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"Allegra Sauvagess!" came a booming voice from behind the small red haired girl.

Oh shit not again! Terror ran through her veins making her blood run cold as she jumped and dropped the two cans of spray paint she held in both hands. A small 'eep' noise escaping from her lips. She turned around, expecting to find a very angry principal.

"Ha! Gotcha, works every time," he said with a hearty laugh.

At that very moment she could have killed Nate. "Eeaah! You almost gave me a heart attack!" she cried, taking a spray painting can from her mural pack and throwing it at him.

"You shouldn't be gratifying the school any ways, let alone back here... where nobody can here you scream," he said in a haunting voice, leaning inwards for more of an effect.

She rolled her eyes dramatically. "Yes big brother," she drawled, bending over to pick up her fallen spray paint cans and pack them in her backpack her bright green boxers peeking out of her baggy dark brown corduroy pants.

"Come on, or we're gonna be late," he warned as he guided her towards the front of the school.

"Who said I was going to class?" she asked haughtily, placing a hand on her hip and looking up at him defiantly.

"Heh, funny. Come on Al let's go," Nate insisted, practically pulling her now which wasn't too difficult considering that he was 180 lbs and 6 feet tall and Allegra was 5'5 and 110 lbs.

"Hey! Where have you guys been?!" the small blonde boy asked excitedly, rushing towards them from his perch on the back of the lion on the top of the school banister. "I've been looking all over for you guys!" he said sounding hurt.

"Sorry chap," Nate said, roughing up Griff's already messy hair with his large hands.

"Come on, let me walk you to class," Allegra said, placing a hand on Griff's shoulder and walking him up the stairs.

He looked down at his Vans sneakers to hide the blush that was creeping up on his cheeks. The feelings that erupted in him whenever Allegra was around were all new to him.

"And let me make sure you go to class," Nate said, causing Allegra to roll her eyes once more. She didn't know why, but Nate was the only person that she took orders from, she didn't mind either.

"Woah!? How long has this been up?" Allegra asked as she stared up at the SSX Boarders bulletin board in awe. There was a list and picture of all the competitors.

"Since the beginning of the school year," Griff answered chipperly.

"You'd know if you came to school everyday," Nate added cooly.

"I do come to school everyday," Allegra said proudly as she continued down the hallway, her two best friends following behind.

"I meant inside the building."

The group stopped in front of an open classroom door and Griff stepped forward. "Bye guys, see you at lunch?"

"Of course," Allegra said, playfully pushing him into the door. "Learn something!" she called after him, causing Griff to blush in front of all his classmates. She always did something like that when they were out together. Allegra told him it was because 'If I break you in from now, nothing will get into you.' No matter how Allegra embarrassed him, he loved her company. He felt like the coolest kid in the freshman class, not only was he was the youngest competitor in this years SSX race he also hung out with the two coolest racers, Allegra and Nate.

The pair continued down the hall after the frumpy old teacher shut the door in their faces. On the opposite side of the hallway they spotted he very sexy Elise and her techno colored friend Eddie.

Allegra could feel Elise's catlike eyes staring her down as she walked past her. "What are you looking at skank?" she sneered when Elise was in earshot.

"Green's not a good color on you hun," Elise threw back at her with ease, continuing down the hall in the opposite direction as if Allegra's comment didn't phase her.

"Green's not a good color on you hun," Allegra repeated in a pitch higher than her own, flipping one of her red pig tails over her shoulder and leaning forward to make her breasts appear larger.

"I don't see why you hate her so much," Nate said, trying to reason with Allegra. "I mean..." he began, trying to think of a way to rephrase what he just said.

She arched one of her eyebrows dangerously and frowned at him. "You're such a guy," she said as though she was disappointed and slipped into the girls bathroom on their right.

"I thought that was what you liked about me!?" he called out to her, hoping she'd hear him.

Allegra stomped over to the window sill and curled up against the window as she glared down at her badly scruffed Doc Martins. It was funny, she'd feel ten times better in the guys bathroom than she would in the girls bathroom despite the increased stink. Now that she thought about it, there probably wasn't a girl in the world she'd get along with.

"Good morning Sauvagess!" chirped Kaori Nishidake as she emerged from one of the bathroom stalls.

Allegra glanced over at the overly cheerful Japanese girl with disgust, only teachers referred to her by her last name. "Yo," she answered simply.

"You should hurry up, english class starts in three minutes," Kaori warned as she washed her hands vigorously, then looked into the mirror and smiled to check her teeth for food stuck in-between them.

"English? Oh yeah, that's right you're in my class right?" Allegra questioned, raking her brain for memories.

"For two years," Kaori replied politely.

Allegra could tell that she was beginning to make Kaori feel uncomfortable. "Oh yeah, could you tell Mac to return my tracks to my place sometime this week?"

All of a sudden the once luke warm water seemed to run cold on Kaori's hands. She nodded politely at Allegra and then walked out of the bathroom. Returning tracks? To her place? Kaori didn't even know that Mac and Allegra knew each other, let alone were friends. Karoi normally wasn't a jealous girl, but this was cause for worry. Even though Allegra was no Elise or Marisol, Kaori noticed the fairly large male turnouts at her meets. Guys always seemed to fall for her kind, free spirited, enthusiastic, bold... almost everything that Kaori wasn't.

She quickly blocked out her negative thoughts when she realized that she passed her classroom. When she made it to the classroom she was stuck with a seat in the back corner, she normally went for a seat in the front or near the windows. Oh well, I guess that's what I get for being late.

English class went on as usual, long boring and grueling. Allegra did not show up, much to the relief of Kaori. Many minutes into the lesson a loud banging at the classroom door interrupted the class.

Kaori grimaced when the teacher went to open the door to reveal the principal and three security guards holding Psymon in a vice grip. His muscular and heavily tattooed body was clad in a silver jacket that was made to look like a straight jacket, which Kira thought was quite appropriate, and bright orange pant much like the ones worn in jails.

"You may sit next to Ms. Nishidake, Ms. Nishidake please raise your hand," the teacher announced, trying to keep her cool because she too was unnerved by Psymon's presence.

Kaori raised a trembling hand in the air. Why me? Why me? was all she could keep thinking. She closed her eyes in fear as he hobbled over the chair next to her. A bad day just got worse.

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