Inter Sol Solis et Luna

By Wihstrum

Chapter One: The Harsh Truth.

A flash of lightning streaked haphazardly across the sunless sky, followed by a crackling thunder, rocking the previously pregnant and humid atmosphere. Close behind, the obscure and looming clouds opened up, relieving themselves of countless drops of rain, which in turn met the ground with a little splash.

In the middle of it all, surrounded by endless emerald green fields and trees, now all hungrily absorbing the long denied liquid, stood a stately manor house. Its towers reached for the sky regally; defying the otherwise so untamed landscape stretching around it. The mansion itself was ancient and luxurious; guarding its inhabitants from the raging elements outside; even though, at the moment, much worse things lurked about, waiting.

Vile and cruel things.

The mansion also harbored several heritors and other, non-human presences. And this particular late-summer evening, as thunder and lightning lorded the skies, an unusual visitor was also housed inside…

Soft sensations licked at the fringes of his consciousness, as he sought his way out of the darkness that held him. The very moment he started to feel aware of his body again, excruciating waves of pain he recognized leaped through him, and the merciful numbness that his unconsciousness had brought, vanished.

Barely aware that someone was screaming, Harry Potter's torso arched of the wall sharply, muscles contracting around burning bones. Sharp pants left his mouth as another convulsion shuddered through his limbs, wringing itself through his nerves. Vulnerable and weak as his body was, it couldn't bare the straining ache and Harry passed back into dreamless nothingness.

Upon emerging from this period of darkness Harry found himself scarcely more aware of his surroundings than the last time. For starters, he almost immediately discovered –to his horror- that he was bound. His wrists were tied behind his back, and in turn onto the wall that supported him. His next realization, though, was that whoever had captivated him, did not intend to hurt him, yet: he was seated against several pillows and his wrists were not held by ropes, but by something soft, yet strong, which would not hurt him if only he did not strain against them. Then he merged again with the soothing darkness, for his body had already given up again.

The next thing Harry experienced was the sudden shock and pain as his body's physical senses returned to his conscious awareness. He had passed the last hurdle of fighting to maintain his soul in his body, and a strangled cry burned in his throat, but his body was too weak to simply scream. Shudders whacked his frail figure and he was forced to sit the wave of pain and nausea out, so instead he tried concentrate on where he was. The simple act of opening his eyes proved to be impossible and while he frustrated himself over that, he became suddenly aware that there was something that would make him feel better, something that would soothe his mild neurosis. His body and his soul screamed out for it, craved it, yet Harry hadn't the slightest idea what it wanted. There was this ache rooted deep inside of him, it was spiritual, emotional and psychical all at once. And just how long had he been 'here'? He didn't have the slightest idea of the time now, nor of the amount of time had passed with him just being there.

He was just drifting away in a welcome slumber, when all his senses abruptly fixated on a presence entering the room. The action of the focusing senses made him completely disorientated, so overwhelming it was, and yet he could tell exactly where the other was: he could perceive the scent of herbs and wilderness when someone crouched in front of him, he could hear the heartbeat picking up pace, he could taste a foreign sensation on his tongue, and his mouth watered, as if he smelled something delicious.

Then voice spoke softly, startling his unusually delicate sense of hearing: "Well, well, seems like you did your name honor again."

Harry could pick up the faint amusement tainting the voice, and somehow his whole body and mind screamed 'caution!' Instinctively, the conscious part in his head had linked the voice to something that Harry knew meant nothing good.

"He was afraid that it was too late, and that you had already slipped too far away from us. But you've always been a very persistent little Gryffindor, and honestly I'd be disappointed if my knowledge of human nature had let me down."

The voice had stopped talking and by the shift in the rhythmic pacing of the heart, Harry somehow knew that the other was hesitant and rather intimidated. Was he afraid? Afraid of Harry? He wasn't even able to open his eyes and yet the other seemed distinctly uncomfortable by being in such close proximity to him.

Before he could even start to panic, the presence –a wizard he somehow knew- had leaned closer, and the hammering in the other's chest betrayed the mild fear. He cringed when a wet cloth was suddenly pressed against his forehead, and the sensations that the other carried with him clouded his senses. It was a man, he suddenly knew and with that realization his whole mind wailed in confusion. He had he known that? If only he could open his eyes, but his body just wouldn't allow him.

"They should change your name to the boy-who-refuses-to-die… Well okay, so you did, but- eh," a pause, the other was thinking, "And you still are, technically."

The cloth was removed and he picked up a wave of faint agitation radiating from the other, "Why did you do it?" the cloth was flung angrily into a bowl with water, Harry could hear, "Why do you always have to be the hero?"

The presence rose itself swiftly, the footsteps withdrew to the right and a door was opened, "I don't understand you."

