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Seven years later……

"Mommy wake up" a little voice whispered. Trish felt tiny hands pressed against her skin as they attempted to shake her awake. She mumbled something before snuggling further into the covers.

"Mommy…." the voice got louder, seeing as the other approach hadn't worked.

"Daddy, she won't wake up…." the voice whispered as another occupant of the room let out a giggle.

"No worries…" Randy said as he walked further into the room.

"I know just the trick" he said confidently. Trish could hear his footsteps walk closer and she desperately forced herself to not smile.

"Honey…time to rise and shine" Randy said as he gently shook her with one hand. Seven and a half year old Joshua jumped on the bed by his mother's feet, waiting to see his father work his magic, while ten year old Emma walked towards the bed, trying to keep the tray in her hand steady before resting it on the cherry polished table that was by the foot of the bed.

When no response came from Trish, Randy looked up at Joshua and gave him a devilish grin. Joshua knew exactly what his father had in mind and he turned to his sister who had a matching grin on her face. It was one of his mother's major weaknesses that was sure to do the trick. Joshua enthusiastically nodded his head and Randy went in for the kill. He slid one hand under the covers and gently let it trail up her thighs till he met her waist…and then he tickled her. Trish shot up in an instant, giggles already escaping her lips as she twisted and turned to get out of Randy's range. He continued until he noticed the tears sliding down her cheeks from all the laughter and then pulled away. After a few moments, she composed herself and gave her husband a playful frown.

"That was mean" she said.

"Yeah?….you were awake the entire time weren't you?" Randy asked, but already knowing the answer. She stuck out her tongue at him before showering a smile on her children. She playfully blew them an air kiss and jumped out of bed.

"I'll be right back….I gotta brush my teeth" she said before running to the bathroom. Randy let a chuckle as he noticed the bounce in her step. She his black cotton pyjama top while he was currently sporting the matching bottoms. She was too adorable for words and he often wondered how he got so lucky. Even six years later, she hadn't aged a bit and still kept her exceptional physique. To be fair, Randy was still as handsome as ever and very much in shape. A few minutes later, he came out and gave Emma and Josh a kiss before she turned to Randy who was still sitting on the bed. She bent down and gave him a lingering kiss on the lips. Joshua's hand immediately flew up to his face and covered his eyes.

"Ewwww" he cried as Emma just slapped him upside his head.

Trish pulled away and they both smiled before she turned her attention to the bundle in her husband's arms.

"Hey babes…I didn't forget about you" Trish said as she gently gathered their 5 month old baby boy, Noah, in her arms. She gave him a kiss on the cheek which earned her a smile from her boy. She cuddled him close to her and sighed in content. Her pregnancy with Noah had been a pleasant surprise and though she loved her kids with all her heart, her and Randy agreed that maybe three was enough. She would often laugh at her friends when they asked her how she managed to do it all. Truth was, she didn't know and usually joked that she spent half her adult life being pregnant. She wasn't alone though, Amy had found out she was pregnant a year after being her and Matt were blissful newlyweds. Poor thing, she had twins and playfully vowed that she would never bear another child so long as she remembered her experience having to give birth to two babies at the same time. Between the tales that Trish and Amy recounted of being pregnant and the painful labour, a very pregnant Dawn has now been scared out of her wits of having to deliver, especially since it's her first time.

"So how come you all are up so early?" Trish asked as she looked up and smiled at everyone. They all shared a look before they all made a spot on the bed for themselves.

"Happy Mother's Day" they called out together. A big smile spread across Trish's face. She had completely forgotten their annual tradition they had on mother's day and father's day.

"Hey look, we even got you our own presents this year, " Emma said as she picked up her neatly wrapped present and showed her mother while Joshua bent over the side of the bed and picked up his gift. Trish bit her lip to keep herself from laughing as she looked at his gift. The wrapping paper was all over the place and she could make out the contours of the stuffed bear that he had apparently attempted to wrap all on his own.

"Here you go" he said happily as he sat right beside his mother and looked up at her, waiting to see her reaction to his awesome gift. Randy leaned over and took hold of Noah as Trish grabbed her gift and smiled down at her son.

"Wow….I wonder what it is" she said, sounding ever so curious.

"Well open it….I wrapped it myself" he said proudly.

"You sure did" Emma giggled and Joshua looked up and smiled, obviously thinking that she was complimenting him. A smile spread across Randy's face as he looked at the beaming pride on his son's face….always the comic relief.

Trish took her time to unwrap the gift because he had used so much tape to stick the wrapping paper down. When Trish finally uncovered her gift, she looked over at her son with curious eyes.

"Sweetie, this is your favourite stuffed bear that your grandma gave you" she said looking down at him.

"I know" Joshua said.

