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Kai entered the living room at Tyson's house, where Max, Ray, and Mariah were all resting after their Beyblade practice for the day. Max was the first to notice him enter. "Hey, Kai! When did you get here?" He then noticed the look on Kai's face. "What's up? Is something wrong?" Kai nodded and then told all of them the whole story. "What! Tyson almost lost Dragoon!" Ray yelled out. Kai nodded. "And we almost lost Tyson…because of his link with Dragoon, he became very ill when Dragoon began to disappear." Mariah turned to face Kai. "Is he all right now?" Kai sat down next to Ray on the sofa. "Yeah, he's fine now. He's asleep and Hilary decided to stay up there with him." Ray sighed with relief. "At least he's all right…but how were the Saint Shields able to begin to place the seal? We never even saw any of them come around here." Kai looked down to the floor. "I'm not sure…but we need to keep our guard up from now on."

As she slept, Hilary began to have a strange dream. In this dream, she saw a girl that looked exactly like her, except she was a few years younger and, more importantly, her eyes were a bright blue color. The girl was being chased by a pack of wolves in a forest. One of the wolves, the leader, stood out from the others with his silver fur and sapphire-colored eyes. Suddenly, the girl tripped and fell to the ground. The wolves were just about to attack when, all of a sudden, a golden hawk with amber-colored eyes flew in and attacked the leader. The hawk then flew back and landed on the ground in front of the girl, as if to protect her. The silver wolf glared at the hawk, revealing a scar over his right eye from where the hawk had attacked him. He then howled loudly, which the other wolves knew to be a command to retreat. The entire pack ran back into the deepest part of the forest. The girl slowly walked over to the hawk. "You saved me…thank you so much. I'm forever indebted to you…anytime you need my help, I'll be here." The hawk made no sign of response, but the girl could see in his eyes that he understood everything she had just said. The hawk just flew off in the opposite direction of that the wolves took and headed to a nearby mountain range.

Hilary slowly opened her eyes as she heard someone calling her name. "Hilary? Hilary, wake up!" Hilary's eyes finally opened fully to see Tyson standing right in front of her, gently shaking her. "Oh…Tyson…?" Tyson looked at Hilary with a worried expression. "Are you all right? When I woke up, you were asleep and were moaning a lot…" Hilary looked away from Tyson. "I just had a dream…that's all…" She then looked back at Tyson and asked, "Are you feeling better now?" Tyson smiled. "Yeah, much better. Thanks for staying and watching over me, though." Hilary blushed slightly. "Oh…it was nothing…I'd do the same for anyone, you know…" Tyson nodded. "I appreciate it, anyway, Hilary. Anyway, we should go see the guys. Knowing them, they're probably worried sick about us by now." Hilary smiled and nodded. "Yeah, we should go." She stood up and followed Tyson into the living room, where the others were waiting.

Back at the Saint Shields' hideout, Koji walked into the main area, where Joseph and Mariam were sitting, having some sandwiches that Mariam had made for the whole group. Mariam was the first to notice Koji walk in. "Hey, Koji. I made us some sandwiches. You want one?" Koji shook his head weakly. Joseph noticed Koji's response and walked over to him. "Are you all right? You don't look so good." Koji sighed and said, "I failed…Dragoon escaped…" He then collapsed, extremely exhausted. Joseph caught him and laid him down on the floor. "What could have happened to make him this weak? We'd better tell Ozuma about this." Mariam's eyes opened wide. "Are you crazy? If Ozuma finds out Koji failed to seal away Dragoon, he'll be furious!" Joseph looked up at Mariam. "He's going to find out eventually, anyway. We might as well tell him now." Mariam sighed. "All right, you win. I'll go tell him. You stay here and keep an eye on Koji." Joseph nodded as Mariam walked out of the room. "All right, sis."

Just as Mariam had predicted, Ozuma became enraged when he heard the news of Koji's failure. He responded with a punch to the wall, which caused a large chunk of the wall to crumble under Ozuma's fist. "How could he have failed! Doesn't he know how important this mission is!" Mariam took a step back before answering. "Ozuma…he did his best. If you need proof, go see how worn out he is." Ozuma looked at Mariam. "What? He's exhausted?" Mariam nodded. "He said Dragoon escaped…and there's no way he could have done it on his own." Ozuma was now deep in thought after hearing this bit of news. "Could it be…? I'm going to Tyson's place…I think I know how Dragoon escaped. All of you stay here." Before Mariam could protest, Ozuma walked out the door.

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