Pain Seeps In

I stood and watched him gurgle in his own blood. He breathed my name, so I shot him again in the neck, to make sure he never under estimated me again. Bear in mind though, he wouldn't have another chance to. I was killing my lover. But wouldn't you? After all we had been through together; I never thought he would do this to me.

I had been reading in our library, a truly wonderful novel, may I add, that my lover had bought for me on my 27th birthday. My eyes left the book and glanced at the door of our library, what was that noise? It sounded like a woman giggling, but I thought better of it. My lover and I were gay, so why would a girl be here? Unless we had company, but my darling would had told me so I could make myself proper.

I quickly brushed down my long red coat and made sure my long brown hair was under control, for once it was. I stood and put down my book, and opened the doors. The giggles seemed further down the hall, so I walked down, calling out to my lover. I turned the many corners, raced down the endless paths and opened many doors. Then I found them.

My lover was flustered, his black hair which was normally tied back was all over his face and his hands were roaming another woman's revealed body. The woman had curly blonde hair and ice blue eyes. Her hands were in his hair, suddenly my lover noticed me,

''Gabriel! Gabriel! Gabriel!'' He shouted after me as I turned and ran down the hall, my eyes blurred so I could not see where I was going. I opened a door, rushed inside and slammed it shut on my lovers face.

How could he do this to me?

I love him...

Doesn't he love me?

He continued banning on the door, insisting on my letting him in. I kept telling him to go away and leave me alone. I kept begging him just leave our home and leave me in peace. That's what did it, I threw open the door,

''Gabriel!'' He looked hurt, as if I had done the deceiving, but it was him, why was he hurt?

I reached for my gun. My lover and I always carried one around, just in case. I brought it up to his chest slowly and backed him against the wall,

''Why? Why would you do this? I thought you and I were in love...'' I said, my voice threatening, as if he replied I would blow his head off,

''Listen to me Gabriel, put the gun down, I can explain.'' He replied, looking down at the gun,

''I'm all ears right now. You can explain without me putting the gun down.'' I snarled. His eyes looked up at me, hurt and sad, I couldn't take it when he looked at me like that,

''Gabriel...'' But when he said my name I exploded,

''DAMNIT!'' I screamed at him, I brought the gun up higher and shot him in the neck, I watched him sink to the ground and gurgle on his own blood. He managed to breath my name, I couldn't take it, I shot him again in the neck, anger running through my veins.

I stepped over his body and kneeled down next to him. His eyes were glazed over, un seeing,

''Why would you do this to me?'' I whispered, before turning and seeing his whore standing horror-stricken, staring at me, I held up the gun and shot her as well, I turned back down to look at my former lovers face and whispered,

''Burn in hell, Vladislaus.''


O.O I have no idea where any of that came from!

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