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Melancholy violet orbs stared out the window where the sun was beaming brightly and laughter of many voices filled the area. Pressing his face against the glass infront of him, Yugi's eyes scanned the crowd and he felt more tears building up in his huge eyes. Below him were his friends or they used to be his friends and his own yami. Ever since the Pharaoh had gotten his own body, he had been hanging out with Yugi's friends and ignoring him.

Joey and Tristan were in the shades of the trees below and were fighting once again about duel monsters. Marik and Malik seem to be enjoying the fight that was going on while Serenity and Mai seem to be off in their own world. Bakura and Ryou were nowhere to be found, probably at home watching a movie together. Kaiba stood off in the shadows, his dark eyes looking up and catching Yugi's depressed ones. He shook his head sadly at the poor boy up in his room and then bought his gaze to the one thing that was making Yugi even more depressed.

Off to the side was Tea and her mouth was currently occupied by none other than Pharaoh Atemu or, as everyone knew in this world, Yami. His strong arms were wrapped around her waist, resting on the sluttish pink mini-skirt she was wearing while hers were wrapped around his neck, her eyes closed and her body pressed tightly up against his leather attire.

It wanted to make Kaiba gag and the thoughts of running over there and pulling that slut out of the Pharaoh's arms and then ripping her head off, were very high right now in his mind. A smirk made its way across his face but he hid it away from everyone and cleared his throat,

"Don't you think you two should come up for breath already? It's been almost 5 minutes."

Chuckling deeply, Yami pulled away and this caused Tea to frown at the loss of contact and to shoot daggers with her blue eyes at the smirking billionaire in the corner who looked as smug as ever.

"Sorry about that. Were we bothering anyone?" Yami asked with a smirk.

"No," Kaiba replied with a monotone voice, his eyes drifting slowly back to the window of Yugi's room only to find him not there anymore, "I was just worried you were going to pass out from the lack of air." He finished with a bitter ring to his tone.

However, the Pharaoh didn't seem to catch it and smiled at Tea who finally stopped shooting daggers at Kaiba for interrupting them. She smiled seductively at Yami and leaned on him as he wrapped his strong arms around her once again. Kaiba sighed and then walked over to the fighting Joey and Tristan and grabbed Joey by the arm,

"Let's go, puppy. I have better things to do then sit here watching you fight."

Joey frowned at that, "Aw c'mon, Kaiba! I waz in da middle of a fight here!"

"You can finish fighting later. I have some business to take care of and I have to pick Mokuba up from his friends." He turned to the rest of the gang, "I shall see you all later. Farewell for now."

"Yea, I'll be seein you guyz." Joey replied and was dragged off by the handsome man in the long coat.


The Pieces of the Puzzle
Chapter One: Runaway
A Touch of Star Dust

"Kaiba, why did ya drag me anyway frum everyone so quick? I thought Mokuba was already home wit his friend!" The blond whined as Kaiba pushed him into the limo.

"Quiet, mutt. I know, I lied to get out of something. It was making me gag."

"What waz makin ya gag? I didn't do anything wrong, did I?"

The brunette smiled at the whine that was in Joey's voice and laughed lightly, "No, puppy. You did nothing wrong. It was the idiot Pharaoh and that slut over there."

The limo started to move and travel along the streets as Joey sat closer to his lover and placed a hand on his shoulder,

"Ya mean Yami and Tea? Why? What's wrong wit dem?"

Shaking his head, he turned to look out the window of the limo, "You wouldn't understand."

"No! Please? Tell me? Is sumthin wrong wit Yug?"

Pulling away from the window, Kaiba's blue eyes met the blonde's honey ones, "How did you know?"

Sighing, Joey's eyes found the carpet of the limo's floor interesting before he spoke up once again, "In the mists of all da fightin wit me and Tristan, I kinda saw him lookin out da window. Da other day, I tried ta talk ta him but he wouldn't answer me. I hate how he dun hang out wit us anymore. Do ya kno what's causing it?"

