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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


I am a pureblood. I was born into a family of rich purebloods who have made me what I am.

I hold a blade up in the air and notice how beautiful the silver gleam is against the soft light of the room.

I bring it down quickly against my wrist and watch as the red liquid seeps from my skin.

It doesn't hurt anymore. I've watched my father cut himself since I was too young to speak. When I was five I addressed the issue to him.

"Why do you do that, Daddy?" I asked. Oh, I was very childish at times. It is in human nature to kill a monster, but what if the monster is with in?

"Boy, You and I are purebloods. Our blood is truly better than others. Shall not we take a look at it once in awhile?" He took my small pale wrist into his, and cut my wrist.

My father's breath always smelled funny as he laughed, as I cried out in pain. He was drunk that evening, and he obviously didn't remember what he taught me to do.

And what I've been doing ever since.

My mother died last year. She didn't just die though. She was murdered, by my own father.

Of course they didn't get alone well, how could they? Their marriage wasn't even their own choice, it was arranged. Just as mine was to be, but mother never got around to it.

She won't ever get around to it now.

I know what happened. The Ministry claimed it was an accident. She fell down the steps.

My mother never stumbled on anything in her life. It was my father who threw her down the those steps.

Why he did it, I couldn't tell you. Maybe she whined for the last time at him, maybe she disagreed with him and wouldn't let him leave her. Maybe she found out about his many affairs.

But what happened, has happened. My mother, Narcissa Black, is dead.

My father was arrested half a year later for being a deatheater and other crimes of the sorts. He rots in Azakaban as I speak.

So, this is the fate of the Malfoys. Narcissa, my mother, is dead. Lucius, my father, is so insane that he doesn't even know how to write to me anymore.

And I, Draco Malfoy? Where am I now?

Hogwarts, and I hate it here. I hate the eyes of the professors who judge me for things that were always beyond my reach. I hate the students from out of my house who whisper things as I walk down the halls. I hate the students in my house for taking pity on me.

Where am I in Hogwarts? The perfect's bathroom. I'm wearing my darkest and heaviest of clothes, and sitting in a bath. I will either drown or bleed to death. I'm going to see that the job gets done.

Did you know all humans always commit suicide for the same reason? Muggle or Wizard, Male or Female, Black or White, it is always the same. They feel alone and things are out of their control.

My life has been out of my own control since my first breath, and now I am alone.

I look to my blade again. It is my father's. No, it was my father's. I don't have a living sane father to speak of any more.

I bring it down to my wrist again. Blood seeps out faster, and it still doesn't hurt.

I am angry now. Angry at the world and everything that has brought me to this point.

I bring the blade down faster, more forceful blows. Deeper cuts, and I let out a cry for my mother.

- - - - - - - -

I'm being pulled out of the tub now. Well not really something is just tugging at me, and I'm forcing myself out because it's annoying.

My head really hurts now. I did manage to crawl out, but only to fall on my face. Somebody is crying at me to open my eyes, and damn-it I don't feel like it!

It hear spells being cast quickly now. Their in hurried gasps. Who's this?

I slowly open my heavy eyelids. My vision is blurry, but I can see my wrists. The shallow cuts are missing now, only a scare is left. I'm being saved.

Damn them.

The deep cuts that should be bleeding are stopped now. The sound of tearing cloth fills my ears, and I see a pair of delicate hands wrapping it around me. I look up to see who's hands they are.

Filthy Mudblood Granger. Always meddling in my business. She should stop it now, and I'm going to tell her so. I open my mouth to speak, but only a soft groan comes out.

She looks at me with tear filled eyes, and pulls me into a hug. I would try to make her let go, but I'm much to tired. Besides I've got my head against her lovely rack.

She may be a filthy mudblood, but she's hot.

I begin to close my eyes again, I'm getting sleepy now.

I feel her shaking me. Can't she understand I'm tired? Her fingers are pinching my neck, forcing me to awaken.

I try to tell her to stop, but all the comes out is an other gasp.

She's talking to me now, a bunch of tears falling from her eyes. I don't know what she's saying. Just let me get some sleep Granger, I'm bloody tired.

After many attempts, she still won't let me. I did learn however if I keep my eyes open and lay still she'll shut up. Good enough.

I don't know how long we lied there. She had her arms wrapped around me, and she's all wet from me.

Soon she's trying to get me to stand up, she's talking again. She's not really all that bad when she's got her mouth shut. I stand up slowly, her arms are still around me. She's taking me somewhere, and she told me where too. I just can't remember or understand her.

- - - - - - - - - - -

I awaken a few hours later, to the sound of snoring. The sound is coming from my feet.

I open my eyes, and notice how everything isn't blurry anymore. I look at my feet. There's a large orange cat on them. I can feel its heart beat against my foot.

My head still hurts, and I nuzzle it into my pillow. Only my pillow has buttons on it, wait that's not a pillow.

I look up to see Hermione. Granger. I look up to see Granger. She's looking down at me with concern. It's makes me want to hide my face. Damn her!

I bend my head down, and I feel her hands in my hair. She's stroking my head, and the worst part is it feels wonderful.

This isn't right. She's a filthy mudblood and I'm a pureblood. My father went to all expenses to teach this to me and I can barely ever keep it straight.

My father... The same one who murdered my mother. The same one who's been in Azkaban and doesn't even remember my name. The same father who has cheated on my mother countless times, and I think may have a few other children with other women.

Maybe he's wrong. No, he can't be! Can he? My head hurts from all the arguing it begins to do with itself.

"Draco?" I hear her whisper softly, and I look up at her.

She's looking at me funny. Kinda how mum used to look when I was upset and couldn't tell her why.

I only let out a groan, and she seems to think it's enough. I go back to having my head buried in her chest, and I stretch. If this is right or wrong doesn't matter right now. I'm going back to sleep. Besides I can't get up now. I've got my arms wrapped around her.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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