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"Second Chances are so Few…"


Malcolm Yuy

Chapter 1: When Loneliness is the Last Thing You Need…

Lonely…Lonely is the last thing I wanted to be…but of course, I've screwed myself over so many times I guess I deserve to be lonely.

But being lonely is not the only thing that I didn't want…Above all things, I never expected that I would hate…hate…being in love…

Yes, I said it. I hate being in love. Why? It's simple of course. I hate it because at times, like now, it can make you so depressed you feel like you would commit suicide just to end your pain…and, at other times…

It also feels like the utopia of all feelings, and you feel like you can do just about anything. Your heart is beating so fast you feel like that if it was beating any faster, it would burst. You want to do anything for that person you love, anything to make them truly happy, even if it means sacrificing your own happiness so it can happen...

Yet, at the same time, you'd do just about anything to be with them; to hold them in your arms, to tell them how much you care about them, to caress their lips with yours…Love is also very confusing…

How do I know all of this? I know all of this because I've been there… And if I could have turned back time, I would…

But, it seems like fate has a different destiny for me…


Eighteen-year-old Takeru Takaishi looked outside the coffee shop window solemnly as he took another sip of his coffee, sitting down upon the coffee table before him. The fall weather was really getting to him, but he thought nothing of it. He was wearing a long-sleeved green shirt with a navy blue scarf tied around his neck, and wearing khaki pants and white sneakers. He then looked down upon the table, which at the moment had a spiral notebook, with the cover turned back to reveal an open page of paper, with a lead pencil lying atop of it.

I hate papers…I do love English, but I just hate papers… Takeru thought as he picked up the pencil with his right hand and tapped the paper. The teenager had a paper that he had to turn in to his English professor in three days, a paper on of all things, the tragic love of Romeo and Juliet. In the upper right hand corner, Takeru stenciled his name, the date, period and assignment on his paper in a messy style of English writing. He then moved his pencil, and slowly but surely, started to write his thesis statement (1). Yet, right in the middle of it, he stopped. He groaned as he erased it.

Why…why can't I come up with anything good? And why of all things, do I have to write a paper on the love of Romeo and Juliet? It's just so cliché…I guess the professor didn't have anything else to think about assigning the class…But, she's…eccentric when it comes to love…I should know, Takeru thought, as he just dropped his pencil upon his notebook. He then looked at the clock to his right, which was situated between the menus, situated on chalkboards. The clock read five forty-five.

Well, I guess I must be going, Takeru thought, as he collected his notebook and pencil, moving it into a yellow bookbag, which was lying beside him. He then zipped it up, slung it over his left shoulder, and proceeded to leave the café. As he was leaving, he bumped into someone, because he was looking out the door and not paying attention. Before he knew it, he was lying on the ground, scratching his head.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I should have been looking where I was going," Takeru replied nervously, before looking up at whom he happened to bump into. It was a girl, about his age, with shoulder length brown hair. The way it was styled reminded him of one girl he didn't want to remember in particular. But, the name arose in his mind.

HikariThat girl looks like Hikari…one part of his mind replied. Thoughts of the girl that was his best friend began assimilating in his mind, until he decided to shake it off. He shook his head, as the girl, who was also hurt, scratched her head as she looked down upon the blond young man. She then decided to speak.

"It's all right, really. Want me to help you up?" the girl asked, offering a hand to the fallen boy. Takeru smiled, before accepting it, with the girl pulling him up. He then took a close look at her, and noticed that she also looked different from his former best friend. Her eyes were blue, while Hikari's was a chestnut red. He then came back to reality.

The girl may resemble Hikari, but, she isn't Hikari…the other part of his mind responded. Takeru then shook his head. The girl looked up at him.

"Are you all right?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay. I got to be going now. Uh, bye," Takeru answered, as he hurried out the door. The girl looked at his retreating back as he left the building.



Takeru sighed as he walked on the sidewalk of the city, passing and bumping into people during his walk. He had his hands in his pockets. He looked around, seeing the trees, with their yellow-orange leaves swaying in the wind. He also looked at all the advertisements, with bold English words, highlighted, trying to attract attention from the passerby. It sort of reminded him of home, of the city of Tokyo, and in particular, one district of the Japanese capital, Odaiba. He then approached a crosswalk, and crossed it as he looked up at the display of Times Square, which had a big Coca-Cola sign. He then walked past the stores, quickening his pace.