"Look at the front" he said as he turned it over so that the front of the bear was in plain sight for Trish to see. Everyone let out a laugh when they noticed the jumpsuit on the bear read "Stratusfying Mom". In tinier words underneath, it read "Love, Joshua". Trish wrapped her arms around her son and gave him a big hug.

"Do you like it?" he asked hopefully.

"I love it" she said as she kissed the top of his head.

"Good…I thought that since me and Emma can't always go on the road with you and dad, having my favourite bear with you will help you remember that we miss you and love you" he said. Emma could see the tears building in her mother's eyes and instinctively grabbed a tissue from the nightstand and handed it to her mom. Trish took the tissue from her daughter and gave her a grateful smile.

"Thank you baby…I don't need a bear for me to remember that you love me but I'm gonna take it everywhere with me…I promise" she laughed as she saw the fulfilled look on her son's face. "Okay…move over….my turn" Emma said as took the seat that was once filled by Joshua as he made his way over and sat next to his dad. Randy put an arm around him and drew him in for a hug, letting him know how proud he was of him for thinking of such a thoughtful gift.

"Okay….what do we have here" Trish said as she lifted up the gift Emma had presented her with, and inspected it to see if she could guess before she opened it.

"You did a great job with the wrapping" Trish said as she slowly unwrapped the gift, so not to rip the beautiful black and gold wrapping paper.

"I hope you like it" Emma said nervously as she bit down on her bottom lip, a habit she had picked up from her mother.

"It's got a touch of everyone important to you in there and they all helped me out…" she said.

Trish looked up and smiled,

"Of course I'll love it and I don't get what you mean by that last part, but I'm about to find out" she said and gave her a wink. She opened up the box and moved around the tissue paper. She didn't have to say a word, the moment Emma say her mother tear up, she knew she loved it. Thank goodness for that since she had spent some time saving up her allowance, otherwise she'd blame grandma Elaine and grandpa Bob since they help her come up with the idea. Trish gently picked up the photo album and let her hand gently touch the fine gold and crystal cover of the photo album. The album was arranged so that it could be placed upwards so that the front could be displayed as a picture frame. The front had a black and white head shot of Trish that had an old Hollywood glamour look to it. The top had her name engraved in gold "Patricia Stratigias Orton". Trish opened up the album and noticed for every picture on the right hand side, had a poem to match on the left hand side and it was engraved in gold. The first picture was of herself in a champagne colour silk gown with her hair swept up and she was smiling at the camera. On the left hand side read,

To a woman of strength, courage and full of life.
To a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.
The love you've shared with us will always be remembered,
And Here's something to give back to you.

Love Always, Emma

The next picture was of herself and Amy, sharing a pose together. The poem was about best friends and it was signed by Emma and Amy. Next was a picture of her and her parents. They also helped Emma write a poem about her being their daughter. Then there was a picture of Trish with Randy's family and a similar poem to the one her parents wrote with Emma. In the next picture, she was sitting in a chair, with Noah propped on her lap and Joshua and Emma at her side, with their arms around her. Trish couldn't hold back the tears that had been wanting to spill for a while. On the left panel read:

My precious Mom, words can't describe How much your being means to me;
Your gentle touch, your smiling face,
The loving way you look at me;
Your love of life - the little things That make you laugh despite your pain;
Your words of great encouragement That give me confidence again.
The love you share with everyone,
I know is sent from God above,
And I'm so very blessed because I have a portion of that love.
I've told you many times before,
'A better Mom, there couldn't be'
I love you so - you're my best friend,
And much more than a Mom to me.

Love Emma, Joshua, and Noah

Randy got up and placed a sleeping Noah in his bassinet before climbing behind his wife in the bed and placing his arms around her from behind while he rested his chin a top her head and looked on.

Trish once again flipped the page to find a side-profiled shot of herself and Randy on their wedding day. Her hand was resting on the lapel of his crisp black tux as she looked down, laughing and happy as he kissed her forehead.

Trish rested one of her hands on top of his and leaned further into him as she read the poem.

What I Love About You.

The sparkle in your eye,
The warmth of your skin.
Your breath on my neck,
That quivers within.
The touch of your hand,
The smell of your hair.
The kindness in your smile,
That strength in your stare.
Your kiss on my lips,

Your body near mine.
The stroke of your touch,
That feeling inside.
The sound of your voice,
Compassion in your embrace.
The serenity in your stride,
The power in your face.
The calming of your presence,
The beating of your heart.
The promise of tomorrow,
That we may never part.
The beauty of your kiss,
and that magic in your touch.
It is for all these reasons and more,
Why I love you so much.

Love Randy

It was the only poem that Emma hadn't helped with. She flipped to the last page to see a family shot of herself and Randy with Emma, Joshua, and Noah.

