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Chapter 16: When All Die… and Resurrect

Link and Zelda had been climbing higher and higher in the great tower and began thinking that it was endless, forever going up in the sky. It was when they at last reached a set of two large doors with carvings in them that seemed most unwelcoming; however, they had no trouble going through due to the sudden burst of courage that pushed them forward. They thrust themselves into the dark abyss in front of them.

When their eyes had adjusted to the sudden change of light before them, they noticed it was like a field of shallow water with shadows looming about in every corner. Link grabbed Zelda's hand and he stepped forward and prepared himself for any unexpected events. However, both of them jumped when they heard the thunderous voice that they had not heard in what seemed ages.

"So at last, it comes to this moment in this chamber."

Both their eyes darted over to where the echoing voice had come from and saw the silhouette of a rather large man. When he at last emerged from the complete shadows, they knew he was Ganondorf, the man that they had been long awaiting to set their revenge on. Link gripped his sword unconsciously, and he longed to draw it and run it through Ganondorf's heart. Link gritted his teeth and narrowed his eyes, thinking how he had tortured Zelda and that he was the cause of all the pain and all of the suffering of those who had lost almost everything in this terrible time.

"Stop glaring." Ganondorf chuckled.

"Why are you in such a good mood…?" Link said coldly ready to draw his sword.

"Your presence, as well as Zelda's, is very beneficial to me… Now I can claim the full power of what I had lost before. I possess only a fragment of it, and here are the other two who possess the final two fragments." He raised his fist, and as he did, a triangle glowed brightly on the back of his hand, "Behold the Golden Power, the Triforce!"

Link felt a warm sensation on the back of his hand and he quickly lifted it and saw a triangle glowing on the back of his hand as well and it was the same as Zelda as well. It was as if it were a dream, fragments of the Golden Power dwelt within Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf.

"I still won't let you have this power you desire!"

"Fool, if you keep it from me, this world will surely fall. The only way to bring it back is to touch the Triforce and wish for its salvation." He stated, "So I shall take hold of it and wish for my kingdom of eternal darkness and the power so none can defy me."

"I'd rather die than be subject to a fool who thinks he knows all." Slowly he drew his sword as it gleamed and he pointed the blade at Ganondorf, "I won't let you have that power!"

Link charged toward with a dash with his sword raised and ready to strike. As he charged forward, he let out a battle cry as you could hear the thumps of his footsteps splashing against the shallow water and echoing off into the shadows. His sword fell and as he swung it with all his might, Ganondorf drew from under his cape a sword of his own. When their swords collided, both shook horrendously until they broke each other's stances and attempted to strike when the other was defenseless, but it led only into another clash.

Suddenly a sharp sting of pain was felt across Link's side. He backed off gasping in pain and looked down at himself to find that blood was leaking down his side. Zelda shrieked in horror as she began to run toward Link, however he quickly held out his hand and screamed for her to stop. Even so, she still charged forward and held out her hand and unleashed a powerful light surge at Ganondorf. Her attack was in vain. He had countered it with his own shadow magic and froze her in one spot.

"Let her go!!!" Link screamed at the top of his lungs.

Ganondorf sneered at Link then looked toward Zelda, "You are indeed a strong boy, Link…" Ganondorf turned toward him once more, "But your heart for Zelda… is your softest point."

Link widened his eyes with anger as Ganondorf looked into Zelda's blue gaze with his piercing yellow eyes and shot his eyes open. Zelda had gasped for a moment before the spirit in her eyes had vanished and all emotion left her. Ganondorf freed her from being held frozen and she slowly turned toward Link. The look in her eyes struck the cord in Link's heart. It was someone he loved looking back at him like she didn't even know him. Link tried not to show his tender side, but he could not help the sweat run down the side of his brow. His bottom jaw shook and he inhaled deeply before speaking in a low and slow voice toward Ganondorf.

"What have you done to her…?" It could be heard his voice was shaking at the sight of Zelda.

"She is under my control, as she was for five years." He started, a sneer coming across his face, "Her power is mine now!" He sent forth his hand as Zelda charged forward toward Link, "Now obey my will, and slay Link!"

