This is not your dream; this is our dream.

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Chapter one

Those were the words he heard, but he couldn't understand what they meant. A strange, floating sensation had clouded his head; all he saw was darkness. Her face seemed to phase in and out of reality as he looked at her. The moonlight glinted off her hair, black waves of ink descending over her pale skin; not sullying her appearance but making it all the more surreal. She was like a dream herself; strange that she should speak of them.

"Motoko-chan? What do you mean?" He gulped as he said it, so her name sounded slightly garbled. She giggled at his nervousness and ran a hand down his arm.

"Relax, Urashima. I'm not going to hurt you. Sit down next to me for a moment, and I'll explain. You look like an explanation would do you good."

Keitaro sat. He sat a little too heavily, in fact. In the usual state of things, he would have landed in some form of compromising position, and probably have Naru sending him into the next county or so with one of her trademark punches. This, however, was no usual state. The fact that he landed in Motoko's lap without doing something unintentionally perverted added to the growing idea in Keitaro's mind that this was, in fact, a dream. He prepared for the worst anyway.

"Aiii! Motoko-chan, I'm so sorry!" He leaped back and covered his face, waiting to feel the sting of Motoko's blade. When nothing happened, he relaxed slightly and his hands fell to his sides. The vision that greeted him was one of Motoko looking only slightly annoyed.

"Urashima-san, I told you before that I am not going to hurt you. Now, sit and listen before you make me break my word." He immediately complied, not wishing to inflame her further. Anyone at Hinata-sou would tell you that Motoko was not one to rile. Not, that is, if you liked all your limbs attached. He sat down next to her, facing slightly the same direction; not quite meeting her gaze, fixed on him as it was.

"Urashima... Keitaro. Keitaro, I know that I've always been hard on you. Ever since you came here, I've had to punish you for innumerable lecherous and perverted acts, but in spite of all this, you were there to comfort me when I most needed someone. I've never forgotten that, even though it was years ago now." Here, she paused, took a deep breath, and began again. Her breath hitched as she started, however, and she closed her eyes, unable to continue. Two identical tears, silvery and glimmering in the pale moonlight, traced symmetrical paths down her cheeks. They met on her chin and fell to rest in the folds of her gi.

"Motoko-chan... What's the matter? Why are you crying?" Keitaro's voice could not conceal his concern. Whatever Motoko was getting at, it couldn't be good if it upset her this much to speak of it.

"Dammit, Keitaro!" she suddenly burst out. "This is what's wrong with you! You wouldn't pick up on anything if nobody came right out and said it!" Motoko's tears had picked up a little now, and both eyes were fairly streaming. The sight of it hurt Keitaro's heart, but he needed to know more.

"Motoko-chan... Please forgive me; I've always been clumsy with things like this. I want to know what's the matter. Maybe I can help!" He said this last with a laugh, trying to lighten what was turning into a very emotional situation. The last thing Keitaro wanted was to wake up the other tenants of the Hinata-sou at this hour of the night.

Motoko wiped her eyes and sniffled. She then took Keitaro's hand in hers and squeezed it tightly. As this was done, she looked him straight in the eyes and continued.

"You... honestly didn't know what I meant by that phrase, did you?"

"No, Motoko-chan. why would I pretend?"

"Honestly, Keitaro. You're so dense that it's nearly cute sometimes." She giggled, blushed, and then pressed on, though he could see that it was done with a conscious effort. "This is not your dream; this is our dream. We're not dreaming, Keitaro, at least not in the conventional sense of the word, but this is a dream. Our dream, Keitaro, not yours." She had been leaning in closer and closer to him as she said this, and when the last word scurried off her quivering lips and found its home in Keitaro's ears, her face was nearly touching his. The tips of their noses shook slightly, creating a sort of Eskimo-kiss effect for the two. Keitaro blushed furiously.



She suddenly pressed her lips to his, with firm but gentle force behind them. The warmth that spread through the two of them at this point was exquisite. A half-moan, half-sigh escaped her as she pressed on with her kisses, each one more delicious than the last, and Keitaro returned them in earnest. After

(an eternity)

about thirty seconds, he pulled away, horrible realizations crashing down upon his head.

"Motoko-chan! I can't do this!" Keitaro's expression was one of pure horror as the magnitude of what was happening began to dawn on him. Whatever truths Motoko had spoken about this being a dream, the reality remained that this was no dream; it was life. Naru, his love of three years, slept peacefully in their shared room downstairs. Motoko, his friend of the last five years, and confidante of the last year and a half, silently sobbed in front of him, having now confessed her feelings. He was torn.

"Keitaro-kun, I kn-know that you have Naru, and I w-w-would never dream of ruining that for you, but I ask ā€“ no, beg you this: Let this be a dream for now, and let it be ours. I love you, you love Naru, and I can accept that. I just need this... Th-this one reassurance that I'm not... not..." Motoko couldn't finish. She broke down and wept into Keitaro's shoulder. She could feel his arms encircling her, giving her a gentle squeeze. A reassuring, friendly pressure.

"Motoko-chan," he said gently, "Be all that as it may, this is no dream. Naru is sleeping downstairs, and I couldn't do that to her... It would break her heart."

"Would you not care about breaking mine, then?" Her face was slightly flushed, and Keitaro had an uneasy feeling that she was becoming quite angry. "Would you not care that ever since you two got together, it's been agony for me? Would you care to ignore the times I've cried, the hours I've spent dreaming of you? Would you? Would you?!"

"Motoko, Iā€”"

"No, don't. Please. Just give me this. One night, one blissful night with you and I believe I could happily wish Naru and you congratulations on your wedding day. Keitaro... Please?"

Her face pleaded with him. Her tear-stained cheeks, disheveled hair and red-rimmed eyes begged him. Her quivering lips enticed him. He gave her no answer, but kissed her softly and enfolded her in his arms. She would have her night.

. .. ... .... .....

She was lovely; soft, warm, reciprocative and sweet. She was beautiful; pale body and paler face covered on all sides by her curtain of midnight hair. She was ecstatic; crying out his name in half-insane whispered moans as they loved each other in that sweet, but simple, physical sense.

When it was over, she fell promptly asleep beside him on the roof of the Hinata-sou. Keitaro looked around him, and knew he had to get up. He couldn't go to sleep here. What would happen if Naru was to catch him?


Why had he thought of her? Oh, Naru! That sweet devil of his heart; he loved her so, he loved her so. The guilt began to steal over him, piece by piece, until it was overtaken by an urge much more powerful and animal rather than human.


End Chapter one

((Chapter one changed! Not very major changes, just something to help accommodate the way the story has been going. I originally based it on the Anime, I've since read the Manga and liked that better, so I tweaked it a little. This story follows the manga timeline now, with the following changes:

1. It assumes that, while the scene with Keitaro and Motoko in volume 13 [the one where she confesses to him] did happen, except for the confession. The battle between Tsuruko and Motoko went on as it did, but her confession was omitted.

2. Motoko became Keitaro's confidante at some point after he and Naru got together, one and a half years after the end of the manga, excluding of course Ken Akamatsu's "three years later" thing.

3. Motoko stopped writing her romance stories after that battle between her and Tsuruko, [though she kept all the ones she'd already written] and she hasn't seen her sister since.

...Hmm, that's really about it. Anyway, read on!