Chapter Eight

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"Come on, Ry, don't think that--"

"--but, Joey, listen - ever since the surgery things have been happening to me... weird things. I keep blacking out and having wierd dreams and blanking out when Malik talks to me. I'm scared, Joey... I don't want to die."

Joey looked at him seriously. "Listen, Ry. You can't let this affect you. You can't let anything Pegafuck does to you get to you. He's trying to kill us: but we can't let him get away wit' that. Listen, I'm sure it's all just a mental thing - yanno, mind over matter. That kinda stuff."

"I wish I could be as optimistic as you, Joey. I wish I could so badly. I admire that in you."

Joey nodded. "You just keep your chin up, 'kay?" He smiled reassuringly. "Marik an' Bakura'll be here soon, and you'll be saved."

"What about you and everyone else?"

Joey gave him a smile and a thumbs up. "Eh, we'll find a way out. Don't you worry."

"How far away are we now?" Bakura asked as he and Marik sat to rest in an alleyway. "I want to find Ryou already. We've been travelling for days..."

"I know," Marik said. "I think we're almost there. Once we get there, do you want to either break right in or sneak around?"

"What do you think?" Bakura retorted. "I want to break right in. I want Ryou back, and I want him back now."

"Patience, Bakura. Patience. Okay, we'll break in and break Ryou and Malik out... and then run, I guess?"

"No," Bakura corrected. "We kill Pegasus and all his men. I'm not about to let him get away with what he's done. He's hurt Ryou. And now he must pay."

"And what do you want to do about the others? Let 'em find their own way out?"

"We'll decide that once Ryou and Malik are safe."

Marik sighed. "Well, then let's start back up."


"Don't worry, Bakura. We'll find 'em."

Serenity awoke in a haze; her body hurt everywhere and nowhere at the same time. As she slowly eased her eyes open, she thought she had gone blind--again--at the blankness that engulfed her vision, but soon her sight returned enough to allow her to sigh in relief. It took a few more moments before she was finally able to make out the patterns in the ceiling tiles. Slowly, she sat up; her head was pounding and all she wanted to do was lay back down and go to sleep, but somrething in the back of her mind registered as incorrect. She forced herself to sit up and look around. At first, nothing seemed incorrect - she still had all her body parts attatched and nothing seemed to be growing out of her back. But something still felt wrong.

She looked at her hands; they seemed fine, but wait- why couldn't she move her fingers, and why did her skin look so... there was no other way to describe it... fused? The skin looked as if it had been melded together by hot wax, and it made it impossible for her to move her fingers. Serenity had to remind herself not to panic, that panicking would get her nowhere. It took many deep breaths as she tried to calm herself down.

Saddened hazel eyes gazed longingly at the door; oh how she wanted to run into her brother's arms and have him reassure her that in the end, everything would be okay. Serenity sighed and moved to lay down and wait to be taken back to the dungeons.

A soft voice interrupted her thoughts.


She looked over to the bed beside hers, and instantly remembered her promise. How long had Mokuba been awake?

"H-Hey, Mokuba... How do you feel?"

"Awful... My face and my whole body... I... I'm afraid to come out from under the blankets..."

Slowly she forced herself to stand, her thin frame dwarfed by the giant nightgown she had changed in to earlier. She placed a soft hand atop what looked to be Mokuba's shoulder. "I won't make fun of you. I promise."

There was a long pause of tense silence; Serenity could practically feel the apprehension inside her very chest as she waited for Mokuba to come out form beneath the covers.

"I'm scared..."

"Don't be. You'll be fine, I promise," she reassured quietly, tightening her grip on his shoulder.

At length, Mokuba sat up underneath the covers and pulled them down, exposing his face. Serenity's first reaction was to gasp in shock, but luckily she reigned in her instincts and smiled sympathetically. "Hey, you look fine," she said after a moment.

"I don't feel fine..." he said shakily, reaching up to feel his skin. The kangaroo... His cheeks felt slightly more fuzzy than normal; his hands and arms looked as if he had been put underneath a tanning light and left there for a month. The natural hair on his arms had turned into the color of darkened sand. "W...what happened to me?!"