Link's hand wielding the sword only shook. He could not raise it to block her, or throw her off, he just couldn't let his sword of cold metal touch her. His blue eyes shimmered with sadness as Zelda continued to blindly charge forward, moving her hands to the side as if preparing an attack. At last tears began to run down Link's bruised cheeks and Zelda had come at him with her powerful magic attack only the sages could unleash. He flew back from the wave of light, still clinging onto his sword. He slid along the ground, face down in the shallow water. It's coldness had brought him back from unconsciousness, but he only awoke to still see Zelda controlled.

As she walked to him, he could see Ganondorf behind her enjoying every bit of this moment. Link arose and stumbled a bit, but held his ground. Once again, she charged forward, this time forming a short blade out of energy in her hand. Sooner or later, Link felt another stinging pain far worse than Ganondorf's blade and stumbled to the ground growing dizzy. He grunted in pain as he looked up to find Zelda above him, staring down at him with the same look.

His heart shattered.

As she kicked him in the stomach, tears flew from him and he landed on the ground once more. He glanced up at her, to see her still approaching him. Link had to use his sword to balance himself and by the time he had stood up again, she was already upon him. Once again, Zelda swung her blade, but Link had managed to block it, however, his eyes were swollen red at the same time while Zelda's carried no emotion whatsoever.

"Zelda, can you not see?!" Link said in a loud voice, shaking as his tears fell. His voice broke when he spoke to her again, "Do you see why I'm not striking you…? Zelda…"

Her mouth shifted as Link smiled and as he gazed down at her, still holding his blade against hers, "I love you…" Link said solemnly toward her.

As if those words affected her, which they had, her eyebrows arched upward and her bottom jaw shook and the evil glaze over her eyes began to fade into the eyes her love knew. Tears began to go into her eyes as Ganondorf stared in bewilderment, he knew not why his spell had been broken. After many attempts to bring her back on his side, Zelda flew her arms around Link and tightly embraced him, spotting his own blood on herself. Link had dropped his sword at his side and embraced her in return.

"I'm sorry... Zelda… you shouldn't be going through all this…" He said, as tears trickled down his face.

"Don't apologize, Link… you don't…" A groan of pain left her as she spoke her last words, "…need to…"

She had collapsed in his arms. Link jolted his eyes upward to see Ganondorf had struck her in the back. Chills went down Link's spine as he glanced down at Zelda and fell to his knees as she fell. Link looked up with anger and picked up his sword and swung his sword at Ganondorf. He had jumped backward, however, and after a short few clashes Link had cut off his hand. Even so, Link did not take pride in that moment as Ganondorf knelt on the ground screaming. Instead, he flew back to Zelda and in desperation he lifted her head off the ground.

"No…" He muttered, "Wake up… Zelda… please… wake up…"

To his light relief, her eyes slowly drifted open, but she was inhaling and exhaling sharply as she remained in his arms. Eventually, that had faded but he could only feel her getting weaker and weaker. Link smiled for a split second when she had opened her eyes… he was in denial… she was dying…

"L-Link…" She stuttered.

"Lay still…" He said, "You'll be okay… I'm going to rescue you…"

"You already did…"

Link began to let out sobs and shed tears over her. It was the first Zelda had ever seen him cry like this and she longed to comfort him, "Where will I be without you…?" Link asked, "Where will I go without you living here beside me…?"

"I'll always live on…" She said lifting her hand to his chest, where she could feel his soft heart beating. Her eyes drifted from her hand to his eyes and she smiled at him, "I'll live on as long you keep me here…" She then lifted her hand to his cheeks and wiped both of them to dry his tears.

It was from there when Zelda's hand suddenly fell from Link and her eyes drifted closed. Link felt the warmth leave her body and suddenly she grew heavier. Tears blinded Link's eyes as the image of Zelda blurred before him. He buried his face on her and bawled over her body. He kissed her on the cheek and kissed her on her hands and stroked his thumb against her cold, pale face.

"If she was to defy me…" Ganondorf started, "Then she is of no use to me any longer…"

He lifted his face from her, glaring as he looked up at Ganondorf. The sight of Link's eyes could frighten even the strongest warriors. No like his had existed since the Age of Darkness began, his piercing gaze glowed with a fierce flame of vengeance. He had gently set Zelda on the ground, eyes still red from crying and he picked up his sword and looked glared at Ganondorf.