Leaning back in the leather seat, Kaiba shut his dark blue eyes and sighed once again, "It's Yami and Tea. I can see it in Yugi's eyes."

"Ya mean Yug is jealous over dem? Why? He likes Tea?"

Forced saliva seemed to be crawling up his throat when that sentence was said and he quickly swallowed it and his eyes shot open and his body shot up from his seat to stare at the blond,

"No! He likes Yami! Why the hell would he like her? Who knows how many guys she's tried to get! He's in love with his own other half! Anyone can see this!"

Joey let out a loud gasp and turned to look at the billionaire with widened eyes, "Yami? Yug loves Yami? Well now dat ya mentioned it, I have seen traces of dis, not many but I have seen some."

Nodding, Kaiba relaxed and leaned back into the seat once again and rubbed his temples with his slender fingers, "Yes, Yami. I thought he had a liking for Yugi too but apparently I was wrong and all that idiot Pharaoh was trying to do was get closer to her."

"So what do we do? I can't stand ta see Yug like dis!" Joey said.

"Patience, puppy. We'll think about this later on. For now, let Yugi come to us. I'm sure he will if events become worse than what they are now."


Yugi's eyes widened when he heard the front door open and the voices of his grandfather and Yami were heard in a deep conversation. He heard Yami say something about taking Tea out later and he needed to get ready. Then the conversation died down.

The little light's heart pounded, his yami was on the way upstairs and would probably just walk right past his room and walk right into his own. Footsteps were then heard upon the staircase and they inched closer and closer. His violet eyes widened and he thought of the only thing that came to mind.

Reaching over in the corner, he grabbed the phone that was facing the mirror in his room and shakily dialed a few numbers in before it began to ring. The footsteps seem to stop and his yami was standing infront of his open door and was watching Yugi with an odd expression.

"Hello. Kaiba resident this is Mokuba speaking."

"Yugi, who the hell are you talking to?" Yami asked with a bit of ice in his voice.

"A-a school friend."

"I see. Well, hurry off the phone! Tea is going to be calling soon and I would hate to miss one of her calls." He finished and then turned on his heel and slammed the room door shut.


"S-sorry, Mokuba. This is Yugi. Is your brother home by any chance?"

"No, I'm sorry, Yugi but he should be home soon! Are you alright? You sound really either upset or very nervous." The teen's concerned voice drifted over the other line.


"Yugi! Come down here for a second!" His grandfather's voice was heard through the hallway.

"I-I have to go. Please tell Kaiba to call as soon as possible!" Yugi whimpered and hung up the phone and then opened his door and slid down the staircase slowly.

When he entered the kitchen, he saw his grandfather there smiling at him, "My boy. Are you alright? You've been in the house all week and you're starting to worry me!"

Atleast his grandfather still cared about him.

"I-I'm fine, grandpa. Really. You shouldn't worry too much. I can take care of myself."

"Alright. Well, I'll be going to a convention tonight and I know Yami is going out...again. I hate to ask but could you..."

"Don't worry. I'll lock up the store for you, grandpa."

"Thanks, my boy. I'll make dinner and leave it in the fridge. Make sure you eat too! You're practically wasting away!"

Yugi nodded and was about to speak when the phone rang, his grandfather picked it up just as Yami came down the stairs with a towel in his hand,

"Is it for me? I was just about to take a shower but it can wait."

Grandpa held up a hand to silence the older teen who just nodded and spoke into the phone,


"Hello. This is Seto Kaiba speaking. Yugi called me before but I was out of the house. Is he there now?"

"Ah, yes. Hold on." The grandfather then handed the phone to Yugi, "It's Kaiba."

Yami rolled his eyes and walked back up the staircase and this time into the bathroom to start the shower he never got to.

"Thanks, grandpa. I'll take it upstairs."


"Kaiba?" Yugi asked into the other line.

