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4 years later…

December 20th 2008, 11:30 pm

Bloody freakin hell! I can't believe I found you! I have not written in you for so long. Around four years I think. I put you away after I got together with Harry. Speaking of which, I have major news to announce. I'M GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW! To Harry! Did you ever think? I never thought. Well up until middle of sixth year at least. But then everything changed that night in December. Actually, the day Harry and I first kissed is tomorrow. That's why we're having the wedding tomorrow. To celebrate four years of being together by getting married. Good idea, huh? Harry thought of it. Such the romantic he is. I love him. His hair is still just as messy, and his eyes still just as green. They still make me go weak after all these years. As does his smile. I swear I'm still the same blushing sixteen year old I was four years ago. It's kind of sad really. But oh well. At least Harry loved me for who I am. Lovely isn't it?

But I have an enormous dilemma. I'M GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW! What if Harry suddenly changes his mind right at the alter. What if when he's supposed to say I do, he says I don't and then spits at my feet? What if this was some kind of cruel four year joke? Christ! I'm so bloody good at sounding like a rambling idiot. But I'm so nervous for everything. Including the wedding night. See there's a little problem. I'M STILL A BLOODY VIRGIN! I have not had sex with Harry. I told him I wanted to wait until we were married. I never imagined it'd take this long. But once I say something, I stick to it. So no sex for me yet. But thankfully, Harry's a virgin too. I think. Oh god. What if he's really not a virgin? What if he's lied to me all this time? What if he thinks I'm terrible? As embarrassing as that is. Oh Christ I don't even want to think about that. Earlier I was talking to Hermione about the wedding. She and Ron have been married for two years now. So she had loads of helpful hints. Not.

"Hermioneeeeeeee. What am I going to do?" I whined.

"What do you mean Ginny?" asked Hermione curiously.

"What if I trip when I'm walking down the aisle? What if I puke all over him because I'm so nervous? What if my dress looks like crap? WHAT IF HARRY LEAVES ME AT THE ALTER? It would be like that muggle movie Runaway Bride! Except it'd be Runaway Groom." I said all in one breath.

When I looked at Hermione, she was shaking with laughter. Her whole face was like a bloody tomato.

"What is so funny?" I asked, aggravated.

"I've told you a million times. You are seriously deranged. Where do you come up with that stuff?" She asked through laughter.

"My head." I mumbled.

"Well that explains it." She replied while still chuckling.

"Oh shut it." I said back.

"Oh come on Ginny. Everything's going to be fine." Hermione said lightheartedly.

I was getting sick of her laughing at me, because I'm immature and can't take a joke. Well actually I can. I frequently make them. But I digress. So I decided to think of a way to get her out. Then suddenly, it came to me.

"Hermione?" I asked in a sugary voice.


"I was wondering if you had any advice on sex. Seeing as I haven't had it with Harry yet. Any tips?" I asked in the same saccharine voice.

Hermione turned bright red and looked towards the door.

"Um I think I'm uh just gonna go for now Ginny." Hermione managed to stutter out.

She walked out of the room, and shut the door behind her. Yes! My plan succeeded. If all else fails, embarrass Hermione. She'll run out of the room like a bat out of hell. Thank god. I don't think I could take any more of her laughing. This is a serious matter dammit! Planning this bloody thing has been utter chaos. Chaos I tell you! I ordered the invitations two months in advance and when they finally came in, they were wrong! They said come join Jenny Weasel and Harry Potter. Jenny freakin Weasel! I just about flipped a bitch. Who comes up with this stuff? So I had to send them back, and have them remade. That was a hassle in itself.

But oh no, there's more. We didn't have a damn wedding site! So we decided to get married in the backyard of Harry's cottage. I hope everyone can fit. I've invited all of my family, Hermione, a few of my school friends, Lupin, Hagrid, Tonks, and all the rest of the order. And a number of other people are coming. Dumbledore is marrying us! Isn't that excellent? But Oh god. What if it's a disaster? I swear if the food turns out bad I will have a fit. But luckily my mother is making it. So there's not much chance that it will be bad. But what if it is? What if she decides to make all these really complicated dishes, and she messes them up? Oh crimeny. I can't do this. But I will, because I love Harry. And I really do want to do it. I'm just so bloody nervous. I bet you I mess up my vows. I'll be like uh doi duhhh. All stumbling and such. I must stop obsessing. If I don't I fear I will have a mental breakdown right now. I wish Harry were here. But we don't live together. We didn't want to tempt ourselves, if you know what I mean. But I suppose I better go to bed. I don't want to be too tired for our wedding tomorrow. OUR WEDDING TOMORROW! Holy Bejesus.