HikariHow long has it been since I've last seen you? One year…It's been one year since I left Odaiba for New York City.One year since I left all of my family and friends behind.One year since I left you, Takeru thought. He looked up at the sky above him, which was cloudy, looking like it was going to rain. He grimaced. He hated the rain. He then stopped walking, and looked back down to the people passing him by. A thought then crossed his mind.

Why am I walking? My apartment is miles from here…Takeru thought, as he suddenly realized. Thinking of Hikari was really throwing him off. He walked towards the end of the sidewalk, and waved his hand toward an oncoming taxi. It finally stopped. He then opened the back door and stepped inside, closing the door behind him as he did so. He then put on a seat belt. "Thanks," he muttered. The taxi driver turned his head back towards him.

"Where to?" the taxi driver asked.

"Arbor View Apartments," Takeru answered. The taxi driver then turned his head back toward the front of the car, and started driving slowly to merge with traffic. Takeru looked out the window as buildings passed by, leaning his head on his right hand, his right cheek resting on it. Moments later, the taxi stopped right at the curb. "Thanks," Takeru said, as he handed the taxi driver the money for the ride. Takeru then stepped out of the taxi and walked up the steps to approach a black door with a peephole. He then took out his key and unlocked the door, before stepping into the apartment and closing the door behind him, having it lock behind him as he made his way to the lobby.


Finally, after about ten minutes, he finally reached his apartment door, and took out another key, unlocking the door. He then stepped inside, closing the door behind him as came inside.

"I'm home," Takeru replied, as he walked into a little hallway, going to the first room on the right, and slinging his book bag onto the floor, letting it slide until it collided with a chair, which was situated at his workstation. He then made his way into the living room/kitchen and sat on the couch, sighing tiredly as he did so.

"Finally, I thought you'd never come back. I was starting to get worried," a female voice replied as she walked towards Takeru, arriving from another room. Takeru just looked over and smirked at the older woman.

"Mimi, there's nothing to worry about. I'm eighteen. I can take care of myself," Takeru replied, glancing at the young woman. Her hair was still styled the same way, just with a wavier look. Her hair was still a strawberry color, but the yellow stars that had once highlighted her hair were gone. Her eyes still held that sincere look, and at the moment she was wearing a blue long-sleeved jacket with a pink shirt under, with a blue skirt and some brown sandals. She walked over and sat in a chair near the couch, crossing her legs over as she sat down.

"I know you can, but, being Matt's brother, I'm responsible for you," Mimi replied.

"I know, but didn't you forget that in this country being eighteen means you're an adult? About the only thing I can't do is buy alcohol. But, I don't like alcohol anyway," Takeru stated. He then crossed his arms, looking away from her. Mimi just pouted.

"Alright, alright. I've got some good news," Mimi said. Takeru looked back at her, raising one eyebrow as he did so.

Good news? Usually, when Mimi says she has good news, it's usually bad for me, Takeru thought, as he decided to lean back into the couch. "What is it?"

"Well, I got you a date," Mimi answered, smiling. Takeru just sighed tiredly, closing his eyes as he did so, before opening his blue eyes once again, giving Mimi a death glare.

"Mimi, as much as I appreciate you and love you as an older sister, and I really do, I don't feel like going on a date right now. I have a lot of things to do right now," Takeru replied, uncrossing his arms and raising them into the air. Really, the young man did have a lot of things on his plate at the moment (i.e., his paper), and besides, he didn't feel like going out.

"Oh come on Takeru, it's not like it's going to kill you to just go out. Besides, it might be fun," Mimi argued. Takeru sighed again.

"I know Mimi, I know. It's just that…well…" Takeru trailed off, as he couldn't think of a good way to reject the idea. Mimi just stared at him, before responding.

"Look Takeru, I know there are a lot of things going through your head right now. And I also know that you're still not over Hikari. But eventually, you're going to have to get over her. Trust me, this is for the best. I bet Hikari has moved on already. After all, a year has almost passed," Mimi replied, crossing her arms now like Takeru had earlier. Takeru took a few moments to absorb the information, before finally coming to a decision.