"Shh," Serenity whispered, holding up her hands. She still couldn't move her fingers, but she figured she would just have to get used to it if she wanted to make it out of this nightmare alive--and in one piece. "The same thing that happened to me... Listen, everything'll be okay. Trust me. Come on, let's get out of here and go back to the others..."

Mokuba shook his head and pulled the covers back up to try and hide his face from himself. "...I don't want anyone to see me..."

She held back a sigh, looking down as she thought of a way to reassure him. Finally, she looked up with a Joeyesque smile on her face. "Anyone says anything and I'll make sure they take it back." Serenity had to laugh quietly; some of Joey's personality had wore off on her after a while. "Come on... let's head back..." (1)

When they entered the dungeons fifteen minutes later, everything was quiet for a moment. Serenity looked around oddly, wondering why she didn't hear anyone.

"SERENITY!" The silence was broken when Joey came rushing out of the cell in the very back; everyone had gathered there to have a discussion about how to break out without getting caught, and what they would do once they were free.

"Serenity... You okay? What happened? They didn't hurt you, did they? I'll kill 'em if they did!"

Serenity laughed softly at her brother's concern, but she tried to hide her hands just the same. "I'm fine, Joey, don't worry. They didn't hurt me at all."

Joey sighed in relief; he hadn't spoken that much during the group conversation purely out of worry for his sister. "Good... I was worried about you."

"I'm fine, I promise," she shook her head and smiled.

Pegasus sat in silent reflection inside his lavishly decorated office-room combination. So many unpredicted events had occured lately, that he was strongly considering abandoning The Changing for a while, perhaps picking it up with different, less rambunctious specimens. Although, this had proved to be a valuable education experience in personality classification...

Joey, Duke, and Tristan, he decided, were the fighters of the group. They were always making blatant threats to Pegasus' person and testing their luck with authorities. 'Especially that damn blonde,' Pegasus thought with a slight narrowing of amber eyes. 'He's a mystery... One second he's smiling and being the most sweetest person of all, around that red-headed sister of his and his friends... And yet, he still has the guts to try and kill me.' That Egyptian boy, too - Malik. He was a fighter, though not as much as the three boys.

He pondered further about the semi-storylike roles of the experiments he had chosen. He figured he would probably rank that Mai girl as a fighter as well, alongside the three boys. Though she hadn't outwardly defied any authority--yet--Pegasus could sense a power from her that was unlike the impressions he got from Serenity and Ishizu. Her impression upon him was one of strength and independence. Pegasus' investigations also lead him to catagorize Serenity and Yugi as the 'support' of the group, as he had noted many times when the rest of the group would turn to them in times of hardship.

Tea and Ishizu would definetly be the voices of reason; for the most part, they always managed to keep their calm in rough situations and Pegasus could just sense the maturity from Ishizu and the kindess Tea possessed. Pegasus thought for another moment, and decided Ryou would also fit into this catagory.

Pegasus sighed, now bored with his personality classifications. He turned his thoughts over to the recent Changing of Mokuba and Serenity--oh, that reminded him. He hadn't classified Mokuba. Jaded honey eyes slid shut momentarily; he decided it wasn't worth his time. Suddenly his head snapped up.

"Nigiru! Croquet!" Pegasus called out sharply, the demonic grin returning to his insane eyes. "Come here quickly!"

The two guards appeared almost insantly at Pegasus' side, ready to take their orders. "Yes, sir?"

Pegasus stroked his chin. "Change of plans, my dears. We shall experiment on numbers 00001and 00011. They, along with number 00007 are the cause of much havoc and uneasiness in these corridors, it must not be allowed."

"But, Sir, weren't we going to--" Croquet started.

"Silence!" Ordered Pegasus, "We are going to experiment on numbers 00001 and 00011 tomorrow. That's final. Their spirits are to be broken, shattered, until they no longer feel the desire to fight back against us. I started this Animan project with high ideas in mind, men! I will not let my dream fade because a few young menaces to society feel like acting up!"

" you wish, Mr. Pegasus." Croquet said, looking to Nigiru. The two bowed somewhat hesitantly and left the room.

A dark chuckle filled the silence.

(1) - No, no, no. I don't like the MokubaXSerenity pairing. I'm using this scene to show that she acts as a source of support and strength for the other characters. Thanks.

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