December 21st 2008, 8:03 am

OH MY GOD! TODAY'S MY WEDDING DAY! Holy crap. The wedding starts at 7:30 tonight. I'm so bloody nervous! I have to get started! I have to get ready! I need to make sure everyone is ready! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

6:15 pm

Everything seems to be going smoothly so far. Which probably means that something completely terrible is going to happen. I have a little downtime so I figured I might as well write in you. Help sooth my nerves or something. I am sitting here in my wedding dress already, makeup fully applied, and hair completely done. Well okay I was lying when I said nothing went wrong. Just about everything that could go wrong with my appearance went wrong. My hair looked like a complete frizz ball, and my makeup was way too heavy. That's what you get for trying to get your hair and makeup done by a professional. I've been doing many things the Muggle way for this wedding, like my dress. There was no way in hell I was going to wear robes. So I dragged my mum and Hermione along with me to a Muggle bridal shop. We must have been in there four hours before I finally found the perfect dress. It's absolutely amazing. Right when I saw it, I knew it was the one. It's white satin, and goes down past my feet. The front is scoop neck and the back is cut low with silky material hanging down. I got a lovely pair of chandelier earring and gorgeous shoes to go with it. It's the most beautiful dress I've ever seen, and I feel so lucky to be wearing it.

But back to the disasters. My hair was a complete frizz ball, and my makeup looked awful. When the woman turned me around, I just about cried.

"Isn't it lovely?" The woman asked in a shrill voice.

"Uh yes. Just lovely. Thank you." I managed to utter without crying.

I walked out of the shop. And that's when the tears started to flow. I apperated back to the Burrow, and walked dejectedly back to my room. Hermione, Tonks, and my mum burst through the door.

"What happened to you?" Hermione asked.

"My face and hair were just butchered by a stupid bloody professional!" I screamed.

"Oh Ginny, I'm sorry." Hermione apologized.

"What am I going to do?" I wailed.

"Ginny calm down. We'll fix this." Said Tonks calmly.

"How in the hell are you going to do that?" I shouted.

"Ginny! Watch your language." My dear mother scolded.

I huffed and turned around.

"Ginny dear, why don't you take a shower?" asked my mum.

"Fine." I grumbled while walking off.

After I took a shower I stepped back into my room. The girls had cleared out, and the room was empty. So I quickly dressed in sweats, and walked out to the living room.

"Ginny! Good we can get started!" said my mum.

"Get started on what?" I asked quizzically.

"Redoing your hair and makeup." Hermione answered.

"Oh alright." I said reluctantly.

All three of them ushered me into the bathroom, and started getting supplies. Tonks helped with my hair. It's grown way down my back since I left Hogwarts. Tonks took a curling iron and coiled my unruly red hair. Now there are loose curls spiraling down my back. It actually looks quite good. Next Hermione helped me with my makeup. She did my foundation and such. Then she swept a bone colored eyeshadow across my lids, applied mascara and eyeliner, and finally, painted my lips a soft pink color. And I have to say my makeup looks good too. Then finally I stepped into my dress. My mother zipped up the back, and gave me a kiss on my cheek. Then Hermione took loads of cheesy pictures. But it was fun.

Right now I'm sitting in a room at Harry's cottage. I'm locked in here all alone, because Harry can't see me before the ceremony. So I was escorted here while Harry was out for a few minutes. And I've been sitting here for the past hour, bored to tears. I want to see Harry dammit! But I know I can't. Which definitely sucks. But I'm so excited about the wedding. Excited and nervous. But I know I'm making the right choice. I love Harry. And he loves me.