"Fine, fine. You win Mimi. You win. I'll go. But this'll be the last time that you will set me up, got it?" Takeru asked. Mimi nodded her head as she smiled and clasped her hands together. Takeru did the eyebrow-glance again. Man, this girl's mood changes fast, Takeru thought. He then decided to try lightening the mood of the conversation. "So…uh, what's the name of this girl I will be going out with?" Takeru asked.

"Her name is Elise, Elise Hawkins. She's the same age as you," Mimi answered. This brought up a little interest in the young man.

"What does she look like?" Takeru asked again. Mimi smiled before formulating an answer.

"She has blond hair, like yours, only it has some brown highlights. And, she has green eyes. Body wise…well, if I was a man, I guess it would be considered 'hot' as you men like to call it," Mimi answered. This caused Takeru to just laugh. Mimi frowned. "What? What's so funny?"

"Nothing, nothing…now, I just have one more question to ask. When will this date be, and where will it be?" Takeru asked.

"It will be on Friday, and it will be at the Café de Nimes. You can impress her with your knowledge of the French language," Mimi answered, smiling, knowing that since Takeru was part French, this would help his situation.

"All right. Well, I'll be ready for her, I guess. So, do you have any plans tonight?" Takeru asked.

"As a matter of fact, I do. In about half an hour, Joe's going to pick me up and we're going to go to this romantic restaurant on the left coast of Manhattan," Mimi answered. This made Takeru grin.

"You think he's going to propose to you? You two have been going out for a while now," Takeru replied. Joe and Mimi had been going out since her first year in college. After the final defeat of MaloMyotismon, Joe started a long distance relationship with the girl, and after he graduated Odaiba High, Joe moved to New York so he could be closer to his love. They had been dating for five years, being together when they could. After all, Mimi became a first class model, while Joe was still working on his medical degree (After all, everyone knows that it takes eight years to get a doctorate). Their relationship had made both of them very happy, and for this, Takeru was glad for Mimi. It looked like she was going to get a happy ending, and with a good person to boot.

"Yeah, I know. Maybe, I hope so. Well, I better start getting ready. I'll see you tomorrow morning then," Mimi said, getting up from the chair. Takeru got up from the couch, and the two embraced.

"Have a good time Meems," Takeru replied.

"You too T.K," Mimi said, ruffling the boy's hair. Takeru groaned, but then grinned as the two parted, with Mimi going to her room to prepare for her date. Takeru then sighed as he then went to his room, ready to work on the paper that he dreaded to write…


Hours later, Takeru was typing up the rough draft of his paper on his computer. He had a lamp on nearby, so he wouldn't strain his eyesight as he was typing it. He then groaned as he stopped typing, and leaned back on his chair. He looked at the monitor. According to Microsoft Word, he still had three pages to go on his paper. And as much as a genius Takeru was at writing, something came up that he thought he would never have. Writer's block.

"Damn it, I just hate this paper!" Takeru exclaimed, growling angrily, slamming his fingers onto the keyboard. He then looked down towards the floor of his room. "Man, I really need to take a break," Takeru muttered to himself. He then decided that a break would do him real good. So, he got up from his chair and made his way back into the living room/kitchen combo, moseying his way to the refrigerator. He opened the door, and looked inside.

"Hmm, let's see what we have here…Coke…or Pepsi…" Takeru looked from left to right with a bottle of Coke on the left, and a bottle of Pepsi on the right. Let's see…one tastes refreshing, while the other tastes flat…Hmm…Original, or the copycat…Takeru thought, continuing to look from left to right. I'll just go with the one I like better. Takeru then swiped the Coke bottle, and closed the refrigerator door, opening it so he could have access to the cool liquid. Takeru took a swig of some, before walking out to the balcony of the apartment. He then looked outside at the night sky.

Outside, the clouds had settled, and the stars were as bright as ever. Towards the left of Takeru's view, there was a full moon, glowing like it had a reason to. Takeru leaned on the rail, and took another swig of the Coke, looking depressingly down on the streets below.

Well, at least Mimi's happy…I wish I was that happy…Takeru thought, thinking back to when he first arrived in New York a year ago. A year ago, when he first arrived, he was thankful that Mimi agreed to take him in, to let him live in her apartment so he wouldn't have to go out looking for his own. After all, apartments were really expensive in New York, since New York has the most valuable real estate in the world. At first, Takeru at least tried to be happy some in his situation, but he just couldn't. Every time Mimi went out with Joe, it made Takeru wish he had someone.

