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Many Facets

Chapter One: Gunner

"Yunie, this is Shinra!"


"We're gonna fix you up good, since you can't summon anymore!" My cousin chirps. "Shinra, you have the 'thing', right?"

"The thing?" I ask cautiously, raising a hand to my chin. "What's the thing?"

"You'll love it!" Rikku chirps. Shinra holds up a sphere.

"Here we go, Lady Yuna." I blinked in surprise.

"What's that?"

"That is the beginning of your new life!" Rikku declares.

As I put away the few things from Besaid that Rikku somehow was able to take from my home, I shoot a cautious look over at the sphere. It's sitting innocently on my bed, doing nothing. Shinra says this is a special sphere, that it has magical powers that I can tap into to transform myself.

"This is called the Gunner dressphere, Lady. With this, you can use guns in battle along with some special abilities." He then presented me with a box. "Here are the guns you use with this dressphere." I bite my lip, staring at the sphere and the box. I'd come this far…might as well go all the way! Picking up both sphere and box, I hurry into the little alcove that we use for changing. Something moves out of the corner of my eye, and I whirl around, only to see myself reflected in a full-length mirror.

This is no time to be a scaredy-cat now! I chastise myself. Putting down my precious bundle, I turn back to face the mirror. Suddenly, I'm afraid. After all, this is the outfit that I've done nearly everything in for two years…but it's also the outfit that binds me to that other life. All the appointments, speeches…marriage proposals…but that's behind me now. I'm finally doing something for myself! I look in the mirror again, and I see my right hand reach up to the tie on my left sleeve, un-doing the knot that secures it. The sleeve falls off, and soon my other clothes follow. The obi that secured my top, my top itself, my skirt…even my underclothes, of which I replace with another pair that was inside the alcove with a piece of paper on them that says "Yuna". Now clad only in my bra, underwear and barefoot, I look at myself in the mirror again. It is as if "High Summoner Yuna" has disappeared…leaving only this girl looking back at me.

The sphere is cool in my hands as I pick it up. I open the box that holds the guns, taking out the Garment Grid that was also inside. Shinra and Rikku say to place the sphere inside the Garment Grid, and then secure it against my body…I place the sphere inside the grid, and then secure it against the small of my back by tucking it partially into my underwear band. I then close my eyes, the magic of the sphere already starting to run through my blood. A cool breeze blows over me, and I feel myself hovering in the air, slowly starting to turn. A tingle in my scalp, and I feel an odd weight on the back of my head, and something very long hits the back of my feet. My bra disappears, and I feel a strap form around my neck and a sudden breeze in the middle of my chest. Something breezes over my hips as something straddles them and I feel cloth against my left leg. From my knee down, my legs feel like they are encased in boots again, only these ones are a little bit longer than the ones I wore with my summoner clothes…

My feet touch earth again, and I open my eyes. I stare, and the girl in the mirror stares back. The weight on the back of my neck is actually a long ponytail, wrapped down in a pink ribbon, which stops right above the heels of my feet. Two yellow armbands adorn both of my upper arms, with a black strap wrapped around my right wrist. His Blitzball's team symbol is in the middle of my chest, secured only by several pieces of string to the surrounding fabric. I guess that's where I felt the breeze. The top itself is a halter top, with a strap around my neck holding up the front and leaving part of my back bare. For some odd reason, there's a pink hood attached as well. Around my midriff is a yellow cord along with some pink lace, pressed close to my stomach. My hips are now encased in a pair of really, really, really short dark blue shorts, I feel myself blush as I look at them. A light-blue half skirt is tied around my waist, the cloth resting on my left leg, along with a beige case that's resting on my left hip. The half-skirt itself is ruffled, with three white ruffles spaced out on the cloth itself. And below my knees is a new pair of boots, laced up tightly.

"Wow…" I whisper. It's slowly starting to sink in…this is me! The girl in the mirror looking like this is me! I remember Shinra's words, and I hurry over to the box and take out the two guns before turning back around to look at myself again. I look…different! And I feel…

"Sexy." I whisper to myself. "I feel sexy…" And it's so hard to explain, but the guns feel…natural in my hands. I feel just as comfortable with them as if I were holding one of my magic staffs in my hand…I raise a hand to touch the Blitzball symbol, finding comfort in its' familiar lines.

"That is the beginning of your new life!" This comes back to me as I continue to look in the mirror, testing out different positions with the guns. I put one away in the case on my hip, and try again with only one gun. I feel liberated, free! It is as if I had died and was now longer was I locked down to the wishes of others!

Yes, this is the start of my new life.

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