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This takes place at the end of the series. Milly and Meryl lose their jobs so Vash works at Krispy Kreme! Uhh.. and Knives is stuck with Milly and Meryl!

TRIGUN: Donuts, Bagels, and a Whole Lot of Nonsense!

It was 7 in the morning and everyone was asleep except Vash who was for some reason fully dressed in a green sweater and a pair of jeans. He tiptoed his way to Meryl's room and slowly opened the door. There he saw Meryl tucked in her bed sleeping. He walked up and hovered over Meryl's sleeping body.

"Psst! Meryl!" Vash whispered tapping her nose softly.

Meryl wrinkled her nose and rolled over to the side. "Five more minutes chief.."

-Yeeeessshh.. She needs to get over that goddamn job..- Vash thought.

After continuously tapping on her nose, Meryl finally awoke. She sat up on her bed and looked up to see Vash smiling down on her.

"What the hell do you want.." she grumbled still half asleep.

"Meryl, I got a job!!!" screamed Vash.

"You woke.. Me up.. For this.." she said with a crooked voice while giving him a strange look.

"But Meryl! You've been bugging me to get a job! Now that I have one, you.. don't care?" he cried.

Meryl nodded silently. To this, Vash knew it was a sign that she didn't believe him. To prove it, he took out a note from his pocket and clearly read it out loud.

Dear Mr. Stryfe,

As the new manager of Krispy Kreme, I would love to have you work for us! Only on one condition.. S-T-F-U and stop emailing us!! You may start working tomorrow at 9:00 am SHARP! When you come in, meet me in my office and I will decide your job position.

Tifa Harrowings
Aka new manager of K.K muahahha!!

Meryl who was now fully awake looked at Vash with wide eyes. "How.. Unprofessional .. Yet I still cant believe you got a job even without an interview!"

"Yeah I know.. By the way Meryl what does S.T.F.U stand for?" Vash asked rubbing the back of his head.

Meryl tried hard not to laugh because she obviously knew what it meant. She didn't want to hurt Vash's feelings so she made up a lie.

"Umm.. It means .. Save The Food Up!! .. Uhh yeah.. You have to save the food so you don't waste right!?" she said nervously.

"Yeah maybe I should say the same to other people!" chirped Vash.

Meryl: O.O;

Vash glanced at the clock. "Whoa look at the time! It's 8:45 and work starts today.. Bye Meryl!" he gave her a peck on the cheek and dashed off.

Vash hopped into his jeep and looked up to see Meryl watching him from her window. He waved to her goodbye and started the jeep. As Meryl watched him leave, she giggled to see Vash realize that Krispy Kreme was only across the street.

"What a goof ball.." she whispered.


As Vash entered the building, it was empty. It seemed like he was the only one there until he heard a whistling sound coming from a room in the corner of the building. On the door it said "Manager's Office" Vash swallowed hard and slowly opened the door.

"A-am I too early m-miss manager sir?" Vash squeaked.

"Call me Tifa." the voice said.

Vash sighed in relief. There he saw was a pale young woman with long black hair and dark black eyes. She was wearing a navy blue coat and a skirt to match. (A/N: Gah I never really liked describing people like that but hey, you gotta have visuals right?)

Vash winked at the woman. "Didn't think my boss would be a babe!" he said with his flirty voice.

Tifa gave him a death glare. "How dare you.. Coming in here and saying that to my face!!" she hissed pointing a gun at him.

"W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Vash yelled.


"You said you'd give me a job here!!"

Tifa lowered her gun. "Oh yeah! You're that Stryfe guy that sent me like a thousand emails asking for a job,, anyway thanks to you my computer slowed down!! Take a seat.."

Vash did what he was told. He took a seat in front of her and waited.

"So.. Stryfe.." she started.

"It's Vash.."

"Okay Vash.. So kid how old are you?"

"WHAT? I'm not a kid! I look older than you!"

"The way you acted today,,, you seem like a kid to me." Tifa stated.

"Excuse me! Look whose talking,, yeessh.."


"Anyway, I'm not as old as you think, I'm really a plant."

"You don't look like a plant!" a voice different from Tifa's said.

Both Tifa and Vash turned to see two transparent trees standing in front of them one darker than the other.

"How dare you call yourself a plant! You don't have leaves like us!" the dark tree yelled.

"Psst.. Maybe he's one of those wannabe green people.." the light tree whispered. Both nodded in agreement and disappeared mid air.

"Hookkay.. That wasn't really necessary.." Tifa mumbled.

"Yeah.." agreed Vash.

"Anyway so you said you were a plant?"

"Well it's kinda short but it's a really long story.." said Vash rubbing the back of his head.

"Then why are you sharing this with me?"

"I have no clue mam.."

Tifa checked her watch, it was already 9:30. "Vash the place is going to open in five minutes so I'm just going to throw you some questions.."

"Okay!" shouted Vash

::::::::READ REALLY FAST!:::::::::::

"Have you ever had a job?"

"No mam!" (A/N: he may have had jobs like working for people and blah crap but pssh! This is my fic :P )

"Why do you want to work here?"

"So I can have the pleasure of eating donuts anytime!"

"What color is my bra?"


"Just checking if you're still with me here.."

"Uhh.. OKAY MAM!"

"Are you a people person?"

"Yes.. No.. I don't know mam.."

"Can you stop calling me mam?"

"Very sorry mam. Oops I mean Tifa."


"I've decide your job will be giving out free samples!" said Tifa ending the conversation.

"After all that crap!?" yelled Vash.

"Yes! Now get out of my office and start working!" Tifa shouted pointing to the door.

Vash exited the office and went straight to the counter where a plate of donuts was waiting for him. He took five of them and shoved them all in his mouth.

-This is heaven!!- he thought.

Minutes later people started to come in. A little boy who was probably 6 walked up to Vash and gave him a big smile.

"So kiddo.. You probably want a free sample right?" said Vash.

The young boy nodded. "Sure thing mister!"

"Well, here you go!" said Vash handing him a huge looking donut.

The boy gave him a big smile and took a bite. After that, the big smile turned into a frown. "Sir! You gave me a bagel!"

"Bagel Shmagel! What's the difference? They have the same shape don't they?" Vash yapped.

"But they're made differently arent they?"

Vash turned around and saw a familiar face, yet a little bit older.

"Kaite! What brings you here!?" screamed Vash.

"It's a summer job.." he replied.

"So how long have you been working here?" asked Vash

"Just now.."

"WHAT!? so what's Tifa making you do?"

"I'm the cashier.."

"Since when did she trust you with the money!!?"

"Dude.. she's my sister.."


Bwuahahahha! The chapter ends here! I know I didnt put much on Knives and them gurlz but I'll focus on them in the next chapter! .. until then, R&R!