Shaken Dynasty

By dark-luv-dove

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AN: So this story is sometime I started quite a long time ago and I completed a prolouge and later revised it. Since then, I discontinued writing it. (Which really wasn't that big of a deal because since it was a fairly new story, not many readers. ) So I recently pulled up the document and found that it still interested me. As a result, I am continuing this story in hopes that my old readers, if there were any will continue reading and that I may capture the interest of many new readers.

Full Summary:

AU (A/M and K/K Again, couples will be added at request) Five friends, Misao, Aoshi, Kenshin, Sano, and Karou stumble upon a mystical power that draws them back to the Russia in the era of the Romanovs. Together, they go through 300 hundred years of a grand, twisted history. From the first Romanov Tsar, Nicholas, the Iron Tsar, all the way up to the tragic story of The Last Grand Duchess, Anastasia. They learn all the anguish and suffering behind the mask of elegance the Romanov Dynasty wore. They finally experience the intrigue and drama of the royal life and realize being royalty is not all that it's cut out to be. Join them as they see an extraordinary, yet heart-rending family saga unfold before eyes.

Life's tough and you have to deal. It's easier with friends around.

So from reading the summary, you probably think its all like this big historical thing. Well actually, it's more focused on their lives and their relationships with one another. The "mystical power" stuff is a way to make the story more interesting because it adds an element of adventure. It's a perfect way to get the characters into situations they wouldn't normally be in in real life.

Chapter 1

Chewing her pencil nervously, Misao Makimachi gazed out the window. A perfect day it would seem.. Dazzling blue sky, a cooling breeze, sweet curls of warm scents in the air. Glorious. For Misao however, today was to be the day. The day she went and took her driver's license test. This was THE pinnacle of her 16 year old life. It would be a day she would remember forever. Either as the day she got her license, or the day she failed miserably at her first driving test. If she passed, that day would indeed be a perfect day. No longer would she be looked upon as "the pet" of her group of friends. She wouldn't be little Misao any longer. Today, if she passed, she would have a supreme power over her friends. Well, the ones without licenses at least. Hey, it beat being acknowledged as a little girl all the time. Her whole life, she had been labeled childish, immature, juvenile, foolish, babyish…so on. More than anything, Misao wanted to break that stereotype. Today was the first step.

The bell snapped her out of her thoughts and slowly, she gathered her books and walked with heavy footsteps towards her locker. Her head was pounding to the rhythm of her feet, repeating over and over 'this is it'.

She walked steadily, never faltering, but with incredible slowness. Crowds of students flooded by her, their voices mingling, their footsteps creating a thumping rhythm and eventually fading away to her lone steps echoing in the deserted halls. She walked on, opening the door to blinding sunlight and stepping out, savoring its warmth.

She sat behind the wheel just staring at it, completely lost in her thoughts. Her driving instructor was saying something to her, but she wasn't hearing it. Her mind reeled, and she could feel the blood pulsing through her veins, feeding her rapidly beating heart.

'Come on Misao, you can do this' she chided herself mentally, 'we've been over all of this. First start the car…'

With zombie-like movements she went through the steps, she mastered backing out of the parking space and successfully turned onto the road.

By the time she reached an intersection, she was glowing with excitement, 'I can do this! See? I'm doing perfectly, and soon, I will be able to drive anywhere at anytime I want!'

A car came swerving out of nowhere and the world shattered.

Somewhere within the span of 6 seconds, she heard herself shriek in pure terror, letting go of the wheel. She saw her instructor desperately grab at his and spun the car over to the side of the road onto and skid to a stop on a sidewalk.

She sat. Her face was a ghastly shade of gray. She let loose a breath she didn't know she had and sat still for what seemed like an eternity.

Her instructor sounded angry as hell, "I hope you don't think you're going to pass! You missed that stop sign and almost killed us!"

His words ringing in her ears, she trudged home. Defeated. Broken.

Her friends awaited her at her home; they were gathered in her kitchen with balloons and a cake. When she saw them, she crumbled. She cried. Karou's arms went around her and she bawled. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Megumi and Aoshi exchange 'I told you so' glances.

Fury rose up inside of her. She felt scalding liquid burn her throat. Her head drummed with her rage and hurt. They had expected her to fail. Just like always, Little Misao who would never accomplish anything except amuse them with her antics. She erupted.


She ranted on and on. Screaming at them, letting loose every angry thought she ever quelled, every hated look she shot behind their backs. It hurt her most that Aoshi. Her beloved Aoshi still thought of her as a child.

She screamed till her knees were weak, and her face a red, blubbery mess. She hurled her final furious words at them and stormed up to her room. Throwing herself on her bed, she sobbed out 16 years worth of tears.

As night fell, the rain started roaring outside and Misao lay on her bed. Not asleep, not awake, just crushed. She lay on her soggy sheets, pushed her face into a pillow and yelled until she ran out of breath.


AN: so what do you think? Ok so the address the whole driver's test issues. I really don't know how the whole license thing works in Japan. I don't know if 16 is the legal age, or if they actually have an instructor there or how things work. So I created a scene that would fit the purposes of my story. Please just stay with me. And if anyone knows the real situation, please inform me so that I know for future reference.

I know this chapter is centered on Misao. I think that's how I'm going to slowly introduce the characters. By giving each a chapter and telling a snippet of their lives and slowly intertwining all their lives together. I think that way, the readers have more of an understanding of each character and the story.

So that's the end of that chapter. Hope to see you guys soon. Please leave all comments, questions, or criticism in a review! Thanks!