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- - - Headlines: A Hollywood Romance- - -

-Chapter One: The Burning Passion. . . Burns Out-

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Look! Look!"

"EEEEEEEK! Oo- I have to get it! I absolutely HAVE to buy it!"

"Hands off, Eri! It's mine!"

"Like hell! I saw it first! Ayumi- tell her!"

"Yuka, Eri- stop fighting over it! No- stop tugging! You guys, it's gonna ri- - -!"


The three teenage girls stared blankly down at the ruined magazine, Yuka and Eri still clutching the remains of the glossy cover and inside pages. An employee glanced over at them, an angry look in his eyes, but the teens hastily waved it off, informing him that they would pay for it. He nodded, returning his attention to his own copy of the same magazine. Then he was promptly forgotten about.

Scooping up the rest of the newest 'People', Ayumi sighed with a roll of her eyes. "You guys, now there's only one left. . . You can't tear another copy."

The other two made indignant noises in the back of their throats. "I didn't tear the first one!" Yuka insisted. "Eri did!"

"Wha- - -?! I did not!"

"Oh yes, you did! Just like you ruined the one that came out three months ago- the one that was dedicated to Kagome and Inu-Yasha's vacation in the Caribbean!"

"Yeah? And I'm supposed to believe you after you stole my addition containing the articles on Kagome and Inu-Yasha's secret sex life?"

"I did not steal it! Your dog ate it!"

"He didn't! He loves Inu-Yasha, just like me! He always barks when he comes on screen- that's why I named him 'Inu-Yasha'!"

"You're pathetic!"

"And you're just jealous that you own a cat!"

Yuka and Eri exchanged heated glances, each darting out a hand to grab the last issue- - -

Before all hell broke loose again.

Ayumi sighed and shook her head before deciding it was best to stay out of their way. Leaning against the magazine racks and waiting for her best friends' squabbles to die down, she glanced at the headlines of the torn copy. 'Oooo. . .' A smile formed on her lips as her eyes widened. 'Newest Hit of the Summer: The much awaited opening to the hottest romance film of the year, Red as the Rose: A Tale of Burning Passion, is scheduled in two weeks. Already all of Japan is clamoring to talk to Hollywood's sexiest couple- Kagome Higurashi and Inu-Yasha Takahashi- who star together in this, their most recent of a whopping 34 romance films. Article continued on page 15. . .'

Chancing a furtive look at her friends to make sure they were still. . . busy. . . ., Ayumi flipped the magazine open and continued reading, never guessing what was going on at the shoot at that moment. . .


"Oh, my dear sir," a shapely young woman cooed, a delicious blush staining her cheeks as she flicked her long, glossy midnight locks over her shoulder, fluttering a delicate fan as well as her eyelashes. "It is wrong of you to suggest such things from a maiden such as myself. . ."

"Pray, how can I not? Even if you are, as you say, a maiden. . . " a handsome man in his mid twenties replied with a tiny quirk upon his lips, his fangs glittering in the soft light of the candlelit room. "And how can you, my dear, be a maiden, as you claim? I refuse to believe it. One as lovely as you. . ." His hands darted to her thigh, running a finger gently over the gauzy nightgown- the one of iridescent red that he had bought for her in scene 10. "I doubt. Are you pulling the truth, lovely Rose- stretching it? Are you a maiden- but only in mind? Is it even possible that you- astonishing lady- are one in body?" He leaned a bit closer, their breath mingling as she began to tremble with need. "Better yet- perhaps you are a 'maiden', as you claim, but only in one aspect of the term. . ." He smirked, sliding another hand down her body, which was stretched lazily out like a cat's on its side. "Which is it? Body or mind, my goddess?"

"Why, in both, my good sir," she giggled coyly, deftly smacking the man's taloned fingers away from her soft skin. He ignored the playful protest, however; joining her on the soft love seat as the wind blew through the open porch doors, making the silky maroon curtains dance while the tropical sun sank in the background. "In both. Though, if you were to ask if I'd like to be a maiden anymore, my answer would be quite different."