"Yes, Yugi. I got your message from Mokuba. What's wrong?"

"I-I...Do you think I can talk to you? I have a plan in mind because I cannot take this torture anymore."

"Listen, Yugi. I already know you love Yami." Kaiba's smooth voice responded.

Shock filled the little one's eyes and his heart, "H-how did you know? Does anyone else know?"

The brunette chuckled deeply as the questioning continued, "I can see it in your eyes, so can Joey. No, only Joey and I know but neither of else will tell anyone or Yami himself so you have no need to worry."

Relief then filled him and he leaned back into his pillow on his bed, "Thank you, so much. It's been killing me that he's dating her...and especially how cold he is to me. When we shared a body, he used to be so warming and caring to me that I thought he did like me!" The youth whimpered.

"It's alright," Kaiba's voice held sympathy for the poor boy, "Don't worry about that for now. Now, besides that, what is it you wanted to tell me?"

"Just that, really." Yami's loud voice was heard in the hallway, "I-I have to go now. Yami is expecting a call from Tea. I'll talk to you later, Bye."

Before Kaiba could utter another word, the boy had hung up on him and he was left with the dial tone of the phone.


Sleep never came. He had tried to sleep but it never happened. Tea's giggling and Yami's voice were keeping him awake and sleep was nowhere in his eyes now. The couple was down the hall in Yami's room watching a movie. Probably with Yami laying on the bed without a shirt and Tea laying in his arms while whispering words of love to him.

It made Yugi want to gag. He couldn't take it anymore.

Reaching under his bed, he found his suitcase that he usually would use when he was staying over at a friend's house or going on a long vacation. Tiptoeing towards his room door, he slowly and quietly shut it so neither Yami nor Tea would hear him. He then locked it with the bottom and top locks and then proceeded to what he was doing.


Graffiti decorations

Under a sky of dust

A constant wave of tension

On top of broken trust


Opening up his drawers, he took all of his clothes out and placed them in the suitcase. He looked over and saw his duel monsters in a case, shrugging he took them and placed them in the zipper part of the suitcase. Looking around his room, he spotted the Millennium Puzzle that seemed to be pushed in a corner of his room as if he didn't want to look at it. Quietly opening the door, he slid silently past Yami and Tea in Yami's room and walked into the bathroom. He grabbed his toothbrush and all of his bathroom accessories and then walked out of the bathroom just as quietly as he did before.


The lessons that you taught me

I learn were never true

Now I find myself in question

(They point the finger at me again)

Guilty by association

(You point the finger at me again)


He slid past Yami's room again but not before looking in. Yami was ontop of Tea in just his boxers and she was under him in just her skirt. Yugi felt the blood boil in his throat when he saw her reach up and pull him down further.


I wanna run away

Never say goodbye

I wanna know the truth

Instead of wondering why


'I hope Yami doesn't get any diseases but then again, the way he's been acting, he deserves them.' The youth said, feeling anger build up in him.

Walking back into his room, he dropped the accessories he had picked up from the bathroom and put them in his suitcase. Zipping up his suitcase, he looked around his room to make sure he didn't forget anything.


I wanna know the answers

No more lies

I wanna shut the door

And open up my mind


'Well, that's it. Goodbye room. Maybe I'll see you again in the future.'

Silently closing his room door and stepping out into the hallways while ignoring Tea's moans, he walked slowly down the staircase that he knew he wouldn't be seeing for a very long time.


Paper bags and angry voices

Under a sky of dust

Another wave of tension

Has more than filled me up


His coat was placed over the stand by the front door and he reached up to grab it but then it tipped over and caused the stand to fall and making a loud crash. He cringed, waiting for Yami to come down and yell but that never happened and the sounds Tea was making just got louder.

'Oh, make me hurl already, why don't you. Thank god they didn't hear that. Now, it's time to leave.'

Opening the front door, he cringed when it creaked but ignored it and stepped out into the night air. There was a slight chill in the air making it a little bit cold but Yugi ignored it and continued down the path away from The Game Shop.


