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Chapter 1- She Contemplates

I, Lily Evans, am not one to be swooned. I don't believe in love at first sight and I don't believe is relationships based solely on attraction. I also don't believe in James Potter. One might think that a cruel thing to say about another human being but trust me, this guy is not one to be believed in. He believes too much in himself already.

As I said, I don't believe in him. Yet, every day I am faced with his challenge; will I go out with him, give him a chance? And every day my response to this challenge remains the same.

He knows what he does gets to me. I have never been fond of public humiliation. Most people aren't too thrilled about it. Yet, maybe this is why he persists. I have been tormented by him since the tender age of fourteen years old. Almost on cue he seems to have a knack for ruining my day. Hardly any other boy at school will approach me as they feel I am 'Potters territory'. One of these days I am going to climb up on one of those Gryffindor tables and shout out to my fellow classmates, "JAMES POTTER HAS NO CHANCE!". I believe that I have come close to that point on many occasions.

He is not the only one equipped with persistence. I too have persisted to deny him the one thing he has not achieved. And that one thing is me. I sometimes wonder if he truly pursues me. Most of the time I like to think it's some act he does to receive even more attention than he already gets. Sometimes I can see a slight look of hurt in his eyes as I reject him. It makes me wonder.

Almost any person I talked to would tell me to give him a chance. If everyone had to deal with this boys behavior every day I doubt they would want to give him a chance. I truly think that I have been somewhat patient over the years. The part that kills me most about Potter is the fact that one moment he's professing his undying love for me and the next he's off with some girl with an I.Q. lower than a golden retrievers.

My friends fail to see Potter in the light that I see him in. They disapprove of my loathing. Sometimes, they even provide encouragement. I then have to tell them to fill out the Divination teacher application as they are crazy enough to replace the old bat who teaches it now! My two friends, Maimee Hout and Addison McKinnon, are amazing friends. The only minor detail that conflicts out friendship is that they're blind as to the rough spots on Potter. Trust me, there happens to be many.

"Lily, he's a great guy. A lot of people would want to go out with him. He's really cute if I do say so myself," Maimee would say as we discussed the dreadful topic.

I hate to admit it but she's right. Potter is attractive, even I can't deny him that. He had soft black hair and brilliant hazel eyes covered by the rims of his spectacles. He towers above me and was blessed with muscular arms. Any relationship with James would be purely lust. I can't envision myself with him in the future. So, as I would say, what's the point?

"Oh, but Lils, he's smart and funny. He's dedicated to something. I don't see what's so wrong with the guy. Sure, he causes a little bit of trouble but hey, you could whip him into shape. I rather think he would enjoy that too," Addison would say as I pointed out negative aspects of Potter's life.

She is right about that though. He is smart. He rarely has to lift a book while I have to study my eyes out to achieve high standards. I happen to feel envious at times of Potter's carefree ability. I feel about to break down around test time. Charms happens to be my rare gift, one that he will never top nor rid me of.

I have heard him crack a joke and he does happen to be dedicated to Quidditch. Yet, where is Quidditch going to take him in life? No where.

My idea of a perfect man would be intelligent, brave, loyal, honest, and kind. Even though I keep trying to refuse the idea, I find myself checking those character qualities off. Potter happens to fill the slot of my perfect man. The thought nauseates me. He is undoubtedly smart, he always sticks up for me even thought it's completely unnecessary, he has three best friends, I have never heard him lie (after all, he proclaims our bond of eternity every morning over breakfast), and even though Snape is a bad example of his kindness I have seen him help out troubled students.

How could the thought even cross my mind? James Potter? Man of my dreams? More like man of my nightmares. He disgusts me. The way he uses women, the way he arrogantly boasts about himself, the way he acts like a complete jackass in my presence, and especially the way he treats his inferiors.

I was sighing in disgust as I began contemplating my true opinion of James Potter. I was sitting in the Heads compartment on the Hogwarts Express, approaching my seventh and final year at Hogwarts. The Head Boy was late for our meeting with the Prefects, which had started ten minutes before. I closed my eyes and drew another sigh. I nearly jumped out of my seat as the compartment door slid open and shut with a bang. Slowly, I opened my eyes to see my vision blurry. Yet, the unmistakable glimpse of untidy, black hair sent me into shock. James Potter was the new Head Boy. I screamed so loud I swear the train shook. James flashed his lopsided grin, which would make any girls heart melt. Any girl without the name Lily Evans.

"Missed me much Evans?"

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