So, eventually, Takeru told Mimi about it. And of course, Mimi felt sorry for him. Days later, she set him up on a blind date, to cheer the poor boy up. Takeru had reluctantly agreed to go, just for Mimi's sake. The date had ended up being terrible. Takeru and his date had nothing in common, and to him, she just seemed annoying. This made Takeru think more of Hikari, of how much he wanted to see her, to just talk to her again, to see her face. So, he did what any normal person would do. He e-mailed her, telling her about how college was like in America, and also how much he missed her. Hopefully, she would respond, and the boy would have some happiness in talking to his best friend.

But, she never responded. This tore up Takeru's heart even further, making the young man more depressed than he already was. So, he did the only thing he could. He got engrossed in schoolwork, along with his part-time job, which he was still working at the moment. He worked at a music store in the city, called MultiMedia Warehouse.

Which led to his situation now. Over the year that Takeru had been in New York, Mimi had tried to set him up with numerous girls, people she thought could be potential soulmates for the boy. But, no matter how much Takeru tried to like the girls he was going on blind dates with, he just couldn't. Because he knew that deep within himself, his heart still belonged to one girl.

HikariOh Hikari, I wish I were with you right now, Takeru sighed. He then turned his head, looking back depressingly towards the interior of his apartment. Well, I guess I should get back to work, Takeru thought, as he was finally coming back to reality. He took one last swig of Coke, before moving back inside the apartment, closing the balcony doors, and making his way back into his room. He threw the bottle of soda into a nearby trash can, and sat at his desk, and started working on his paper again…


Eh, what day is it? I wish it was Saturday, Takeru thought, as he turned over in bed. He turned to the left looking over at his alarm clock. In bold, neon green, it stated that it was six-thirty A.M. Takeru then groaned. Great, just great. Now I have to get up. Takeru then sighed as he got up, and left his room to go to the towel rack to get a towel and washcloth, to use so he could take a shower. He then stepped into the bathroom, and closed the door behind him…

Ah, warm water, Takeru thought as he felt the spray of water collide with his body, sending drops of water all over him. He then took a shampoo bottle, and got the shampoo out, before lathering it into his hair, putting the shampoo bottle back down somewhere and concentrating on washing his hair. As he was doing so, he closed his eyes.

This feels so good…this sort of reminds me of that time when-NO! I don't want to remember the past. I don't! Takeru thought, as he was finishing with washing his hair and moving on to wash the rest of his body. But, the memory couldn't help but pour itself into his thoughts, making Takeru space out, remembering what happened between him and a special someone…


It was three years ago, during summer vacation. Fifteen-year-old Takeru was enjoying the day, sunbathing nearby the pool with Hikari, wearing a green bathing suit while she was wearing a pink bikini. Earlier, the two had tried to get in, but the water was too cold. So, they did what anyone else would do. They sunbathed, both wearing sunglasses to shield their eyes. But now, one of the two was starting to get very bored. And it was then that this person started to speak.

"I'm starting to get bored Takeru. We did come here to swim, didn't we?" Hikari stated, looking over towards her best friend. Takeru was just looking up toward the sun, with his hands lying back on the recliner chair, his head sitting atop of those hands. He then looked down at the girl he secretly adored, with his sunglasses slipping, revealing his blue eyes.

"Yeah Hikari-chan, we did. But of course, the water's too cold to actually enjoy, if you know what I'm sayin'," Takeru replied. Hikari then sighed as she took off her sunglasses, looking back at him with her ruby chestnut eyes.

"So, it's sweltering hot if you know what I'm saying. Why don't we take a dip in the pool? I want to have fun Takeru," Hikari said, sounding spoiled. Takeru just sighed back at her.

"Then why don't you take a dip in the pool, while I 'chill out' here?" Takeru suggested. Hikari just laughed, before giving her friend the "serious" look. "What?" Takeru asked.

"You know that just sounded like an oxymoron. You can't actually 'chill out' because it's not cold," Hikari replied. This made Takeru frown.

"Well excuse me 'Ms. Politically Correct', but I'm not using the words literally," Takeru said. This made Hikari cross her arms as she huffed.

"Fine then, be that way. I'll just go by myself," Hikari puffed. She then walked off, leaving the boy to himself. He looked at her retreating back as she left.

