Here you go, another of my fics enjoy

Here you go, another of my fics enjoy!!!

Trust the night.

Serenity and Endymion stood on the balcony watching the beautiful fireworks. They were holding each other closely, afraid to let go of one another. Endymion let go of Serenity and got down on his knee. He held Serenity's hand.

"My Princess, will you marry me?" he asked. Serenity nodded and shouted 'yes' to her love. He placed a ring on her finger and kissed her hand. She threw her arms around her love and they fell to the ground. She was lying on top of him kissing his face as if there was no tomorrow. I left then to go to my ivory and white room. It was a nice room, but I would rather spend a night on my home planet where the sunny shone brightly every morning and my father came and we had breakfast.

That was a long time ago. I had been forced to leave to live in the 'Moon Kingdom' with it's fireworks and beauty. It wasn't the place I wanted to stay. I really liked all the other princesses, but I wanted something more. I wanted to have a love like Princess Serenity, to have men hanging on my arms as Minako. I wanted to have a loving relationship like the princesses of Neptune and Uranus. Even Rei and Makoto had loves in their lives.

It was only the princess of Pluto and I that felt uncomfortable here, but Setsuna had left a year ago to become a keeper of the Chronos. I was surrounded by people, yet I was in solitude. I never enjoyed the parties involving all the princes and princesses of the galaxy. They were full of people I didn't trust or really like. I walked out on to the private balcony of my room. A star shot across the sky.

"Shooting star in the sky, let my wish come true. Let me go to my love, who is pure and true." I whispered. I felt a breeze blowing on my skin, like at home. "Wait, there isn't any wind on the moon! No!" I shouted and the next thing I knew I was falling down to the ground.

Teaser! I am cruel. A very cruel, cruel person. I thought this up when I was trying to think what to do with 'Ruined Destiny' I once said I wouldn't juggle more than three, but I liked this sooo much that I came out with it anyway.

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