"Oh. . . ?" he chuckled as he lifted her dainty hand to his lips, pressing soft kisses upon its back- then its palm, and then slowly trailing his tongue up her arm until his lips were attached to her shoulder. "Let us say I did ask then. . . what would your answer be?"

"So foolish. . ." she moaned as he began nibbling the flesh of her neck, his lips slowly finding their way up to hers. He paused when their mouths found the other- his arms wrapping around her waist as her own wound themselves around his neck; her left leg looping his hips. "I would answer 'no'. . ." She smiled shyly, her deep blue eyes hooded sensually- - -

Until he attacked her lips with his own, pressing her down upon the cha- - -

"All right! Cut!"

"Thank God!" both actors cried, leaping apart so quickly that if one blinked, they would have missed it. "UGH!"

"Gross!" the girl groaned without missing a beat, a look of utter disgust finding its way onto her pretty face as she ran a stiff hand down her arm. "You slobbered all over me!"

"Believe me, I didn't want to!" the man spat, venom laced in his voice as he began rubbing at his own clothes, as if trying to rid himself of cooties. "But I have to follow the damn script, don't I?!"

"Why can't Kikyo ever do these scenes for me?" Kagome whined to no one, hopping off of the seat and shivering with hate, glaring icily down at the man still sitting upon it. "Heaven knows it'd help her career!"

"Ha! Kagome, if she had me, then YOU'D have no career YOURSELF, darling," he smirked smugly, one of his famous doggy ears flicking casually.

Kagome's blood burnt as her lips curled in a sneer. He was right- - - and she hated it. But it was a two sided coin. . . "I could say the same for you, Inu-Yasha."

He scowled and crossed his arms, getting to his feet and leering at her. "Listen, bitch- - -"

"No, YOU listen!" she growled, jabbing him in the chest with a finger. "I don't need to take any crap from you! Not now, and not eve- - - !"

"All right, all right you two! Break it up!" a brisk, female voice snapped, followed by the sigh of another man. "We don't have time for this today!"

"Do we ever have time for it though, Sango, dear?" the one beside her rolled his twilight violet eyes, shaking his black-haired head.

The magenta orbed woman frowned, tightening her high ponytail of chestnut hair. "Don't call me 'dear'."

"Sorry, dear."

"Miroku!" Inu-Yasha barked, making the second male jump. "Remove that- that THING from my sight!" He snarled down his nose at Kagome.

"Inu-Yasha, please- try to be civil," Miroku blew out his cheeks, sounding a bit exasperated as he turned his attention to his client. "And Miss Higurashi is not a 'thing'- she is a lady."

"Keh. My ass."

"Is huge. . . ?"

"Shut up, THING."

"Why you- - - !"

"Kagome, why don't you come with me to your dressing room?" Sango interrupted, quickly grabbing her employer's shoulders and pushing her off the set. "I have a surprise for you."

But even the promise of a surprise wasn't enough to keep Kagome from glaring at Inu-Yasha from over her agent's shoulder, sticking out her tongue as the hanyou actor gave her the bird.

"Inu-Yasha. . . behave," the ebony haired male warned under his breath.

"No way," the actor grinned, amber eyes glittering with mischief. "No one likes a good boy."

"No one likes a bad one, either." He arched an eyebrow, nudging his head pointedly toward the retreating backs of the females. Inu-Yasha snorted.

"KAGOME doesn't count as an opinion," he drawled, loosening the tie around his neck and allowing his old fashioned suspenders to fall from his shoulders, lazily circling his rear a la Tom Sawyer.

"Whatever," Miroku gave in with a wave of his hands. It wasn't worth starting an argument. Not now. Not when he knew one was just on the horizon, anyway. . . "Let's go. We've got something to discuss, too." He began to trek towards Inu's own changing room, holding back a sigh.

"Oh, goodie," the hanyou snickered. "Did Sango beat you up again?"

"I wish," he murmured dreamily before shaking his head, missing the sudden look of disgust on Inu's face. "Now, shut up and follow me."


