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- Headlines: A Hollywood Romance-

-Chapter Thirteen: Take Me Home Part II-

Silence was a funny thing. It could be light and casual, like a summer breeze that gently caressed your cheeks at the beach. It could be cold, harsh, foreboding- similar to a winter storm. It could be warm and loving, doing a rather good imitation of a crackling fire.

Or it could be as it was now- stunned. Blank. Simply. . . silence. And nothing more.

Kagome and Inu-Yasha stared flatly while that aforementioned silence blanketed everyone on the Feudal Fairytale set- each crew member, each stage hand, each actor, each double, each member of the authorities. As they gazed, they felt their faces pale, their jaws clench, their fingers ball into tight fists- ignoring the penetrating glances that pierced them from all angles. And then- one of the two locked in handcuffs smiled, chinking the metal bindings with an unnatural glitter of amusement in his eyes.

"Hiya, Inu-Yasha- Miss Kagome!" Miroku grinned cheekily, thoroughly enjoying being chained next to Sango, stuck beside her near the fake Goshinboku. "Surprised?"

Kag gaped wordlessly, tears of fury and confusion burning her eyes. "S-Sango-chan. . . ?" she breathed, feeling her knees give a tremble as her own agent smiled at her, lifting a hand in silent greeting. "But- but how? Why. . . ? Why- ARE YOU ALL LAUGHING!"

Joining Inu-Yasha in a single, long, low, primitive growl- the actress whipped her head angrily around to glare at the hundreds of howling faces, each one nearly crying from mirth. Catching the fact that Inu was just as bewildered as she from the furious expression on his face, Kagome began to stomp her foot painfully, trying to catch the amused fools' attention. "HEY!" she screeched, beyond enraged. "I'M TALKING HERE! LISTEN UP AND TELL ME WHAT IN HELL'S NAME IS GOING ON!"

"Well, which would you rather us do?" Sango snickered, easily slipping the handcuffs off her wrists (ignoring Miroku's whimper of a sigh). "Listen to you bitch or tell you what's going on?"

"I- ah. . ." Kagome fell silent, white face slowly turning red in her embarrassed fury. Inu-Yasha continued to stand quietly beside her, evidently so pissed off that words could not express him properly. His purpling face did a pretty good job of that task, though. "Oh- shut up and speak!"

"Queen of contradictions, aren't you?" Miroku clucked his tongue lightly, straightening his dress shirt's lapel as he, too, removed his restraints. "Yes. . . Actually, that's what got you into this mess in the first place, isn't it?" He smiled jovially, light-hearted glee further puzzling the poor girl. Noticing her distress, Kikyo sighed and stepped out of the throng- placing a hand on her friend's shoulder.

"It's quite simple, really," she then began, leaning against Kagome as if the world-famous star was simply a pole to rest on. Though with the current stiffness of her body, she would make a rather good one. . . "For the past few years- ever since you became who you are today, really- you've been verbally refusing anything and everything to do with Inu-Yasha, even though you work together so frequently."

"Right!" Jakotsu chirped, jumping up and down in the crowed to get noticed- waving a hair curler like a flag. He succeeded in his attempts for attention, beaming as everyone turned their head towards him. "And what really made that horrible- apart from the insanely loud fights and the tension that caused some SERIOUS acne problems for your skin, Inu-honey-"


"- Was that we all knew you were still in love with each other," the actor who played Sessho-Maru finished, tossing his silky silver locks over his shoulder with an urbane flick. Every other member in the huge crowd nodded fervently, grins as wide as the pacific ocean.

Kagome blinked.

Inu-Yasha followed suit.

"Wait. . ." the hanyou then grounded out, catching onto something slightly disturbing. "Still?" he echoed, taking a tentative step foreword- towards his soon-to-be-dead agent. "How did you know we'd been in love before. . . ?"

The pair smirked widely. And in reply they bowed deeply, each stepping to an opposite side and sliding a few feet away when the crowd began to part, and out stepped-

A beautiful woman in her mid twenties, reddish hair pulled into a sloppy, flower-adorned bun. Dressed in a crisp, white suit, she beamed brightly and re-adjusted her half-moon glasses. "Kagome!" she then greeted warmly. "Inu-Yasha! You're both looking well. . ."

Kagome- for a lack of anything better to do- blinked. Again. Inu-Yasha, on the other hand, allowed his slack jaw to drop nearly to his knees; golden eyes widening considerably. There was only one person who wore those ridiculous weeds in her hair. . ."A- Ayame!"