Damn, she has a nice body, Takeru thought, as he was being turned on from watching his best friend leave him and go into the pool. Slowly but surely, he watched her as she walked into the pool, before completely disappearing within its depths. The boy then turned his attention away from the girl, as he put his sunglasses back on, closing his eyes and feeling the heat, as people passed by and made noises from doing different exercises in the pool. He didn't happen to hear someone creeping up on him as he was starting to fall asleep. He then fell asleep.

Whoever it was creeping up on him then grabbed him, and made him stand up, before dragging him towards the pool. They then led him over to the edge of the concrete, where the boundary ended and the water filled with chlorine began. They then whispered in his ear.

"Hey Takeru, wake up…" the voice replied, before deciding to nip his ear with their lips. Of course, the boy didn't feel or remember this.

"Huh? Hikari?" Takeru turned his head to meet the face of the girl he loved, in which his sunglasses fell off. She was grinning at him mischievously. Something was up. "What is it?" he asked.

"Look out below!" Hikari exclaimed, before releasing him into the pool below. The boy landed in the four and a half feet deep side with a "SPLASH!" with Hikari jumping in as well. The boy spattered out water as his friend joined him.

"M-man Hikari, it's c-c-cold in h-here," Takeru stuttered, clinging onto himself while standing in the pool. This made the girl smile even more.

"Well, at least I'm not bored anymore. And, you look really cute right now…" Hikari muttered, nearing Takeru's face. The boy blushed as he looked back at his friend.

"Really?…" He trailed off as he noticed how Hikari's face was getting closer to his, with her lovely lips pursed for him. Takeru then bent his face closer to hers as well. Oh please Kami-sama, please, don't ruin this moment, Takeru thought, as his lips were just becoming centimeters apart from hers. Right as their lips were about to touch, something did decide to intervene.

"SPLASH!" A wave of water collided with the two teens, causing them to become even more wet then they already were. This snapped the two out of their trances, turning them back to normal. Takeru then looked over at where the wave came from, the result being a little kid who was laughing at them.

I'm gonna get that kid, Takeru thought, as he gave the kid a death glare. Before he could do anything, Hikari decided to intervene in the situation.

"Hey Takeru!"

"Huh?" Takeru responded, before a little wave of water collided with his face. This made the boy groan. He gave a death glare at Hikari, who just gave him the "puppy" look.

"What, did I make the little boy 'angrwy'?" Hikari teased. This caused the boy to grin.

"Angry? Little boy? I'll show you I'm not little!" Takeru exclaimed, as he shot some waves at her. The water war then began, with the two thrashing each other with waves, traveling throughout the pool…

Finally, about twenty minutes later, the water war ended, with Hikari being the winner. The two emerged from the pool, with them running to their recliners so they could get their towels. Once they were there, they then dried themselves off.

"You know Takeru, that was pretty fun, don't ya think?" Hikari asked, drying her head off. Takeru turned to her as he was drying his upper body off.

"Actually, no, it wasn't. You just ruined my sunbathing moment," Takeru pouted, finishing drying off his chest. He then slinged the towel over his shoulders, crossing his arms and resting them on his chest. This infuriated the girl.

"So, at least we had some time in the water," Hikari pouted back. Takeru then looked back at the girl.

"You know I was just kidding," Takeru stated. Hikari smiled.

"I know." Hikari then whacked Takeru with her towel.

"Hey!" Takeru hit her back, and the two then laughed, enjoying the rest of their day together, whacking each other with towels along the way…


Those were the days…how'd I wish I could go back to them. Oh well, I'm done here. Time to get dressed and get ready for school, Takeru thought, as he finished washing himself off. He then turned off the shower, yanking the shower curtain and leaving the shower area, before drying himself with a towel and putting on some boxers he took earlier from his dresser drawer. He then shaved, brushed his teeth, and got dressed, before heading out to the kitchen/living room to make himself breakfast…


Hours later, after he had finished school, Takeru had gone to work, changing into his uniform, a simple blue golf shirt with his name tag on it, tucked in with some simple light-brown slacks, with a black belt fastened around his waist, along with his sneakers. For the moment, the teenager was working at the cashier, ringing up a CD that a customer was buying. After the customer left with their purchase, the assistant manager came out from the door behind the counter, which led to the bathrooms and offices. He approached the counter, tapping the teenager on the shoulder.