He noticed that the triangle on the back of Ganondorf's hand began to glow and just then, a dark energy formed around what once was his hand and when it had faded, another hand had appeared, as if nothing had been severed from him. He turned toward Link and sneered. All Link could see was red. He let out a cry of anguish and charged after Ganondorf, screaming out of anger. Link's blows were far more fierce now, and he struck harder and harder. Sparks flew from the blade as he was thrown back from Ganondorf's sword, however, he his being struck back had turned into a flip and he parried is attack with ease.

No matter how the battle went, Link would always let out his screams of anger. His thoughts of Zelda led to tears flying from his eyes and his burning resentment toward Ganondorf grew and grew. However, Link's emotions got the better of him and the evil man had at last struck him in the face with his large fist and knocked him against the ground. Link attempted to get up, but he had only struggled to the ground once more. Just then, Ganondorf had lifted him by his left hand, causing a sharp pain to run through Link's arm; it felt as though it was to tear off.

"Now bring together the power that was lost! May the goddesses' power come forth!" Ganondorf said before raising his right hand above him.

Hope was drained from Link and his eyes were still in a daze from being hit to the ground so hard. Light from the triangle shown on Ganondorf's hand, then on Link's, and finally from the lifeless Zelda who still lay on the ground. The world began to shake as the golden fragments arose from the bearer's hands and drifted upward in and a flash of light occurred when all three crashed together, causing another tremor.

In a moment when the light had faded, a glorious object of gold appeared in the air as the black roof above it began to cave in and reveal the sun's rays above the clouds. Ganondorf had dropped Link to the ground as if he were a doll, letting out shrieks of joy and smiling upon what he had unleashed. This was the power that was disturbed that caused the breaking of the world, the Golden Power, the Triforce.

"He who touches it… his wish shall be granted…"

By chance, Link was near Zelda and he had begun to come back to his senses. He crawled over her, dragging his sword next to him and cradling her in his arms, protecting her from being crushed from the falling blackness. The shining gift of the goddesses descended slowly down to the ground of water. Link looked at Zelda once more and then at the Triforce. This was the thing she was destined to protect. Ganondorf had raised his hand and called forth his desires when the Golden Power had come to the ground and it's brightness and magnificence was reflected in the pureness of the shallow water.

"Goddesses, hear my call!" Ganondorf projected, "Make this world fit for my rule, bring it to chaos and darkness! Grant me the power which match yours!"

Now he slowly approached it, still with his hand out. Link watched and weakly got up, raising his sword, he could not let this world be brought to chaos. He weakly went to a trot and rand after Ganondorf and struck him with his sword, but his opponent had caught hold of his arm and struck Link with his knee. Link grunted in pain as Ganondorf continued forward.

After spitting out blood, Link gave an irritated glance toward Ganondorf and charged at him with his sword raised above his head. He had struck him, this time taking his whole arm, the one he was to used to touch it. Link then continued forward and he stumbled on the Triforce and once he had touched it, he looked up at it and then called forth is desires.

"Goddesses, I beg of you!" Link said, tears beginning to fill his eyes, "I desire hope! A new hope to spare this land and bring it out of its despair and this terrible fate! End the Age of Darkness, if nothing else!"

Link had glanced at Zelda, still with his hand upon the smooth plates of the Triforce. It then had given out a soft glow and arose to the sky and broke apart, dispersing into nothing. The world shook even more and lightning began to strike from below in the clouds. Link hurried to Zelda as everything grew bright around him. The last thing he heard before he was shrouded in light was Ganondorf screaming.

He held Zelda close to himself as close as possible. When all seemed calm around him, Link opened his eyes and noticed he seemed to be standing on clouds in the middle of the blue sky. He gently placed Zelda on the ground and walked forward, Master Sword in hand. The wind blew his bangs gently across his face, but he had stopped when he had heard a rumble of thunder. Suddenly, a demon of fire arose from the clouds, much larger than Link himself. He stared in surprise as the demon before him spread its wings and presented himself as if to intimidate.

"I… will never die, Link…" It said in a low growling voice.

