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Randy Orton heaved a sigh of relief when he entered the backstage area of the arena. He had a pretty busy, not to mention sore night. He had to cut a few promos as well participated in a match tonight against Chris Jericho. Needless to say, Jericho hadn't been very nice to him, especially his lower back, which had him wreathing in pain at the moment. All he could think about was getting back to his locker room, taking a nice hot shower before getting back to his hotel room, where his girlfriend, Gail Kim, would be waiting for him. He had originally planned to go out with some of the guys after the show for some drinks, where more than one, he was sure, would try to score a pretty girl's number. He decided against the outing since his back was killing him and not to mention he had his own pretty girl waiting for him in his hotel room. He couldn't help but smile when he thought about her. Randy was much different than the character he played on television. He was very much a family man and though he didn't feel he was ready to get married just yet, he much preferred the idea of having someone to come home to every night and someone to cuddle in bed with and just talk. That's not to say Randy didn't enjoy looking, he loved women, and he preferred to regard it as appreciating such a beautiful species, which would always earn him a look from his girlfriend but she would always dismiss it, because she knew that Randy only truly had eyes for her. Randy quickly took his shower and drove down to the hotel. When he entered the lobby he noticed Trish and Amy on one of the couches and they were having a laugh about something. He laughed to himself when he thought about how everyone backstage referred to those two as Siamese twins because wherever one was, you would usually find the other not far behind. As he was waiting for the woman at the front desk to process his information and give him his key, he saw Matt and Adam approach their girlfriends on the couch. Actually, Randy had heard from his Evolution members who were good friends with Trish that she and Adam had broken up but still remained good friends. Judging by what he saw before his eyes, it was apparently true. He hadn't noticed that he was staring until Trish looked up and saw him and then turned to Amy and whispered something to her, which he gathered was about him since Amy turned towards his direction to look at him as well. He quickly grabbed his things from the counter and walked to the elevators without a second glance. It wasn't that he had anything against Amy or Trish for that matter but Gail didn't like them very much for whatever reasons she had and Randy didn't ask. Rather than be mean, he would just avoid them along with their other two very good friends, Lisa (Victoria) and Stacy. There was one incident where Randy had been conversing with Trish in the locker room and having a laugh when Gail walked in and automatically assumed that Trish was trying to put the moves on him and he was reciprocating. Needless to say, that night he repeatedly apologized and explained that Trish had come by to see the other Evolution members who happened to be very close friends of hers. Gail finally gave in and Randy had figured it would be much easier to avoid such trivial things. He didn't talk much to any of the women besides Molly was Gail's best friend.

He stepped off the elevator and opened the door to his hotel room. Being apart of Evolution definitely had its perks, like the two story penthouse suites in the hotel. He walked in, closed the door and set his keys on the table by the door, when he noticed something odd. Silence. This wasn't right he thought. Gail would always be watching television in the living area of the suite because she didn't like to be alone especially at night. She would often said the television kept her company while he was gone so she would feel that there was people with her. Instinctively, Randy became worried and called out her name.

"Gail, Sweetie…where are you?" He checked the table by the door, where he had set his keys, to make sure she hadn't left him a note letting him know that she had gone out. No note. He pulled out his cell phone and checked his voice messages. Six of them to be exact and not one was from. His eyes traveled up the stairs of the suite. He knew Gail well enough to know that she wouldn't be up there by herself at this time of night but decided to check anyway. He took the steps two at a time, not wasting a moment and when he reached the top he routinely walked to the master bedroom, but stopped dead in his tracks. There were noises coming from inside the room and there were two voices not one. Randy thinking something terrible must be going on, mentally prepared himself to make a fast move and take down the intruder in the room. But when Randy opened the door, it was no intruder, it was his best friend, John Cena. That wouldn't have made Randy's blood boil if it hadn't been for the fact that his best friend was screwing his girlfriend in his bed!

"What the hell is going on!" Randy bellowed. At this moment, the betrayal before his eyes angered him more than it did hurt him. He was outraged.

The two immediately pulled apart as both John and Gail used the sheets to cover themselves up.

"Randy, baby, what are you doing here? I thought you were going out with guys for drinks?" Gail asked.

The nerve of her. Randy was so mad he was seeing red and though he would never hit a lady no matter how much they may have deserved at least a couple of slaps, he had no problem hitting a man, even if that man was his best friend. He made a dash for the bed and put a beating on John that Gail was sure would make him forget his name. Gail, uselessly screamed for him to stop. Randy ignored her until she commented,

"You weren't suppose to be home until later tonight". Randy stopped the punches and looked up.

"Well gee, I'm sorry, how bout I go and you call me when you're finished!". He couldn't be there anymore, he need to get away, perhaps now he need those drinks more than ever. Without waiting for a reply, he stormed out of the room. There was only one place he wanted to right now.

A couple of hours later at the bar

"Gimme another shot Mr. Bartender" Randy slurred as he put his glass up in the air to show the bartender that he was in fact empty. Randy may have been well past the point of drunk, but the alcohol failed to do the one thing he wanted it to. It didn't make him forget. He loved her, at least he thought he did. Now he wasn't so sure. But it must be love thought right? He never felt this way about any girl before. Sure, he never got the butterflies in the stomach and he was never nervous around her when they first started going together. Wasn't that how most people described love? But then again, that was the kind of love you have in high school where both of you think you're gonna spend the rest of your lives together and have tons of kids and travel the world. No… He did love her and Randy wasn't a quitter. He wasn't going to go down without a fight. But there was no way in hell he was gonna go back to that hotel room and say that he forgave or that they can work through this.

Randy slugged down the refilled glass that was set before him, not even seconds ago and turned to the bartender,

"Oh, I'm gonna fight, but I'm gonna fight dirty. I'm gonna make her see what she lost out on and I'm gonna make her beg for a second chance, as she damn well should!". The bartender just rested his chin upon his hand and looked at Randy, listening quite intently as Randy rambled on.

"She cheated on me, you know…on ME! And with my best friend nevertheless. But I'm gonna show her. I got it all figured out up here", he said, tapping his head with his index finger.

"I may love her, but I can't make her think she can get away with this stuff, ya know man? You know what I'm gonna do? Well of course you don't cuz I haven't told you yet!" he said laughing as though he made the funniest joke in the world.

"She used my best friend to hurt me, so I'm gonna do the same….Oh wait, that won't work, Molly won't fall for that, you see, she's a virgin, but shhhhhhh… you can't tell anyone okay? The bartender couldn't help but laugh, "Well kid, how do you know she's a virgin?"

Randy laughed, "Oh, because she said it on live television." The bartender chuckled to himself, "Don't worry kid, I can keep a secret".

Randy nodded his head and then proceeded to massage his temples.

"Well, maybe you can help me, how the hell can my plan work if I can't get her best friend into bed with me!". The bartender pondered it for a bit, he knew he shouldn't indulge the kid but he couldn't help it, the kid was funny and a breath of fresh air from the other men that were usually in here, who saw fit to get piss ass drunk and then trash the place in a fit of rage.

"How bout her worst enemy?"

"What" Randy asked confused.

"Well if you can't get to the best friend, go for the enemy, that's just as bad, and who knows, you never know what can happen".

Randy contemplated his new friend's idea.

"You know what, that's a perfect idea, and I have just the person in mind".