"No one is ever born into Life alone. Everyone has shared the bond of family, at least at birth, and for many people it is a bond that will follow them throughout life. For many people it is the most important bond of all".

With All Our Love…..

Trish closed the book and looked up, Emma moved forward and hugged her mother tightly.

"It was beautiful….Really…." Trish said as she pulled away from the embrace and looked at her daughter as another tear escaped her eyes. Emma silently nodded and smiled back at her mother.

"Anyone hungry here?….Because I'm starving…." Joshua interrupted. They all let out a laugh.

"I could do with some food in my stomach" Randy said rubbing his tummy.

"Breakfast sounds good" Trish said as Emma grabbed Noah's bassinet and they all headed downstairs to the kitchen.


Three Weeks Later….

"Relaxation" Randy sighed as he adjusted the draw strings on his thin cotton pants before laying on his stomach across their king sized bed.

"I'm sure it must be considering you've been working non-stop for the past two weeks flying back and forth overseas" Trish said as she climbed onto his back and settled herself on the lower part of his back before pouring the scented oil into her palm and massaging it into his skin. She kneaded all the right spots and Randy moaned in pleasure.

"It was good idea to take our vacation with Amy, Matt and the kids….I wonder if they mind watching the kids while we're up here by ourselves" Randy murmured.

"I'm glad we decided to plan a trip together too. Amy knows Mexico really well and even she hadn't imagined how many things they have for kids here" Trish said as she continued to knead Randy's muscles.

"Hmmmmm" was his only reply.

"And besides, I'm sure they don't mind being with the kids since we did watch them last night while they had their romantic dinner on the beach" Trish said. Trish felt Randy moving underneath her and she got up slightly so that he could get comfortable. He, instead, turned over to lie on his back. He grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to him, at the same time, closer into him. A devilish smile spread across his face as he toyed with the strings that held together her red bikini bottoms.

"I guess we should be making use of our time alone as well…" he said suggestively. He slowly pulled on one string of her bikini, causing one side to unravel. He slowly raised himself up to a seating position, Trish still on top of him. He grabbed the back of her head, burying his large hand into her damp blonde hair as he pulled her closer and as he gently bit on her bottom lip before indulging her with his mouth and tongue. He undid the other side of her bottoms before letting his hand travelling down her body, taking the bottoms with him and throwing it aside. She pushed him back against the headboard and hovered over him as both of their breathing became heavier and Randy expertly undid her top and threw the offending material on the ground next to the bed. Trish moaned into his mouth as they both continued to ravage each other with their hands and as he finally made his way in her. Trish had long rid him of his clothes as she raked her nails down his back, arching her back, and biting her bottom lip all in an attempt not to scream too loud by the immeasurable pleasure she was feeling. When they finally reached their highs, Randy settled himself on top of her.

"I love you" he whispered. Trish smiled against his lips.

"I love you too…I love you too" she whispered back.


"Joshua, come on….we're gonna be late" Trish said as she tried to persuade her fixated son to move along quicker. Randy, Matt and Amy had promised Emma and the twins to take them swimming with the dolphins. Joshua, having to be different, found out about a car show and insisted that his mother take him there and meet up with the rest of the group later. Trish hadn't wanted to separate from everyone completely with just herself and Joshua but he was the only one who's heart was set on the car show and she didn't want anyone else having to give up their chance with the dolphins to watch cars when she knew they wouldn't want to. Now she had to hurry back so they made it for dinner. Amy had made reservations for some five star restaurant for tonight and a party can only be seated when everyone has arrived. That meant that there were at the restaurant right now, hungry and waiting.

"Joshua" Trish called out as she turned around to see how far behind he was lagging. She noticed him talking with a tall man and the man was ruffling his hair. Joshua was laughing and Trish's immediate reaction would have been to pull him away had there not been security all around the docks since it was now sunset. Trish finally caught Joshua's attention and beckoned him over with her hands. After a few more moments, Joshua made his way back to her.

"Who was that man you were talking to?" she asked as she bent down to straighten out his clothes.

"Oh….. remember that boy Kevin, I kept meeting up with on the playground and we became friends?" Joshua asked. Trish looked at her son curiously before shaking her head.

"You know…the one who was staying with his grandmother for the summer because his parents aren't together and both of them were working…." Joshua continued, positive that that would jog his mother's memory.

"Oh right…you went over to his grandmother's house a few times to play with him over the summer before he went back with his mom…." Trish said more to herself, putting the pieces together.

"So how do you know that's his dad?" Trish asked as she now bent down to retie his shoe lace for the fourth time since their walk from the car show.

