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Summary: "....But in your dreams whatever they be. Dream a little dream of me..."

Notes: Hm. Yeah. I'm a deeply disturbed person. Hugs to Elise for listening to me ramble about this.

Spoilers: Through Last Week Fights, This Week Tights... R&R is bunk here, kids.

Dream a Little Dream

Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you.
Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you.
But in your dreams whatever they be.
Dream a little dream of me.

His dreams all end exactly the same these days.

She kills him.


She kills him.


Tonight, he's walking away from her at the Firelight Festival. He's just told her he loves her and she stands shocked.

And then she pulls a gun from out of her coat, aims, cocks, and shoots him in the back.

He falls on his knees, eyes wide.

And he wakes up. Covered in sweat; struggling to breathe deeply; shaking like a leaf.

Last night, it was Kyle's parents' bedroom.

He'd lowered her onto the bed. He'd wanted to make love to her then; Lips touching gently; Hands roaming.

It isn't what she'd wanted though.

He knew, because she'd stabbed him with a knife. She'd gotten up and watched him bleed out on the comforter.

Before that, it had been her dorm room.

"Come with me!"

He'd barely gotten another word in before she slammed him up against a wall, and wrapped her small hands around his throat, squeezing. Cutting off his lungs from the air that he desperately needed.

It's always the same. Another night, another nightmare.

He gets up and roams the tiny, sparse apartment. He's moved since his last visit to Stars Hollow, but he hasn't bothered to tell Luke that. It's small, but it's his own, and he has furniture and he's doing well.

But he doesn't really sleep anymore.

Because every night she kills him.

He locks and bolts up his door. He shuts his windows. He turns off all of his lights and sometimes he even hides under his covers.

Once, he tried staying up all night, but sleep is seductive, and he works so hard during the day that he is easily tempted, and falls under its spell.

And there she is, night after night. Ready and waiting. He always hopes for a happy ending. He hopes she'll smile and just... take him, and be his. And they'll be together. If reality has to be cruel, then he hopes that his subconscious can be a little more forgiving.

He's a fool. Naïve; so naïve, but every night he wishes for the best.

And every night he dies.

The next night is the worst yet, because this moment held the most turmoil for him in their relationship.

Sookie and Jackson's wedding.

She reaches for him and pulls him into the same passionate kiss, but instead of running when she pulls away from him, she takes a knife from behind her back and slits his throat.

He wakes up with a scream this time.

He drives all the way to Stars Hollow. No stopping. He's wide awake. He can't possibly sleep. He parks his car in front of her house, and stalks around back to her bedroom window. She's sitting up in bed, alone, reading. He backs away, but makes too much noise in doing so, and her eyes look up to meet his.

Jess backs away and makes a mad dash for his car. Bad idea. Horrible idea. Not enough sleep. Stupid idea.

Rory climbs out her window and chases after him, and he spooks and moves faster towards his car. She's gonna kill him again.

"Jess! Wait!"

He doesn't. He keeps moving. Gotta keep moving. It's been his policy for a long time.

She reaches him just as he gets to his car, and holds tightly to his arm.

"Wait. Please wait."

He stands still and stiff. He's not sure if he's shaking or if she is. Maybe they both are.

"I can't," he tells her. "I have to go."

"Then why did you come here?"

"I don't know." He shakes his head. "I can't do this again."


He rips his arm from her grasp and tries to shove himself into the driver's seat, but she drags him back.

He struggles, and she struggles harder. He's weak from fear and insomnia. She's had more sleep.

"Rory, stop!"



She fights him a moment longer before taking him roughly by the shoulders and shaking him hard. "JESS!"

He stares at her, eyes wide, as if he's waiting for something.

A gun.

A knife.

A noose.

Her bare hands.

She does the last thing he expects. She grips his shoulders tightly and pulls him into a kiss.

When they part, she runs her fingers through his hair.

And he's still alive.