raven stood up, and turned to leave.

But Beast Boy was determined to get these feelings off his chest. He figured that she would either a) tell him that he was only a friend and she wasn't interested in him (in which he would go down to his room and cry his heart out), b) throw him out the window (in which he would wonder what went wrong), c) kill him (in which he wouldn't really have a chance to feel anything but excruciating pain), or d) say she felt the same (in which he really, really doubted). He put a hand on her shoulder, frightened at the prospect of him falling off the tower courtesy of Raven's powers, but he kept it there. When Beast Boy was determined, watch out.

Raven stiffened at once. He could feel that, but he kept it there, and slowly she relaxed. She turned around just as slow, stopping when she faced him fully, his hand still on her shoulder.

"Raven...I..." he began, but stopped. Was he really ready for this?

She blinked and waited. Finally, he began again.

"I love you Raven. Do you love me?"


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Raven has some thinking to do. She knows she likes Beast Boy as more than a friend, and she knows that Beast Boy loves her. But does she return the feelings? Have all of her experiences taught her to have courage? Will her and Beast Boy's wish come true?