"I've saw him at the house every time I would go there. He said his dad comes over everyday and hangs out with him. He's pretty cool….he's the one that bought me all those sports stuff…whenever he bought something for Kev, he'd buy it for me too. He used to always say that I reminded him of himself when he was a child".

"Hmmmm, interesting that you'd meet him up in Mexico of all places…." Trish said as she stood and grabbed Joshua's hand.

"Mom….don't get mad at me…." Trish stopped and looked down at her son.

"What did you do?" Trish admonished.

"Well…you're always saying how it's important to be nice to people and stuff…." Joshua began.

"Yeah….and….what did you do?" Trish repeated, hoping that it wasn't anything too bad.

"Well….I kinda invited Kevin's dad to dinner with us" Joshua said, immediately looking down after confessing and fiddling with his fingers. A habit he picked it from his dad.

"Josh…you invited a stranger to have dinner with us?" Trish asked, her hands perched on her hips.

"I'm sorry…." he said looking up at her with innocent and apologetic eyes that were just too hard to stay mad at. Something he definitely picked up from his father.

"It's alright" she sighed and pulled him closer to her as they began walking along the boardwalk again.

"I'm gonna just call and let Aunt Amy know to add another seat to the table…I just hope they don't get mad, they're waiting on us right now" Trish said as she picked up her pace, Joshua following suit.


"Hey, so sorry we're late….it was all Joshua's fault" Trish grinned, holding her hands up in innocence.

"Hey little man…what had you so caught up?" Randy asked Joshua made his way over and slipped his small hand into Randy's larger one.

"Nothing…" he shrugged.

"Just met up with someone I know…" he said.

"Gee…you don't sound like you're seven…" Emma said, rolling her eyes. She was starving and it was all thanks to her little brother. Even Noah was growing tired of waiting for her mom and brother and he at least had a comfortable seat in his portable car seat.

"Well….that's because I'm not seven dodo…I'm almost eight" he said sticking out his tongue.

"Okay….okay. Enough you two. Let's just go finally take our seats" Randy said, breaking up the fighting siblings.

"Oh Amy, did you let the host know that we're gonna be having one extra person?" Trish asked.

"Yeah…he was actually gonna make us wait till this mystery guy shows up and I was so utterly fed up with him that I finally discovered what would shut him up" Amy huffed and all riled up just thinking about the frustrating host.

"So what did you do?" Joshua asked.

"I flexed my biceps at him…the one with the tattoo…needless to say…he won't be giving us any more trouble…he'll be too busy thinking of all the ways I can make him suffer with my bare hands should he try to get on my nerves" Amy said as they all now settled into their seats. Trish let out a laugh and leaned back in her seat. Conversation was shared around the table, including Matt's little adventure scuba diving adventure with the sharks.

Ten minutes later and Randy couldn't help but ask.

"Okay…where is this guy? I'm sure I'm not the only that's starving…" Randy said as she let go of his wife's hand to check the time before holding her hand again.

"Well…why don't we just order…he's got a kid, he'll understand that we're not trying to be rude" Trish said.

"Great" the twins said happily as they reached for the kiddie menu and attempted to read out their options.

"Joshua….I forgot to take you to wash your hands before he sat down" Trish said.

"Do you want me to take him" Randy offered. Trish placed her hands on his shoulders.

"No, it's okay…but you could order my usual appetizer while I'm gone" Trish said. Randy looked up at her.

"Done…" he said with a smile. Trish leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"Thanks Hun".

Trish stood outside the men's room for a couple of minutes, waiting for Joshua to come out.

'What is he doing so long…he just needed to wash his hands' Trish thought to herself as she began to get worried. She was about to throw caution to the wind and march into the men's room but Joshua made his way out.

"What took you so long?" Trish asked as she once again, bent down and attempted to fix her son up. The kid was always a mess.

"Sorry…I decided to use the bathroom while I was in there…."

"Oh…okay" Trish mumbled as she was too busy tucking his shirt into his pants.

"Oh look, Kevin's dad's here" Joshua said looking down at his busy mother before waving over the older man.

"Hey…." Joshua greeted the man.

"Mom…this is Kevin's dad….Mr. C, this is my mom, Trish" Joshua introduced. Trish quickly retied his shoelace, stood up and straightened her skirt before wanting to look up and properly meet "Mr. C". With a smile plastered on her face, and her hand stuck out, poised for a handshake, she began,

"Hi, How are y….." but when Trish looked up, her voice trailed off and her face immediately fell into shock.

"Hi Trish" he said with a friendly smile.



Believe it or not, That's it. I thought I'd leave it on a suspenseful note rather than the normal "they lived happily ever after" routine. Something different. You guys can make up the rest if you'd like but I've acknowledged that every time I sit down to write a chapter of this story, by the end of it, there's always room to continue when I just wanna finish it so I can get started on my other fic!