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Chapter 1! ==

She was sitting in a bright pink, fluffy, sickeningly cute, underground lair staring at a picture of Him.

She sighed happily and put the picture away.

She spun around in her swivel chair until she was dizzy.

Suddenly a girl with frizzy red hair and green eyes ran in panting heavily. She was dressed entirely in pink. She even had pink tinted sunglasses.

She turned in her chair and faced the girl.

"Like what is it second in command?" She asked the girl

"ITS THEM AGAIN!" she yelled

Her eyes widened, "Go get the others like ready."

Her second in command nodded and ran off.

She turned in her chair and pressed a button on her bright pink desk.

"PINK ALERT! PINK ALERT! THEY ARE LIKE COMING!!!" She screamed into the intercom

Suddenly there was a great uproar in the pink underground palace. It was the sound of millions of girls screaming loudly.

Then the main door blew off of its hinges and two girls dressed in black entered.

The screaming abruptly stopped and it was silent as the two girls in black walked over to her desk. Their black cloaks flew out behind them.

"So, Its like you two again." She said, "What business do you have here at 'Fan Girls United'?"

-.- "You know perfectly well why we are here, Kileana! Keep your stupid minions away from MY castle!" one of the girls in black shouted, "We had an agreement!"

Kileana smiled evilly, "But Cheesy, you have like something I want."

"I know! What you want is mine!" Cheesy shouted and slammed her hand down on Kileana's desk

A few seconds later Cheesy removed her hand, "OWWWWW! That hurt REALLY bad!!!"

Kileana ignored her, "What do you like plan on doing? You can't stop us. We are many you are few."

Kileana waved her hands in the air.

The other girl raised an eyebrow, "What does (mimics hand movement) mean?"

-.- (sigh) "Just look Lem." Kileana said annoyed

Lem was Cheesy's trusted friend and protector of the castle. Lem and her army of fighting cheese turkeys were unbeatable. 

"What I don't-HOLEY CHEESE! Where did they come from?!" Lem exclaimed as she turned around in a circle looking at the millions of rabid fan girl minions

Leading the rabid fan girls was Kileana's second in command. She smiled smugly and stepped out in front of the other rabid fan girls.

"CASEY!?" Lem and Cheesy said at the same time

"That's me." Casey said

(Loud gasp) "You-you betrayed me!!!" Cheesy yelled, "I knew you were a rabid fan girl, but…YOU JOINED THEM?!!! THEY ARE AGAINST ME!"

Casey continued to smile, "Yes well, Kileana offered me a better job. I get to be second in command."

"Woot for you, stupid." Lem said and spiraled her finger in a circle

Casey wined loudly, "Why does everyone call me stupid!?"

She then stomped her foot and pouted.

"Yeah…whatever. I do not have time for this." Cheesy said and floated up into the air

Lem followed.

All the rabid fan girls looked up in amazement.

0.0? "Like how did you do that?" Kileana asked amazed


With that said Cheesy and Lem floated out of the underground lair.

"Hmm, well Cheesy too bad we won't like listen." Kileana said and laughed evilly

He would belong to her even if it were the last thing she 'like' did. Cheesy had a great prize hidden away in that castle of hers and Kileana would have it.


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