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Kaori pretended to be paying very intense attention to the textbook that laid open on her desk. Perspiration collected on her neatly plucked eyebrows as she felt Psymon's glare beating down like rain on her back. She anticipated him doing something crazy. She feared that he'd one day kill her, or something else of that violent nature. Sometimes she'd have nightmares about it.

She glanced at the clocks and was very disheartened when it read 8:15 and not 9 am. Kaori wondered what Psymon was thinking, how he sized her up in his twisted head. Everybody assumed she was a goody-goody school girl. Bored with this image and the english class she decided to have a little fun. She glanced up at the teacher who was conveniently facing the chalkboard and bent over and dug in her teddy bear shaped book bag and pulled out her latest volume of manga. To conceal it from the teacher's sight she placed it inside of her english textbook and read away.

In no time at all the bell rang and everybody flooded to the doors of the classroom. When she glanced to her right, Psymon Stark was asleep.

"Mr. Stark, the bell has rung and it's time for you to go to you're next class," the teacher announced as she packed her things on the desk into her small pocketbook.

"But I'm still sleepy," he whined still in the midst of sleepy land.

"You've been sleeping since the moment you sat down!" the teacher snapped.

Kaori couldn't believe her ears.

Psymon trudged out of the classroom and slumped onto the floor next to the door, watching people's shoes as they passed by. His mind was a complete toxic meltdown.

"Hey Psy, what's up?" his favorite homosapian greeted him, kneeling down so that they were at eye level.

"But I'm still sleepy!" he whined, much like he did a moment ago to his english teacher.

"Sleepy my ass," she retorted, pulling back his eyelids and examining his pupils. "What are you on today?"

"Immortality!" he roared, zapping back to life again as he began to run up and down the halls making screeching banshee like noises. The students in the hallway ran to the walls and stumbled all over each other in an effort to stay out of his way. It was like mad bull was just let loose in New York City.

Zoe watched as he ran a muck... what Psymon did best. She sometimes wondered why she stuck with him. She admits it, she's weird... but him there was no explanation for him. Besides the fact that he was a good boarder what else did she really know about him? She's never met his family... if he had one, never been to his house... if he had one, in fact they'd never had a real conversation despite the fact that they've known each other since their freshman year of high school.

"Whaddap mate," came a deep voice from behind her. She didn't even need to turn around to identify the voice's owner. Moby was after all the only British guy that went to their school.

"Same as always I guess, same shit different day right?" she replied as she stuck her hands with black painted fingernails into her black and red plaid pants.

"I can relate..." he was cut short when Psymon began to wreak havoc in their direction once again. "He's such a nuisance, he should be locked away for good."

"Locked away for good? That's a bit harsh don't ya think?" Zoe asked with a pained expression on her war painted face. She hated it when Psymon and Moby had their tiffs. Isn't it horrible when you're two best friends can't even stand to be around each other?

"Not at all, some people jus can't 'andle tha real world ya know? It's for tha good of society that people like 'im be put away," Moby said finally.

"He's cool when you get to know him. There's nothing wrong with a little chaos now and then- makes life interesting," she countered.

"Whatever," he said, growing tired of arguing with her. "There goes another two poofs I'd like to put away along with Psymon," Moby said as JP and Luther approached.

"Ahoy matey!" Luther yelled out in his usual loud and obnoxious tone.

JP let out a soft chuckle and Luther let out a hearty laugh that could have made the ground shake as he slapped his broad and jiggling belly, part of which was peeking out of the waist of his jeans.

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