December 22nd 2004, 8:01 am

At exactly seven thirty, the wedding party began to walk down the aisle. Tonks went first with Lupin, then Hermione with Ron. They all took their place, Lupin and Ron next to Harry and Tonks and Hermione standing near where I would be. Then I stepped out of the shadows with my dad. Snow was softly falling from the starry night sky, and everything looked beautiful. There were candles everywhere, glowing dimly. A beautiful arbor was up front, adorned with white roses. Rose petals were scattered over the white aisle my feet were gracing. I glanced around for a moment, and then turned to look at Harry. His enchanting green eyes were shining with tears. That same messy black hair was falling around his face. My eyes began to fill with tears, and I smiled at him. He beamed back, and I felt myself get even more emotional. Dad gave my arm a squeeze, and I looked toward him. His eyes were too wet with moisture. I grinned at him, and turned back toward Harry. We kept our eyes locked on each other. Finally dad and I reached the end of the aisle. Dumbledore then asked my father who was giving me away.

He replied, "Her mother and I."

Then he gave me a smile, and sat down. I faced Harry again with tears shining. He looked at me with so much emotion, and I felt so lucky to have him gaze at me like that. Harry then took my hands.

"We are all here today to celebrate the union of Ginevra Molly Weasley and Harry James Potter. These two people are very special to all of us. And to each other. Their relationship has lasted many a difficult time. They stood strong through it all. Who knows what the future may bring, but what we do know, is that Harry and Ginny will always love each other. Because their love is the kind of love you only find once in a lifetime. That special kind that only the lucky ones can say that they've experienced. So now I will ask them to recite their vows. They've written their own. Harry, why don't you go first." Dumbledore said with a smile on his aging face.

Harry cleared his throat, and looked into my eyes.

"Ginny. You have been my strength for four years. I can't imagine myself without you. I never fully understood what love was until there was you. You were the first person to ever care for me like that. I still remember the first time we kissed like it was yesterday. That was exactly four years ago, and you have stood with me ever since then. I don't know how I would go on if you weren't here. You're the most amazing person I've ever met. Your smile can light up a room, and your laugh is one of the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard. You're funny, intelligent, and beautiful. No, you're breathtaking. I love you Ginny. Now and forever." Harry said with tears shining in his eyes.

Tears were rolling down my cheeks. I smiled at Harry, and began to speak.

"Harry. I have loved you since the first day I met you. I was just ten years old, and you just eleven. But somehow I knew. Something in my heart told me you were the one. And now here we are." I said with a smile.

Harry smiled brilliantly back at me, and I continued.

"I will never forget our sixth year. It was full of laughter, tears, and everything in between. That was the year we came together. The years since then have been the best of my life. I'm so lucky to have you. I don't know how I ever went on without you. I feel more complete now than I ever did then. Everything about you is amazing. The way you can make me feel completely loved and beautiful. The way that your eyes twinkle when you're laughing. The way you can make fun of yourself. I can't believe you're mine. I love you Harry Potter. And I always will." I said, smiling through tears.

Tears were falling from Harry's eyes, as he gently squeezed my hand.

"Very nicely said both of you." Said Dumbledore with a smile.

"Harry, do you take Ginevra Molly Weasley, to be your wedded wife? Do you promise to love her, comfort her, and keep her, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?"

"I do." Harry said with a smile.

"And do you Ginny Molly Weasley, take Harry James Potter, to be your husband? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, and keep him, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?"

"I do." I said through tears.

"Good. Do we have the rings?" Dumbledore said with a smile on his face.

Ron then pulled two glistening silver bands from his pocket. He handed one to Harry and one to me.

"These rings represent a promise both Ginny and Harry have made to each other. They are a symbol of their love for one another. So Harry, please place the ring on Ginny's finger." Said Dumbledore.

Harry slipped the tiny band onto my finger.

"With this ring, I thee wed." he said sincerely. He then brought my hand up, and kissed it.

"Ginny please take Harry's ring and place it on his finger."

I took Harry's ring and slid it onto his finger with shaking hands.

"With this ring, I thee wed." I said with eyes shining.

"Good good. Harry and Ginny have pledged their love for each other and given rings. They have done this in front of family and friends. So now, by the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Dumbledore said with eyes twinkling.

Harry took a step forward, and wrapped his arms around me. He leaned in and our lips met perfectly. At that moment everything else disappeared. It was just Harry and I, in that moment together. His lips softly brushing against mine, making me never want it to end. People began cheering, and we broke apart, smiling widely. Harry then took my hand, and led me down the aisle. The snow was still drifting lightly down from the sky. It stuck to Harry's black hair and to my red. His cheeks were pink from the cold, and his eyes shone brighter than they ever had. And I knew in that moment, that everything was the way it was supposed to be. Everything was perfect.

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