HELLO! Well it's actually been a long time since I updated... Practically like years now? Lol I have no clue... Anyways I'm sorry if this story got kind of cheesy... I mean with all the celebrities, out of character, legato calling Meryl "Lady Meryl" and nonsense... It must be annoying now! But hey I wanted to update because of this idea... (I give credit to DNANGEL)

Ever wondered what a day with our heroes would be like? Well first let's start off with Legato!

7:00 in the morning Legato wakes up bright and early without an alarm clock! Since he's so naturally good looking, he skips any sort of primping and goes downstairs.

7:30 after half an hour of thinking, legato eats whatever he wants! Mostly he eats cheesecakes, pancakes, cupcakes, and all sorts or deserts! Yes, he eats deserts at breakfast! (Without getting fat!) Oh and he eats hot dogs too.

8:45 after eating a hearty and healthy meal, he goes back upstairs and changes into his working outfit! (Those uniforms they wear at K.K.)

9:45 once he arrives at Krispy Kreme fashionably late, he helps Tifa and Kaite around the place making Vash do all the work!

12:22 after working so hard, (whew!) Legato takes and break and visit's the bar which was right next to Krispy Kreme. As Legato enters, he ignores the ladies attracted to his beauty and sees Wolfwood and sits right next to him. Seeing that Wolfwood is having a smoke, Legato asks for some but Wolfwood wont share!

12:37 Legato eats his lunch after a long wait because of a slow waitress and chows down on cheesecakes, pancakes, cupcakes, oh and hotdogs too. No drink needed because he wasn't that thirsty!

1:00 as he heads back to work, He ignores all of Tifa's ramblings and sits down (which he does at work all the time!)

3:15 OH NO! Legato got caught! Now he has timeout and has to fix the hole all by himself. But look who passes by... Kaite!

8:00 Once the crew was ready to go home, Legato leaves early angrily without saying goodbye.

8:15 Legato cooks dinner all for himself without changing any clothes. He makes cheesecakes, pancakes, cupcakes, oh and hotdogs too!

9:00 look whose home! Kaite and Tifa! But no food for them because Legato has eaten all the food.

9:15 Feeling so exhausted, Legato heads for the bathroom giving himself a shower.

10:30 after using up all the hot water, he goes inside Kaite's room and locks the door.

11:00 it's time for a shut eye after pretending to read and ignoring Kaite who was banging the door.Well, sleep tight Legato!

Goodnight... Legato whispered.

Wow... I actually updated! Weird huh? Anyways yeah theres the chapter... OH samurai champloo's on! Ok later guys.