Ganondorf had become a demon, using the last bit of the energy of the Triforce of Power he still possessed. He wielded a chain of fire and he possessed leering eyes that could intimidate all. They glowed with a fire of fierce fire of anger and gleaming embers leaped from his body. However, one arm was still missing from the terrible beast, but that certainly did not weaken him as much as Link desired.

Link, gulping, took up his sword and prepared a stance, sweat rolling down the side of his forehead. He exhaled, taking a deep breath and gathering up his courage. "I have to go to the end…" he thought, "For the world's sake… as well as hers…" He ran forward as his gleaming sword glistened in the light shed from the flaming beast. However the chain of fire was swung and Link was forced to run to the side away from the demon. He attempted to strike again but now the chain was wrapped around Link's body, and he was thrown down.

He now lay with his back facing up, and hearing the thunder and fierce winds from below. His body felt as if it was to tear apart or crumble to the ground. Link looked up at the flaming demon, hope leaving him, but he still stood up, stumbling a bit.

"It seems the boy is suffering…" Ganondorf said seemingly to himself, "I shall end your misery… and your memories…"

He spread his wings and moved the chain to one hand and held out the other as a glowing black orb began to form. Link stared helplessly as streaks of darkness spread from it and surrounded him as he tried to shield himself. However, all went dark and his pain vanished for a moment.

Pain was now absent to Link's body and he was still and comfortable. He opened his eyes and found that he was in Einan's house and in his soft mattress with a lovely feather pillow. He looked at his hands and touched his face. For a moment, Link remembered everything, but from the moment he woke up the memories vanished.

"It was a dream?" He said to himself softly.

"Link!" A voice called from the other room, "It's time for breakfast!"

"Coming, Gramps!" Link called as he crawled out of bed and headed toward the other room.

He slipped on his boots and entered to where Einan was. He had already a spread of breakfast before them on the table. Link sat down licking his lips with admiration. It was his favorite.

"Oh, Gramps… What's with the sudden good breakfast? How could you afford this?"

Einan shrugged his shoulders and began stroking his long white beard, "Fortune came to me, I guess. Now finish your breakfast, we'll be heading toward the mines soon. That idiot Ganondorf is still looking for the Golden Power."

Link nodded and took up his fork before he was distracted. He thought he had heard a familiar voice of a woman coming from the other room, where his bed lay. He sat for a while, experiencing he feeling of emptiness. He shook his head and began consuming his breakfast with haste.

When they had gone to the mine, Link could somehow imagine things that he did not understand. Something was missing now and a void was within his mind. Link worked with unease and he was troubled. When Einan had gone back to the house, Link had insisted that he go and "meet someone." For he thought he was being expected by someone for some reason. He walked above the mine and onto a grassy surface where the fields were visible. No one was there.

"I thought… Someone would be here…" He said flatly.

Just then a gentle breeze blew and rustled the leaves of the great and massive tree behind him. He turned quickly as if it was something he had never heard before and the wind only gained in strength. The wind spoke to him, calling him by name, and its voice changed into the same voice he heard from his home.

"Who's calling me?" He said darting his head around.

Suddenly when he had turned around, he met eyes with a beautiful young woman with flowing golden hair and eyes blue as the sky, glistening as the sun. He widened his eyes with shock and found her so familiar… suddenly her name hit him.


She only let out a smile and walked toward him. She stared at him for a while as Link gazed at her in return and experienced once again his emotions of love toward her. At that moment, even though it seemed he had never seen her, he felt peace when he was around her. She lowered her head in shame and tears fell from her eyes. Link, baffled, walked toward her and lifted her toward him, cupping her chin in his palm. Cold tears fell to his hand as she stared at him with misty eyes.

"I'm sorry, Link…" She said, her voice ringing as bells, "I'm sorry I'm not there for you…"

"What do you mean?" Link said baffled.

"Before we went to Ganondorf's tower… I had a dream…" She started, "A dream where it was revealed to me the secret of defeating him… however, it left my mind… and I could not remember in time to save you… I'm sorry…

"The incantation to banish Ganondorf forever is 'En na mir me Ackt un Allure… Teneè…' It means in the ancient Hylian language, 'In the name of Love and Light… Be gone…'"

"Zelda… I don't understand you…"

Zelda suddenly flew into his arms, bringing Link to surprise and tears fled from her eyes. She was cold to him, no warmth came from her body, it was as though she was dead.

