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Author's Note: Just a very quicky one shot that I felt like doing whilst waiting for ff.net to start working again. :-)

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- - -

Love confuses me.

That's all there really is to it.

I don't understand how I'm supposed to believe in love- true love, love at first sight, blah, blah, blah- when there seems to be so little of it in the world today. And besides- how can you ask me to believe in something that I can't see? Something that I can't smell? Something that I can't touch? Something that I can't taste? Something that won't allow me to use my senses?

How can I believe in something that gives me nothing but a feeling?

Feelings are replaceable- untraceable- pointless. They do nothing but get in my way.

I do not like feelings.

But this is when I become even more confused.

How can I honestly say that I 'don't like' something, or 'do like' something, without contradicting myself? I can't see, smell, touch, or taste 'like' and 'hate', yet I know I feel those quite regularly. Generally the latter.

So how can I justify my adamant refusal to believe in love, when I believe in other, more trival- but nonetheless annoying- emotions?

I can't.

And so my confusion grows, and I inevitably become annoyed. Annoyance is an emotion. My brain begins to hurt.

Maybe it isn't just love that confuses me. Maybe it's all non-materialistic things.

Or perhaps I'm secretly a nutcase. . .

That would explain a lot-

But it would not explain love.

How? How can I find a way to believe in love, when I don't know what to feel? It's not as bold and flashy as anger or happiness- yet it's not as subtle as a secret or blankness. It's somewhere unreachably in-between.

Love confuses me- that's the bottom line.

"Sessho-Maru sama!" a little voice sings from down near my knee, interrupting my thoughts. I glance emotionlessly down to see Rin, joyfully holding up a flower for me to take. "I picked this for you! Isn't it pretty?"

I say nothing, simply allowing the now familiar sensation of secret pride and strong like to fill me, mingling with an odd protectiveness and amusement that I simply call my 'Rin emotion'. I don't know what else it should be named- for it obviously is not hate or annoyance or nothingness.

As I blink at her she beams in adoration, her eyes glittering with thrill and pride. A scent that can only be described as 'warm' radiates from her young body as I slowly kneel down, lowering myself to her eye level in order to take the small blossom. The petals feel oddly silky and cool in comparison to Rin's sticky, hot little hand.

"You wear it," I command shortly, taking the flower and pushing it behind her ear. Her grin widens, her missing baby teeth evident as she does so.

"Okay, pa- - - Sessho-Maru sama!" she chirps, catching herself just in time before pressing a sloppy kiss to my cheek- one that I can tell would taste of the sweets I brought back from the Northern Lands.

As she skips off, displaying her new hair decoration with a certain degree of self confidence, I can't help but wonder:

Perhaps I can see, smell, touch, and taste love. . . ?

In that case, I suppose I have to believe in it, don't I?

- - -

As I said, just a quicky Rin/Sess one-shot in the kind of relationship I see them in- daughter/father. Hope you enjoyed! XD (PS- and if you're a Rin/Sess romantic shipper, gomen ne. . .)