Summary: AU, Piper was kidnapped by demons as a child and eventually thought dead by even the Elders. When Paige was born They allowed Patty to keep her knowing the Power of Three still needed to be completed. What happens when they find out Piper was, for some reason, abandoned instead of killed?

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Phoebe sat at the kitchen table reading the Bay Mirror and drinking a cup of coffee. Prue had gone to a photo shoot and Paige was already at South Bay Social Service. Phoebe was working at home for the day because there had been a demon attack at about three o'clock in the morning and she was still waiting for Leo to get back from checking with the Elders.

She flipped the page and sighed. What was taking him so long? As if on qui Leo orbed in, "It took you five hours?" Phoebe asked putting the paper down. "Sorry, I've told you before, time travels differently Up There." Leo said shrugging. "Yeah, I know, the demon?" Phoebe asked waving her hand.

"Jaguars, they're kind of lower level demons that travel in packs." Leo said. "Jaguars, I'm sorry like the cat, or the car?" Phoebe asked sarcastically. "You said that it was alone?" Leo asked completely ignoring her comment. "Yeah," Phoebe said nodding. "That most likely means that it was trying to prove itself to join another pack." Leo said.

"Why would it want to join another pack?" Phoebe asked. "Any number of reasons, witches could have killed off its pack." Leo said shrugging. "Did They say how to vanquish the pack?" Phoebe asked. "If They're right and it was on a test to join a pack, you shouldn't have to worry about them." Leo said.

"What if they send others on test after us? I don't want to keep sticking coat hangers through them!" Phoebe said sharply. "I don't think they will, they know what you did to one of them, I doubt you have to worry about the others so calm down," Leo said before looking up. "I have to go." He said orbing off.


Piper sat on her couch as she watched TV. They had had a pretty big grease fire the day in the Quake kitchen so it was in definite need of repairs, especially a new stove, oven, and refrigerator. The restaurant was supposed to be shut down for about a month and Piper knew that this was not going to be good.

Not only was she not going to have an income for a month, and she would have to spend all that money, she had nothing to do for a month. She didn't have anyone to help her or to hang out with for that matter. Piper had grown up in an orphanage after being abandoned. There wasn't even a clue to who her parents were because she had been found on the street at the age of three.

When they found her she had amnesia or something because they said she couldn't tell them anything about herself. She was never adopted so after she was old enough she just left the orphanage. Since she really loved to cook she had somehow put herself through a culinary school and became a chef at Quake and when the owners wanted to sell it she persuaded them to sell it to her.

Of course she had tried to find out some way to get to her parents but considering she didn't even know her own last name it wasn't that easy, the only reason she knew her first name was because it was embodied into the blanket she had been holding. And surprisingly there were more Pipers born in San Francisco than you would think. And for all she knew she could be from New York... It was times when she realized how alone she was that she wished she had a boyfriend. Piper had always been a romantic dreamer but she wasn't very good with guys. Of course she had had boyfriends before but she'd never found Him.

She heard the phone ring and she picked it up. "Hello?" "Piper, its Julie." The person answered from the other line. Julie had been the only one of Piper's friends at the orphanage who hadn't been adopted so they were kind of close, though she moved to Los Anglos when she found out who her mother was. "I hope you called 10-10-987 or something." "Yeah, sure, I have good news!" Julie said happily. "Oh yeah, what?" Piper asked. "I'm getting married!" she practically shouted. "To Jim? Oh my God that's great!" Piper said grinning. "He proposed last night!" Julie said. "That's great Jul, I'm really happy for you." Piper said. "Thanks Pipe, so any guy in your life yet?" Julie asked. "No and by the look of things there isn't gonna be one..." Piper said sadly. "Piper don't give up hope, I have to go, I'm meeting Jim for lunch but I'll call you later with more details!" Julie said happily before hanging up.

Piper put down the phone and sighed. It wasn't that she wasn't happy for Julie it's just that it didn't help her mood about being boyfriendless... "I need a cup of coffee." Piper said getting up and going into the kitchen. Unfortunately she was out of coffee so she grabbed her keys and went Starbucks.


Leo sat at Starbucks and pretended to read the paper. Really he was watching a women sitting at another table. Her name was Piper and she was his newest charge. Normally mortals wouldn't be given Whitelighters but the Elders had noticed some sort of magical aura around her. They said they hadn't seen anything like it before and they weren't sure what was going on, or they hadn't said what was going on anyway, it might be a lesson.

He knew she looked familiar he just couldn't place her. He for some reason made him think of the Halliwell sisters. She had their traditional brown hair so he just figured that was what that was. Her name also seemed familiar though, Piper? Wait... Piper Halliwell! That was it, Prue had told him about her, the second Halliwell sister that had been kidnapped. Then it hit him.

"Oh my God..." he muttered to himself as he hurriedly stood up and ran to the nearest ally way. He orbed away and reappeared at the Manor scaring Phoebe half to death. "Leo!" she screamed almost spilling coffee on her laptop. "Phoebe what's wrong?" Paige asked walking in the kitchen. "Good, Paige, we need Prue here, I have news." Leo said looking kind of worried and happy at the same time.