"I mean to tell you so much… I… I love you too…"

Link's eyes were wide with shock as she spoke those words to him. Everything was all so sudden for him, he almost seemed overwhelmed by it all. She let go of him and backed away as the wind began to act up once more and in the midst of the leaves and chills, she vanished as a spirit. Link reached out toward her as if wanting something more from her. When he lowered his hand he began pondering his words and searching his memories. Trying to recall everything pained him and he closed his eyes as he could hear the voices of people he could not find familiar. However, when he saw an image of an owl, the veil between memories was rolled back and he looked up, opening his eyes.

"Those voices… I remember!"

The darkness surrounding Link's body loosened and Link broke free from being entangled and he beheld the flaming demon once more.

"What…?!" It cried, "Why did he break free? How could he break free?!"

Link smiled as if in amusement; pride appeared in his eyes once more and he stared with confidence. He tightened his grip on his blade and looked upon the demon, tears once again filling his eyes, but now tears of joy. In a moment hope had returned… he knew who he was… who he was destined to be… he was the Hero meant to bring peace to Hyrule. In the midst of light he could see Kaepora Gaebora flying about and he could hear his voice in his mind.

"Now, Hero! Now your true self is revealed, with the Master Sword, call forth the incantation!"

Link raised his sword above his head and called with all his strength, "En na mir me Ackt un Allure… Teneè!!!"

Silence was present for a short while, but the Master Sword glowed brightly so no human eyes could behold it and swirls of light had surrounded the flaming beast and the demon, Ganondorf cried out in pain as he was being engulfed in what was never a part of him. A wall of fire spread and went past Link, but he was protected by the shield of the Master Sword.

From the tower, a beam of light shot upward and spread like a blanket covering the land. As it spread, the sky once again turned blue and the clouds dispursed and the sun peeked through once more. Lightning vanished and the grass once again turned to a beautiful green. Mist and shadow vanished, being replaced by light and clearness. Light shown through the tower and through the windows… it had even shown down on Ralph, who lay lifeless with his sword placed by his hand… seeming to comfort him.

There was a flash of light and Link now stood on top of the tower with small orbs of light descending as snow. Link was amazed at what he beheld as he lowered his sword… the evil Ganondorf… was at last gone. He looked and saw the sun's rays breaking the clouds and falling on the land once more. From the orbs' light, it seemed that his pale skin was glistening in the sunlight. However, his thoughts turned toward Zelda, and he had found her still lying there… as if nothing had touched her. Link. sheathed his sword and rushed toward her and lifted her head from the ground to cradle her once more. He looked upon her and found that she was truly free, and she appeared as an angel to him, her skin seeming to glow as well. He had heard flapping of wings and Link quickly lifted her head from her and found that Kaepora Gaebora had landed and took the form of a human.

"It is over, Hero…" He said, "Now is not the time to grieve…"

Link looked at Zelda and beheld her gently closed eyes and dulled lips. How could he not mourn for her? However, he was once again interrupted by his voice.

"Hold her to you…" He said gently, "She is bound to you…"

Link looked to her once again and set his lips upon hers as Kaepora Gaebora held out his hand and it was surrounded by a glowing aura. Link felt her smooth and gently carved lips turn warm and her hair lost its frailness and her body now warming his. He lifted himself from her to see her blue, sparkling eyes looking up at him smiling. Link had not realized it but joy was now trickling down his cheeks and his mouth was now gaped open. Zelda rubbed her hand against the side of Link's cheek.

"Link…" She said softly.

"The prophesies have now been fulfilled…" Kaepora Gaebora said backing off and disappearing with sparkles falling to the ground, "My task is done… may you live your lives together in peace now… and rule Hyrule together…"

When he had vanished Zelda sat herself up and allowed Link to take her completely in his embrace. She set her arms upon his and could feel his warm breath as he whispered into her ear,

"It is over…"

From the sky, they heard a call from a gull from the nearby sea. They looked up to it and saw the seagull they both had seen when they were apart... it flew overhead celebrating the coming of the new age as it drifted upon the wind through the renewed world…

The End…


The Legend of Zelda: Age of Darkness


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