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I can feel his presence.

Even from so far away, I can sense his unmistakable aura, still so powerful after all that he has been through. Or maybe because of all that he has been through. Even now, so many years after he has been the most powerful being in the world, it still crackles with immense power and holds a silent authority. And still, his soul is humble, his heart uncorrupt. Truly, it is astounding. He truly is a most unique individual. Vastly different from anyone I have ever met. And that, I must say, is quite a feat in itself.

He is near now, and approaching fast. I feel his eagerness. Soon, he will reach me, in hopes of passing into his final rest. Back to his family and the friends he had left behind in time so very long ago. Leaving behind all the pain and worries…

And yet, I see that intermixed within that eagerness and joy…is a deep sadness. Already, he misses the new friends he has left behind this time around. But he comforts himself in the knowledge that they will one day join him…

Oh, unique one. So young in body, but so old in spirit. You have done more than anyone could have asked, or even begun to imagine. In everything you did, you gave it your all, and so much more. You've saved the world and mankind not once, but twice. Through it all, you've been a leader, a protector, a teacher, and a beacon of hope to all who knew you. You, of all people, deserve your final rest.

And still, Great One, even though you deserve it so much, I cannot. I cannot, for your duty is not done. Your soul still has a mission upon that earth that it has yet to fulfill. It isn't fair to you, that you have to return to the world of the living even after you have left it yet again. It isn't fair. But I see no other choice. There're still people down there who need you.

I do not want to, but I must. You must go back. Please believe me when I say that it brings me grief to do this. You will suffer so much more pain and despair, and it hurts to know that I will be the cause of it all. But I pray that you will one day forgive me. It is for the good of everyone involved. And for one soul especially. For although you have already guided him, he still needs you. But in a different way now.

And so you must return. I wish you much luck, for you most certainly will be needing it.

Goodbye for now, little one. We shall meet again. I only hope that next time, I will be able to allow you eternal peace.