"Phoebe, Paige?" Prue yelled from the front door. "In the kitchen!" Phoebe yelled looking at Leo. "You will not believe... Leo? What a demon?" Prue asked coming in the kitchen and seeing him. "Not exactly... Prue, your second sister, her name was Piper?" Leo asked kind of hoping it wasn't so he wouldn't open any bad memories for them if it wasn't her.

"Yes, why Leo?" Prue asked. "I think I found her..." he said with kind of a dazed look. "Wait what? How, our mother and grandmother looked for God knows how long!" Paige said looking at him with disbelief. "And she was kidnapped by demons, why would they keep her alive?" Phoebe asked looking as disbelieving as Paige.

Prue on the other hand looked shocked. She could barley remember her baby sister but she had dreams of her some nights and had small bits. "Prue?" Phoebe asked trying to see what she thought. "Leo... Are you - Is it... possible?" she finally got out. "I'm not sure but I think this is her, she's my charge and I think the Elders figured out who she was and gave her to me... I don't know though, They're all about lessons so I think you need to figure this out on your own." Leo said.

"Why couldn't they figure it out then, and if this is a lesson then why not tell you, what lessons in it for you?" Phoebe asked. "I would tell you, okay, they know me and I would tell you up front because this is your sister." Leo answered. "Look, it can't hurt to try." "Got an address?" Prue asked finally. "Yes, she lives in your old apartment building." He said. "We'll go but you're going with us." Paige said.

"I can't, if They didn't know I'm gonna be in trouble because I'm not supposed to tell you guys about my other charges so I'll be in a lot of trouble." Leo said. "Leo, don't give us that crap, your coming." Phoebe said as Prue grabbed her car keys and they ushered him out the door.


Piper heard someone knock on the door and got off the couch groggily. When she had gotten back from Starbucks she had been doing things for Quake like canceling shipment orders. She opened the door and saw three women standing there along with a man. "Can I help you?" she asked. None of the women answered her, they just stood there opened mouth. The guy must have noticed this because he quickly answered. "Hi, I'm Leo Wyatt." He said holding out his hand for her to shake. "Are you Piper Halliwell?"

She took it and looked confused. "I'm Piper but I don't know about the Halliwell part..." she said not exactly sure how to answer him. Who were these people and was that her name, Halliwell? It did seem vaguely familiar... "Piper." The girl with short hair finally got out before hugging her.

"Um... Who are you people?" Piper asked seeming confused. "Oh... I'm sorry, I'm Phoebe." The girl said seeming shaky. "And I'm Prue and this is Paige." The girl with almost black hair said looking as shaken up as Phoebe. "I still don't understand who you are..." Piper said looking at them still confused. "We're the Halliwells, and we think you might be our... sister." Phoebe said leaving Piper open mouthed.


They all sat in Piper's living room, Prue, Paige, and Phoebe on the couch and Leo and Piper each in chairs. Piper was still trying to let that she might have finally found her family in. "What about or parents?" she asked after a long silence. "Our dad left us a little while after you were kidnapped and our mom died a little while after Paige was born." Prue answered. "Wait, I was kidnapped?" Piper asked. "Yeah..." Phoebe said sadly.

"Do you know who... or why?" she asked. "We never found out, infact we thought you were dead until... very recently actually." Prue said. "How did you find me?" Piper asked curiously. The girls all looked at each other trying to think of something but Leo spoke up. "I saw you in Starbucks and heard the guy at the counter say your name. You had the Halliwell hair and brown eyes so I thought maybe... Figuring out that you were an orphan made it that much more clearer." He said.

"How did you find out I was an orphan?" Piper asked. "I did some digging, I work for South Bay Social Services." Paige said. "Oh..." Piper said satisfied. They sat in silence for a few minutes before Piper started wondering what if they weren't right. "How can we be sure your right?" Piper asked. "We could take a blood test." Paige suggested. "Actually it would be better if you took it with Prue or Phoebe because I would only be your half-sister."

"Can we do that cause I've been looking for my family for a long time and I really don't wanna get my hopes up and then we figure out I'm not..." Piper said. "Same with us." Phoebe assured her. "We need to have it arranged somehow, but I really have to get to work, I'm already on edge with my boss." Paige said looking at her watch.

"Yeah, Claire's gonna kill me if I don't finish my column." Phoebe said standing up. They traded off phone numbers and the sisters swore to call her when they got the test set up. Once they had left all Piper could do was sit on the couch and think. She never had figured out who Leo was to them exactly. Hum... I figure out who my sisters are and I think about the guy with them... she thought smiling. Knowing her luck though, if he wasn't family he would probably be married to one of them.

She couldn't believe this was happening. Not a day went by when she didn't think about who her family was, if she would ever find them, why they left her and here in this one day she might have found answers to all those questions. She smiled praying that these were the people, that they were her family because if they weren't she would probably never find them...

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