Chapter 1:

I was getting dark outside. The sky was lit by thousands of shining stars. Kagome was sitting by the well staring up at the moon.

'I can't see the moon or the stars this well at home.' She thought. Kagome ran her right hand over the grass. It was so smooth. The forest was peaceful. It almost looked magical in the moonlight.

Wind blew across the clearing where the well was making the grass sway. It was like an ocean.

"Nice day isn't it?"

Kagome turned her head. Sesshoumaru was standing right behind her.

"Oh. Hello." Kagome replied. 'How did he get there without me sensing him?'

Sesshoumaru sat down next to her. Kagome looked at his face. Something was different about him tonight. His eyes weren't cold and empty anymore. They were full of want. Kagome got butterflies in her stomach.

'What does he want?' Kagome thought.

Sesshoumaru reached up and touched Kagome's cheek. Kagome felt like butter when Sesshoumaru touched her. He gently ran the back of his hand down her cheek to her chin. Kagome held her breath as he cupped Kagome's jawbone. He brought his face closer to hers.

Kagome could feel his hot breath on her lips. Sesshoumaru gently kissed Kagome's cheek, causing Kagome to blush.

"Why are you holding back Sesshoumaru-sama?" Kagome asked.

"I don't know." He answered shortly.

"Sesshoumaru-sama..." Kagome smiled, kissing Sesshoumaru on the lips.

As they broke, Sesshoumaru ran his fingers though Kagome's thick black hair. He put his face close to her neck. He smelled her hair. Kagome giggled. He kissed her neck playfully.

'No. I shouldn't be doing this!' Kagome thought. 'What about InuYasha!'

She stood up and walked away.

'I can't just abandon InuYasha like that! But he has Kikyou know...' Kagome sighed.

Sesshoumaru wouldn't give up that easily. After all, he had his eye on Kagome for some while. He wasn't just going to let her go.

He stood up a quietly walked over to Kagome. He curled his arms around her waist, pulling her close to him. Her body melted against Sesshoumaru's hard chest. She could feel the heat radiating from Sesshoumaru.

Sesshoumaru ran his hands up and down her body, not touching anywhere 'off limits,' just feeling the glory of her curves. Kagome sighed happily under his touch.

'Maybe Sesshoumaru-sama is better for me than InuYasha.' She thought.

Sesshoumaru kissed her neck, sucking there for a moment. As he kissed her, his hands kneaded her breast. Kagome moaned at the feelings Sesshoumaru was creating.

Sesshoumaru reached up and undid the first button of her shirt. He stopped kissing her as Kagome's heart beat increased and she started to breathe hard.

He undid the second button. Kagome reached up to undo the third and final button, but Sesshoumaru pushed her hands away.

Kagome looked up at him questioningly.

"Not now Kagome." He said. He ran his hands down the outsides of her thighs and then the insides. He traced a line with his claws up along her underwear line.

"Why?" Kagome asked breathlessly.

"I will meet you later. By the Hot Springs." Sesshoumaru replied. He pushed her hair aside and ran his tongue along the rim of her ear.

"The Hot Springs? Ok."

"See you later." He kissed her cheek once again and then disappeared.

Kagome looked around but she couldn't see Sesshomaru anywhere.

She smiled. Then happily ran off to Ooyama Village to tell Sango what just happened.


She burst threw the door of Kaede's hut. Sango looked up from petting Kirara. Kagome was so happy she could scream.

"What is it Kagome?" Sango asked exited. Seeing the happy look on Kagome's face made her exited. Something important must have happened.

Kagome ran over to Sango and sat next to her.

"Well. You know how I have had a crush on Sesshoumaru-sama for a long time?!" Kagome said, barely able to control her own excitement.

"Ya." Sango answered.

"Well, I am meeting him tonight!!!!!!" Kagome squealed.

Sango grabbed Kagome's hands.

"Kagome! I'm so happy for you!" Sango said with a big grin on her face. "And I have something just for the occasion." She stood up and walked over to a big basket. Sango took the lid off and pulled out a light blue kimono. She turned around and handed it to Kagome.

"Is this for me?" Kagome asked.

"Yup. You can have it. I'm sure Sesshoumaru will like it." Sango smiled. "Go try it on!"

Kagome jumped up and gave Sango a hug.

"Thank you so much." Kagome said. She quickly took off her clothes and put on the kimono. It was so beautiful.

"So. What do you think?" Kagome asked.

"You look great." Sango replied. "Just one more thing." She walked over to Kagome and pinned Kagome's hair up, letting a few random wisps of hair fall down. "There. Now your perfect."

Kagome smiled and gave Sango another hug.

"Oh. And make sure you wear the kimono really loose for Sesshoumaru." Sango said as she pushed Kagome out the door.

"Bye Sango!" Kagome called back to Sango as she ran towards the Hot Springs.

"Bye!" Sango called back.


So there it is. My first Kagome Sesshoumaru-sama fan fic. I hope you liked it. And don't forget to review.