All my talk of taking action

These words were never true

Now I find myself in question

(They point the finger at me again)

Guilty by association

(You point the finger at me again)


Walking farther away from the shop, he felt a pang of guilt inside of him, his grandfather, he'd wonder where he'd be. Thinking about this for a few, he then had an idea and made his way down a certain path.


I wanna run away

Never say goodbye

I wanna know the truth

Instead of wondering why

I wanna know the answers

No more lies

I wanna shut the door

And open up my mind


Kaiba was leaning in his tall leather chair in the middle of the living room reading a book while his puppy was laying on the couch reading a magazine on Duel Monsters when a knock interrupted them. Placing his book on a table near by, Kaiba walked slowly over to the door and opened it. There stood Yugi out of breath, a suitcase in hand.

"Yugi! What's going on?" Kaiba asked.

"Yug?" A voice was heard from the living room then Joey came rushing out, "Buddy! It's so great ta see ya!" He said and hugged the shorter boy, nearly cutting off his air supply.

"J-joey, c-can't breathe." Yugi choked out.

"Oh! Sorry bout dat buddy! How are ya?"

"I'm good but I have a favor to ask...If you don't mind, Kaiba."

"Of course, Yugi. Anything." Kaiba said, feeling a bit nervous seeing the suitcase by Yugi's side.

"I'm leaving Japan tonight."

This earned a gasp from both Kaiba and Joey who stood horrified in the door frame.

"But why Yug? Ya can't just leave!"

"I have to, Joey. I need time to sort out my life. Please. I'm just asking of the favor that you tell my grandfather where I am and make sure he or either of you don't tell anyone else where I am, okay? Please?" Yugi begged, his eyes filling with tears.

Kaiba nodded and then looked at Joey who nodded with tears in his eyes, "Yes. Of course, Yugi. Wait here though while I go get something." He then turned away from the door and walked up the steps.

Joey leaned down and hugged his best friend tightly, "I'm gonna miss ya, buddy! Write ta me when ya find a place, ok?"

Yugi smiled in understanding and nodded, "Of course, Joey. I could never forget you."

Kaiba then returned with a certain black bag and handed it to Yugi, "Here. Take this. Inside is about $40,000 and a cell phone and my number if you need me."

"What? Kaiba I can't accept this!"

"Yugi. Please. If you need anything, all you have to do is call. Who knows how long you'll be gone. Please, take it and don't try to give it back to me."

"Thank you, Kaiba. I'll add this to the money I already had." Yugi smiled.

Glancing at the clock in the hallway of the Kaiba mansion, he sighed, "I better get going. It's almost 1 in the morning and I want to be out of this country before Yami realizes I'm gone. Take care you two and I'll write as soon as I get settled!"

"Bye Buddy! I'll miss ya!" Joey yelled.

"Take care and goodluck, Yugi." Kaiba replied with a soft crackling in his voice.


The airport seemed to be crowded just as if everyone decided to take vacations all in one shot. Yugi nervously walked through the doors and went to buy a ticket to Florida, United States. He didn't know why but he'd always admired the atmosphere there in that one tiny state in America. America. What a great country. Free from everything. Free from the past. Free from Yami.

After purchasing his ticket, he walked slowly over to the terminal and checked his bags in. Walking further into it, he found a seat away from everyone and sat nervously waiting for the flight to land.

'Stop being so nervous, Yugi. You'll be fine. Away from everyone and everything and Kaiba and Joey are right behind you.'

Glancing around the airport, he saw children running around and their parents trying to calm them down, couples were sitting next to each other and just talking while old people were laughing about something the teenagers were doing nowdays.

Before long, the flight had landed and was boarding ts passengers. Yugi took a heavy breath in and walked down the tunnel to the plane.

To his escape route. His dream. His freedom. Maybe even his future.


End of One.

Song-"Runaway" by Linkin Park.