Ayame grinned wolfishly. "Yep!" she sang. "The one and only!" Tapping a lidded pen on the surface of the clipboard she was carrying, the mature young woman cackled. "I did this," she admitted, sounding rather proud. "I planned this whole thing. Sango and Miroku eagerly became my partners in crime, granted, but this whole scheme was mine and mine alone. I apologize if my tactics scared you, but admit it- you never would have responded to anything else."

Okay, she had a point. But that wasn't the issue here!

"Ayame," Inu-Yasha choked, tawny pools still unnaturally huge. "What the fucking hell are you doing here!"

"Oh, me?" Her cheerful smile brightened a few more watts. "I have to be here for a case like this! I'm the captain of this police squad!" Taking a moment to dig through her breast pocket, her manicured fingers quickly retrieved a leather wallet of sorts, flipping it open to reveal a shiny gold badge. She cocked her head, giggling with a wink. "Now I stalk bad guys and not just people who I think will help improve my love life."

Inu shivered unintentionally, flinching at the memory. But judging by the ring around Ayame's finger, things had worked out for her and Kouga in the end. That was good at least. . . he supposed. . .

"B-but why did you do this. . . ?"

Each head snapped automatically towards Kagome as the squeaking whisper fell from the woman's lips, barely loud enough to be heard. Ayame's expression suddenly softened, slipping her badge back into her pocket. Taking a few steps foreword- her high heals click-clacking softly on the floor- she placed a warm hand on her high-school classmate's chin in a gesture of remorse. ". . . To fix something beautiful that I had stupidly broken in my younger days." The police captain winked again. "That," she added perkily, "and all of your co-workers were beginning to complain- they couldn't take anymore! So we all worked together to formulate this fool-proof plan. And see? It worked! You two fools fell for it hook, line, and sinker!"

But as the rest of the observers began to applaud, Kagome and Inu-Yasha fell into that strange silence once more. That rather frightening silence. Ayame backed away instinctively as they stood their ground, coldly observing their surroundings until their eyes met the others'.

The clapping stopped within a second. Electricity seemed to bolt from their white-hot gazes, each second passing more tense than the last. Bonds made of will and pride frayed as the pair took in what had happened, and soon-

They snapped.

"THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" both roared simultaneously, pointing accusing fingers at the other. "ME?"

"This was totally YOU"! Kagome screamed, face flushed magenta with the force of her temper.

"I REPEAT- ME!" Inu-Yasha scoffed loudly. "YOU made me fall for it!"

"Oh yeah?" the girl snorted, crossing her arms defiantly as around them, demeanors began dropping- worry eating away at the joy in the others' eyes. "How so!"

The male smirked. "Stupidity's contagious, I guess. I must have caught it from you! Otherwise I would have smelt a trap right away!"

"The only thing ANYONE can smell around here is YOU! You STINK on SO many levels!"

"Really?" Inu sneered, mimicking the placement of her arms over her chest. Leaning tauntingly foreword, he frowned as she placed her hands on her hips and lowered her eyes to his level of view. "As if YOU should talk little miss Drown-The-World-In-Perfume!"

"What the? That was the STUPIDEST come back I've ever heard!"

"No it wasn't- this was: BLEAAAAAAAAH!" And yes, he even waggled his tongue.

Kagome's brow furrowed, left eye twitching. "You're a PIG."

His response was to grin smugly- the way he knew she despised. "So are you."

"Oh yeah!"


"Oh yeah!"


"Oh yeah!"




"You wanna finish this somewhere else!"


And the pair stormed out without another word to their audience, glaring openly as they snarled and spat- pushing their way through the crowd until they'd slammed their way past the studio door. Their loud, furious screams could be heard reverberating off the walls for miles around.

Everyone left on the set watched blankly as they left.

". . . Is that it, then?" Sango murmured, fingers lightly pressed to her lips in concern. "They're just gonna leave us here- with a million dollar lawsuit on our shoulders, at this rate- while they go off to-"


"-fight in the closet?" Kagome felt her lips curve into a small smirk, feeling a masculine warmth radiate from the body before her. Inu-Yasha's clawed hand slipped from the door knob, resting both his arms over her head and bending them slightly- leaning against the door so their noses brushed. The sweet scent of musty leather surrounded them as random coats and jackets cushioned their makeshift room.

Inu-Yasha returned the sadistic smile. "Why yes," he all but purred against her neck's pulse point. "I believe I proposed that we finish elsewhere. . . Yes?"

"Why yes, you did. . ." the girl replied lightly, an air of innocence around her. "But remind me- where were again?"