"Hai (yes)? I mean yes?" Takeru asked, turning to the side. When he saw the assistant manager, he immediately perked up. "So Dave, how can I help you?" Takeru asked. Dave had brown hair, which was spiked up in the front with brown eyes, and was of course wearing the same uniform Takeru was wearing, except he was wearing black dress shoes.

"Well T.K., you can help by stocking these new CDs into their proper order," Dave replied, giving Takeru a little box. He simply smiled at his boss.

"Alright." Dave then walked away, and Takeru's forced smile turned into a frown. The teen then sighed tiredly as he opened the box, looking at the titles, before moving around the store, organizing the CDs into alphabetical order. Moments later, as he put the final CD with its order, the door to the store opened, and Takeru looked up, catching eye contact with the person walking in. He then smiled at the person.

"Well well well, if it isn't none other than Mr. Medical Guy. So, how can I help you today, Joe?" Takeru asked, walking over to the older man. He smiled at the younger teen as he approached him, and then spoke.

"Well Takeru, I was wondering if you had any classical music I could purchase…you see, my doctor needs some music for his patients," Joe replied.

"And you're an errand boy?" Takeru asked.

"Yeah, pretty much," Joe answered. As he was studying for his PhD, Joe was also an intern for one of the doctors at the nearby hospital. Of course, his particular doctor didn't work in the hospital itself, but worked in an outpatient clinic nearby.

"Well, follow me to the Classical Music section," Takeru replied, and waved to Joe as he started walking towards the Classical Music section of the store. Takeru then stopped. "Well, here it is. You think you can handle it from here?" Takeru asked, grinning. Joe grinned back.

"Yeah Takeru, I think so. Arigato (Thank You)," Joe answered. Takeru smiled as he walked away and went to the counter, while Joe took his time to find the CDs his doctor needed. Once he was finished, Joe approached the counter to purchase the CDs. Takeru scanned them, before typing a few keys on the store computer, ringing up the total. "So Takeru, how have you been?" Joe managed to ask.

"All right, I guess. Your total will be sixty-two dollars and twenty-seven cents," Takeru replied, as the cashier door came open. Once Joe payed Takeru the cash, Takeru counted it, before depositing in the cashier and handing the man back his change. He then closed the cashier door, typed a few more keys, printed out the receipt, and handed it to Joe.

"Thanks. You guess? What do you mean 'you guess'?" Joe asked.

"Well Joe, I don't know…I just feel…empty. I'm taking care of it though. Just don't worry about it alright? It seems that you and Mimi are becoming 'Big Brother and Sister' while I'm over here. I can handle myself okay?" Takeru whined, putting his hands on his hips. Joe just sighed.

"Alright, alright. I'm sorry, it's just that…Mimi and I just want to help you. After all, we are your friends," Joe replied.

"I know, I know. And although I'm grateful for that, I can manage myself. Thanks for the talk, though. So, when's the next time I'll see you?" Takeru asked, changing the subject.

"Pretty soon. I guess Mimi didn't tell you…"

"…Tell me what?"

"We're getting married!" Joe exclaimed. Takeru forced a smile at his friend.

"Well, congratulations Joe! Good for you," Takeru replied. Joe smiled back.

"Thanks. Well, I better get going. Talk to you later," Joe said, as he turned his back and went towards the entrance/exit of the store. Takeru's smile disappeared as Joe left the store.

"Yeah, later…"


"Mimi, I want to talk about your engagement to-" Takeru stopped as he searched the apartment, looking for the woman. He then found a Post-It note attached on the refrigerator, written in neat Kanji writing. Takeru took it and read it.


I'm going to be out late for a walk-off in the city. If you need to call in case of an emergency, you have my cell. And good luck on the date!



Takeru stiffened up as he read the last part of the note. Date? What date? His brain then flashed back to the day before, when Mimi and him had his conversation.

---"So…uh, what's the name of this girl I will be going out with?"---

"Her name is Elise, Elise Hawkins. She's the same age as you." "What does she look like?"

"She has blond hair, like yours, only it has some brown highlights. And, she has green eyes. Body wise…well, if I was a man, I guess it would be considered 'hot' as you men like to call it. What? What's so funny?"

"Nothing, it's just the way you answered the question. Now, I just have one more question to ask. When will this date be, and where will it be?"

"It will be on Friday, and it will be at the Café de Nimes. You can impress her with your knowledge of the French language."


