Halo: Defenders' Fall

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AN: This story is a revised version of something I wrote about five years ago, and after I found it I realized it was choppy, rushed, and all around just plain out bad. So, here I am, rewriting. Defenders' Fall is set in the Halo world, but is an obviously non-canon work inspired by many things. Obviously, the main inspiration is the game Halo. The personal adventures and comic memories inspired by playing the game with friends write themselves. So I would like to thank all of the people involved in this story for their inspirations, and the fine folks at Bungie for bringing us all together. Enjoy. :)

Halo: Defenders' Fall


The year is 2662. Humanity, after years of fighting a losing battle with the Covenant, seemed destined to be annihilated. The SPARTAN project was a failure, each and every last subject meeting a gruesome death. While their efforts increased morale exponentially, in the end humanity was in the same hopeless situation, facing certain death against impossible odds. With all of their planets either conquered or glassed, it seemed as if it would end where it all began: Earth.

As humanity prepared itself for a final defense, hope was gone. Similar to watching a missile drop to the planet, the human race merely waited and watched, preparing to be smote into oblivion. But it never came. Soldiers looked to the sky, expecting motherships and nuclear warfare, and saw only clouds. Refusing to let their guard down, leaders from around the globe checked, double-checked and then triple-checked all of their radars, search devices, and spy modules, only to find nothing. Just before total victory, the alien gathering known as the Covenant had simply disappeared, as if it had never existed.

Earth had never had more joyous days. For truly the first time in the history of its existence, humanity loved one another as brother and sister, celebrating their good fortune and determination to survive. Nations shared intelligence and resources, worldwide economy prospered, and people of every shape, size, color, and religious background loved and accepted each other as they were. It was truly heaven.

However, as it happens so often, humanity destroyed its own perfection. It started out small. Smaller countries needed to expand, but the world was once again too small for its expanding population, so new planets were colonized and war-torn ones were rebuilt. Once this had transpired, humanity sought peace again, only to find jealousy and greed. Newer planets felt they were more important, and that the older planets needed to be done away with to preserve resources. Older planets saw this as an act of treason, and demanded something be done to keep the newer planets in check. All of these problems, unavoidably, found their ways back to Earth, making it a No Man's Land of intergalactic civil war.

It was during this time that people began to realize separation. Some sided with the new planets, saying that humanity thrived with change and it needed to lose the old to support the new. Some sided with the elder planets, arguing that they had survived this long and changing the normal order of things was too risky. Soon the differentiators split themselves into political "parties". There were debates. Arguments. Violence.

Fed up with the stubbornness of the elder planets, the newer planets decided to move forward, with or without the rest of humanity. They called themselves "Potentialists", and not long after seceding from Earth they elected a leader: Benedict Peak. Peak became the most socially acceptable leader since JFK; he was young and attractive, with a quick wit and wild ambition that awed men, enticed women and became the stuff of children's dreams. With his aspirations and work ethic, Peak quickly rose to the top of the Potentialist hierarchy. Despite his party's radical and violent ways, Peak radiated such confidence and charisma that even his enemies held him in high regard.

Due to the rise of the Potentialists, the authorities of the elder planets created their own political party. They christened themselves "Reclaimers," and used propaganda to brandish Peak and his Potentialists as threats to intergalactic peace. Instead of abiding by a single ruler, the Reclaimers decide to form their own Parliament, the members of which rule over the entire government.

As is the nature of politics, both sides had disagreed to such a degree that there became talks of war. Members of Parliament went missing, and the Potentialists were naturally blamed. Potentialists retaliated by acting as if they were being bullied by the Reclaimers. Earth became just as divided. Neighbors mistrusted each other, prejudices were formed, and the media did its best to worsen the situation even more. Humanity was tense, and everyone was waiting for the straw that broke the camel's back.

Eventually, it came. One August day, Benedict Peak and his closest advisors gathered to try and find a peaceful way to reconcile with the Reclaimers. Peak felt that their cooperation was required to ease tensions and cease the violence that had followed their petty rivalry. Perhaps, he suggested, the two forces could work together as they once had in an effort to create one solution to the problem that was the galaxy.

Then all hell broke loose. Dozens of soldiers, clad in the Reclaimer's blue-and-green color scheme, invaded Peak's estate and began coldly and efficiently eliminating everyone in the room. Benedict escaped with the help of his most trusted advisor, dashing out an underground tunnel as she stayed behind, clinching his escape as sniper rounds punctured her body.

It was Sylvia Peak. She was Benedict's wife.

As Peak emerged from the tunnel into a nearby stronghold, his grief overtook him. Normally a cool and calculating leader, the emotional and psychological trauma of watching his wife and advisors being shot down devastated him. An attempt on his life took those he loved most, and ironically he was the only survivor. The bright young leader, who had visions of "a happy tomorrow," had died. Peak's heart had become stone, and he claimed himself "The Sovereign" of the Potentialists.

The Sovereign's reign was cruel, uncaring, and merciless. He completely ignored the pleas of his people, focusing solely on obtaining revenge. Dressing his soldiers in red and orange to illustrate his anger and hate, Peak had become the galaxy's most feared individual in a matter of months.

Using Covenant technology, The Sovereign began teleporting his forces to weaker Reclaimer planets, conquering them in mere weeks. The Reclaimers were taken aback by Peak's mindless rage. Every diplomat sent for negotiations was sent back…missing everything from the neck down. Deciding nothing could be done to prevent the outcome, the Reclaimers dispersed as many of their forces as possible to defend the home soil.

And thus, the War for One began…

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