He chuckled, the rumbling of his chest when he did so tickling her own torso. Shivering deliciously at the sensation, she lightly closed her eyes. "If my memory serves me correctly, I believe we were about. . ." He paused a breath away from her lips, savoring the strawberry sweetness that seemed the radiate off of her in waves. "Here."

The space between them closed in an instant, the chasteness of the embrace slowly becoming tainted as arms and legs began to curl and intertwine, pulling the other as close as they could possibly be. . . Not wanting to let go.

Kagome had once asked him to take her home. He had, granted- but not in the way that she had wanted.

Until now.

She- and he- they were both finally home. And now that they had found their way back, they didn't ever want to leave again.


Miroku grinned happily. "Oh, don't worry. This isn't at all where things end. Why- they're changing as we speak. Their attitudes, their outlooks, their body positions. . ." He waggled his eyebrows suggestively, hoping his fellow agent would get the hint. The other workers did- and took this as their cue to begin departing, not in the mood to hear the pervert. . . get started.

". . ." Sango stared at him. ". . . What, do you have a sixth sense for sex or something?"

"Pretty much," he hummed, pleased with himself.

". . . You disgust me."

"Somebody has to!"




"Oh my God! Oh my God! Look! Look!"

"EEEEEEEK! Oo- I have to get it! I absolutely HAVE to buy it!"

"Hands off, Eri! It's mine!"

"Like hell! I saw it first! Ayumi- tell her!"

"Yuka, Eri- stop fighting over it! No- stop tugging! You guys, it's gonna ri!"


For the second time in only a few short months, the three teenage girls found themselves staring blankly down at a ruined magazine-Yuka and Eri, once again, the pair found clutching the remains of the bright cardstock cover and smooth inside pages. An employee glanced up at them at the sound, but once recognizing the little group for who they were, decided not to interrupt the little slice of hell that was about to presented to him in a hand basket. Instead, he'd make sure they paid for the damage later. With that thought in mind, he quickly returned to his own copy of the People magazine.

"Guys. . ." Ayumi sighed in deep irritation. "Come on! Now there's only one more copy left again!"

The other two made indignant noises in the back of their throats. "I didn't tear the first one!" Yuka insisted. "Eri did!" Woah. . . De ja vu.

"Wha! I did n!"

"GUYS!" the third snapped a little louder. "Please! We've already had this conversation before!"

"We have?" Eri faulted, glancing towards Yuka. In response, Yuka shrugged. "Um. . . Okay. . ."

"Seriously," Ayumi all but begged, carefully picking up the final magazine and- which a meaningful glare at the other two (who were beginning to snarl predatorily at the thought of letting the precious magazine slip from their grasp)- lazily allowing it to fall open to the Table of Contents, "can't we just SHARE a copy PEACEFULLY? For ONCE?"

The other two considered, glancing down at the remnants in their hands. The cogs in their mind gave a slow, painful turn.

". . ."

". . ."

". . . No," both replied decisively.

And with that they happily returned to fighting over the remains of the first magazine, promptly ripping it to properly mourned ribbons. Ayumi blew out her cheeks as the pair began to squabble about who ruined which picture and destroyed which article, falling back into their regular routine of 'well you did this!' and 'but you did that!' Why did she bother hanging out with them?

No matter. If they didn't want to share, that only meant more magazine for her!

Leaning comfortably against the magazine rack, she glanced down at the headline that had kept the media, forums, and entertainment shows buzzing like a hive of rabid bees (were there such a thing) for the past two weeks: 'A Storybook Ending to A Favorite Feudal Fairytale! Fans around the world are both crying in sorrow and laughing in merriment this month as the plans for Kagome Higurashi and Inu-Yasha Takahashi's wedding are announced. Yes, after years of steady dating, Inu-Yasha finally proposed on the set of their latest movie, surprising everyone in the movie industry. . . And no one more than Kagome herself. Interviews on page 24 - 47, with pictures of the engagement ring beginning on page 48. . .'

Chancing a furtive glance towards her friends to make sure they were still. . . busy. . . Ayumi flipped the magazine open and continued reading, never guessing what was going on beside her at that moment.

A happy couple- dressed in concealing, black, button-up jackets and dark glasses- was walking past, hand in hand; a spectacular diamond ring glittering on the finger of the woman with silky ebony hair. Smiling discreetly as her fiancée nudged her jokingly, rolling his eyes at the gaggle of teens at the magazine rack, she giggled- secretly pleased that, for once, the media had gotten their headline right.




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