"Shit, that must be her. Thank Kami (God) that I changed before I left work," Takeru replied. The doorbell then rang again. "Well, here goes nothing…" Takeru then approached the door, before opening it to reveal his date for the night, Elise. She was as Mimi described.

"Hello. Is this is the right residence? Are you T.K.?" the girl asked.

"Yes, yes I am. Shall we get going?" Takeru asked, extending an arm. Elise took it, and together they left the apartment…


Two hours later, Takeru and Elise arrived at her apartment. Elise unlocked her door and turned to look at the boy.

"Well, it was a great night. Thank you," Elise replied.

"You're welcome," Takeru muttered. Elise just continued standing there. Takeru raised an eyebrow at her. What? What does she want? He thought, as he looked at her. His answer then came to her as she closed her eyes, and pouted her lips. Takeru sighed tiredly as he leaned in, and gave the girl a peck on the cheek. This made Elise blink her eyes open in astonishment. She then blushed as Takeru stood back, with a solemn look upon his face. She then forced a smile upon her face.

"Well, good night," Elise replied.

"Good night," Takeru stated monotonously. Elise nodded as she stepped into her apartment, closing the door behind her. Takeru sighed again as he turned back, and left, descending the stairs, before arriving to the street sidewalk. He then walked down the streets, with his hands in his pockets, as the night air whirled past him, giving his hair a "wavy" look. Up above, clouds were forming, and a few moments later, rain started to pour down onto the world below. Takeru grunted as he made his way to his bus stop.

Great, just what I needed. This day has gone downhill for me, Takeru thought as he walked on the sidewalks, at the moment not even caring that he should get a taxi. He finally made his way to a restaurant with a little canopy above his head, to shield him from the rain. Nearby in the sidewalk, there was a puddle of clear water. Takeru looked at it. In the puddle, he saw his reflection. He gave himself an empty look.

Do I even want to move on? Sometimes I wonder. Mimi's right, I have to get over Hikari…but I just can't. I love her too much, and I feel like she's the only one for me…Takeru thought.

Then if you feel she's the only one for you, then why aren't you two together? A voice asked. Takeru looked around, wondering where the voice came from. He saw noone. "Who's there?" he asked. Nothing came. "Man, I must be losing it," Takeru replied.

Yes, you must be, the voice replied. Takeru looked around. Hello, anyone in there? I'm you… Takeru then squinted his eyes in realization.

Then…if you're me, why haven't you spoken up all of this time?

Because, you've never been this depressed before. Face it, you're losing it. And all because you couldn't get over one. Little. Girl. You are really pathetic, you know that?…

Shut up! I can get over Hikari! I can!

Then if you can, why don't you do it right now? The other half of Takeru stayed silent. Within his subconscious, something had an evil smile. And it was a feeling that we all hate and loathe. Despair. Ironically, despair was the opposite of what Takeru represented. Hope.

See, I knew you couldn't do it. You're a loser, and you'll always be one. You will ALWAYS be alone…

Stop it! Shut up! I don't want to hear it!

You'll always be alone…You'll always be alone…

You will ALWAYS be alone…

The sentence repeated itself in Takeru's head as he clutched it with his hands, his body twitching in depression. He then broke into a run, bumping into people walking along the way. Yet, the boy just didn't care. He ran through crowds of people, until he finally came up to his apartment, quickly unlocking the door and closing it behind him. Minutes later, Takeru landed onto his bed, still clutching his head like it was in pain. Tears streamed out of his eyes, and slowly, but surely, he fell asleep. His hands unclutched his head and fell onto the bed, as he was breathing in his sleep. And, as he slept, someone couldn't help but watch what had just transpired. And that someone was Mimi.

"Oh Takeru…What's happening to you?" Mimi asked, giving a concerned look toward the young man, before turning the light off and going to her room to sleep. Just as she reached her room, the phone rang near her nightstand. She walked up to it and picked it up.

"Hello, Tachikawa Residence, Mimi speaking…Oh, hey, it's you…How are you? Takeru? He's…all right…you're wondering if I have a spare room here? Yeah, I do. Sure, you can stay…This'll make Takeru happy when I tell him…What? You want me to keep it a surprise? Well, okay…Can't wait…See you soon…Bye!" Mimi exclaimed as he hung up the phone. She then looked toward Takeru's room.

"Well Takeru, you're going to get a BIG surprise…"

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