"I got the part already? Without even having to audition?!" Kagome squealed, excitement bursting to life inside her azure orbs.

"Yep!" Sango grinned, handing the girl a thick script. "And it's supposed to be the coolest show to hit the big screen in a long time- a guaranteed hit! And that's without you in it! But with a star like you, it's bound to pull in at least five million yen opening day!"

"Wow. . ." Kag cooed, running a hand over the top page. "But- what about Red as the Rose?"

"Pth- you're done with it! Today was the last shoot, remember? You can devote all your time to this movie, now!" Sango beamed, almost laughing as her client grew more and more excited before her very eyes. She knew how much Kagome enjoyed new parts, new roles. . . And this was her biggest break through yet.

Now there was just one, tiny little detail she had to address- to somehow sneak into the conversation. . .

"Hmm . . . A Feudal Fairytale. . ." Kagome was muttering to herself, flipping open the first page. "Ooo! I know this story! My mama used to tell it to me when I was a little girl! I loved it! And I was always so happy- because the heroine and I shared the same name!"

Ooo- perfect time to lace this in.

"Amazing- oh! And you know who else shares a name with one of the main characters?" Sango attempted to add nonchalantly. "In- - -"

But Kagome obviously wasn't paying attention.

'Damn. One plan foiled.'

"Wow! I can't believe they're making this into a movie!" the actress gushed. "Oh my God! They gave Kikyo a part? Kikyo, my stunt woman? She'll be so happy- I'm so proud of her! And- Ooo, look!"

"You know who else got a part, Kagome? Inu- - -"

"I can't wait to start shooting!" she continued to bubble, oblivious to the rest of the world until a question crossed her mind. "But- wait. . . Sango- chan," she looked up, blinking innocently. "Who's going to be my co-star? Hojo Ketsuki, maybe? Kouga Ookami?"

Well- now or never.

"I was hoping you'd ask," the elder woman smiled, gluing on her most cheerful, excited, persuasive grin. "Those men were both considered and yes- they did get parts- but the writers decided to give you someone. . . more special. More popular. Someone they thought you'd be more comfortable with."

"Oh? Who?" Kagome crossed her legs perkily; all ears as she spun around on her makeup chair, beaming at her agent as she turned away from the mirrors that covered the walls opposite the door. "Please, tell me!"

'Keep calm- keep calm- she won't kill you, that'd be bad for her publicity! . . . Well, at least, it'd be negative publicity. . .' "Why, Inu-Yasha Takahashi, of course!" Sango chirped, crossing her fingers for luck behind her back.

Kagome's face darkened within an instant.

So much for luck.

"Yup! And isn't it ironic?" the brown haired lady continued to babble, all smiles as she tried her best to sell this proposition. "He was named after a character in the legend, too- he's even a half-demon! You guys will look perfect on screen together, and- since you already sound so excited- shall I tell everyone you'd love to play the part?"

. . .


. . .

"Kagome, are you o- - - ?"


"NO WAY IN FUCKING HELL!" two voices screamed at the top of their lungs, accompanied by identical door slams as Sango and Miroku landed on their rears in the hallway, just outside their star's corresponding dressing room doors.

. . .

They blinked at one another, before grinning widely and helping the other to their feet.

"Well?" the female pressed, cocking her head as she dusted off her business suit. "What'd he say?"

"Inu-Yasha's. . . ecstatic already," Miroku announced smoothly, chuckling as Sango nodded emphatically.

"Kagome, too," she informed happily. "She's positively. . . bursting with excitement."

Along with other emotions. . .

Hey- fame wasn't always an honest business. Sometimes, you had to bend the truth a bit. All right, a lot- but it wasn't any worse than what they did down at the printing presses. . .

"Well, then?" he beamed, offering his arm as random curses and banging sounded from inside each performer's locked door. "Shall we go inform the director of their decision?"

"I believe we shall," Sango agreed breezily, taking the extended limb with a certain edge of dignity before waltzing down the halls with Miroku, ignoring the angered yells from Kagome and Inu-Yasha.

Let the fun begin.




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