Title:  Three Times the Charm

Summary:  Cordelia is trying to be a nice person.  Or is it a demon inside of her taking over?

Author:   WesFan1234

Rating:  PG-13, for language (you'll see later on) and other adult situations

Disclaimer:  Each and every one of them (except for my stupid demon) belong to the man.  You all know to whom I am referring!

Note:  This is my first attempt at fluff.  I think this is about as fluffy as I can get since all I write is angst.  I know each of them act out of character.  That's the point. You'll see why eventually.  This should take place early in Season Two somewhere after Untouched but before Dear Boy.  Please, please, please review.  I just want some reviews, please. OK, enough groveling (for now)!

Chapter One -- Women

Women, was all Angel could think at the moment.  Can't live with them, can't live without them.  They're argumentative, never listen, talk too much, see too much, are too much.  And the reason for this tirade was one Miss Cordelia Chase.  Every time he told her no, she did the opposite.  Every time he asked her to do something, she'd sit there, arguing until she was blue in the face.  He knew she was under a lot of stress at the moment, but so was he. 

Not enough sleep, weird dreams, and on top of it, Cordy was being a brat.  Not that he would tell her that, but that's what she was.  He really just wanted to stick his tongue out at her one of these times and walk away. 

And he wasn't the only one feeling the pain here.  Wesley was probably getting the worst of all of them.  He was in the office with her the most.  He had never seen how surly the ex-watcher could get until Cordelia got on his nerves.  Several times he thought they'd come to blows over some little remark. 

Gunn just stayed out of the way most of the time.  The last few days, he had made himself very scarce.  Like he could tell that Cordy was going to blow any moment and didn't want to be around for the aftermath.

As he headed down the stairs from his room that evening, he could hear Cordy and Wesley arguing full force.

"I need that file," Wesley yelled at her.

"Not my fault you just happened to misplace it now is it, Mr. I-know-where-everything-is."

"If your filing system were a little more logical, no one would ever have to ask you for anything, Ms. Know-it-all."

Angel could see through the door to his office that Cordelia and Wesley were almost nose-to-nose.  He'd better break the two of them up again before both regretted what they said.

"Who's calling the kettle black, Mr. Stick-up-his-ass?"

Wesley's face was turning beet red from exertion of arguing with the Queen.  Angel hoped the man didn't have a coronary right in his office.

"Guys, stop right now.  No more yelling."

Neither one heard him from the outer office.

"You stuck up, unruly, bi …"

Angel almost tackled Wesley before he could get the last word out of his mouth.

"That's it.  I am sick and tired of this.  Do the two of you hear me?  Both of you go home right now.  We have been at each other's throats for the past two weeks with no end in sight.  This has got to stop.  Now go."

Both stood with their mouths open, staring at him.  Angel wanted to growl, maybe even vamp out just to make his point, but Wesley turned to pick up his coat to leave.  Cordelia picked hers up, almost on the verge of tears, and dramatically walked out the door ahead of Wesley.

"Angel, I'm sorry for my behavior," Wesley told him as he exited the hotel.

"Just go.  Get some rest and come in with a fresh mind tomorrow."

"Yeah."  He waved goodbye to Angel.  Angel sank down on the couch, breathing a sigh of relief.  Something had to change quickly or they would all kill each other.

Cordy couldn't believe Angel had actually yelled at them for sparring.  Of course, it had gotten a little tenser the past week or so, especially after that Bethany telekinesis woman had wrecked havoc on their lives.  Maybe this was just an aftereffect of all of the stress from that, she thought.

The visions weren't getting any easier to handle.  The last one she had, it felt like her skull would explode into tiny, tiny pieces.  That would be great if Wesley actually had to clean up the mess, but no blowing up of her head please.

Everyone was snippy with everyone.  Angel yelling, Wesley calling her all sorts of names, Gunn being all avoidy.  She was worried that the gang was falling apart.  And she wondered how in the world she was going to keep them together.  They were her only family right then.