A door was closed none too gently, and Harry was once again alone. It felt like someone had broken into Harry's mind, pulled out all the drawers and doors, made a thorough mess of their contents, and had fled, leaving it in shambles. And finally, after what seemed like ages, he fell back into the blissful oblivion known as sleep.

Vague memories of pain and anger seeped into his mind; and blurry faces of people passed behind his mind's eye. Something had gone horribly wrong; he was missing something. Grasping his senses and directing them to all he could feel and hear Harry desperately tried to find what he'd lost. His body remained intact, all limbs and organs were still there, but something was so wrong that it made him cold with fear. It was something he'd always taken for granted, and now it was gone. But what?

"Don't mind if I say this, but you look horrible today, Potter."

He nearly jumped at hearing that voice, but over the days, or maybe even weeks, it had become familiar. Sometimes he had been awake, other times he had been too weak to simply recognize another presence. The person came closer, and suddenly his whole body screamed out. Panic settled in his system as he didn't understand what was happening. The hunger was all-consuming and something vile and infernal took hold of him.

"Dear Merlin, you're sweating like a pig."

Don't come closer, don't come closer! Harry screamed mentally.

"Why is it always me?" his caretaker said with a deep sigh, then he wrung the cloth, and leaned in to bet Harry's forehead.

It happened so fast that Harry barely released what he was doing. With a vicious hiss he opened his mouth and tried to bite the other person. The tips of his teeth scraped through delicate skin, shredding it like paper, but the other wizard was fortunately fast enough and leaped to his feet, tripping as he stumbled backwards in shock.

The silence was deafening, and Harry screamed at the wrongness at what he'd just done: he had tried to bite him! Why would he want to bite another person? Where had this sudden irresistible urge came from? The heartbeat of the other man was almost vibrating through the atmosphere in shock, as he hurriedly made his way over to the door. Another wave of fear gripped Harry; he didn't want to be left alone!

With a wavering tone, the other called: "F-father? I think he's hungry!" He remained in the room, but held post at the door, fearful of what would happen if he risked approaching Harry.

And then blissful calm settled in Harry's system; his savior was coming nearer. He would take his pain and confusion away, keep him safe and protect him. The closer the individual came, the better he was able to subject his senses to his own will. His over-sensitive hearing became bearable, he could discern scent from scent and finally he seemed ready to open his eyes.

The good presence had entered the room, and Harry eagerly opened his eyes to look. The sudden flood of light was almost painful and burned his retina. Spots of obsidian swam across Harry's vision, but his heart leapt in delight as he felt his savior crouching close to him.

"There, there Liber. I am relieved that you made it after all."

The voice spirited Harry back from his euphoria and instead he felt like he'd jumped from the frying-pan into the fire. He would recognize that voice anywhere. The luminous spots stopped dancing long enough for Harry to confirm his hunch. Lucius Malfoy was within his personal space and looking him straight in the eye.

With an incredible gathering of willpower Harry yanked at his bonds as hard as he could, and screamed in dismay, "Stay back!" but his voice was hoarse and raspy, so the indented shout came out like a quelled whisper.

Lucius arched his head sideways, smirking smugly, as if he found the whole situation rather amusing, "Stronger than he looks, isn't he?" he questioned the second person in the room.

His 'caretaker', who'd been standing rather awkwardly at the door, stepped closer wearily, "He tried to bite me." Draco Malfoy reproached indignantly.

Rolling his eyes with a sigh he replied, "Yes, Draco, I am sorry. I should have realized that he'd be hungry after struggling to survive."

Harry pulled at the bonds restraining him, and as he did so his whole body cried out in pain. The friction tore the skin and blood seeped from his wrists.

"Calm down, Liber. I am not here to hurt you," Lucius soothed irritably. He moved closer to touch him.

"DON'T!" Harry pleaded, and even though his voice said that, his body told him otherwise; his whole being longed to be near Lucius. It was the most appalling and profane realization ever. He didn't care if tears were seeping from his eyes as he forced his body to do the impossible; he just wanted to run as far away as he could. A fist of pain thrust roughly through his abdomen and Harry shrieked in agony and sweat broke out across his body, running in thick streams down his face and neck. It felt like his chest had caved in, his breath coming out in harsh heaves.

Lucius reacted immediately, and drew closer to Harry, "Foolish boy," he murmured with a look in his eyes Harry had never seen before. With one hand he simply grabbed Harry's chin, pinching it between his thumb and index finger, effectively restraining Harry from struggling any longer; he was simply rendered numb in weakness and fear.

And then something happened that would haunt Harry's mind forever: Lucius' eyes shaded from glacial gray to stunning silver, and suddenly his canine teeth lengthened, past his bottom lip. They were long, sharp and glistering. He was going to kill him.

"N-no…" Harry pleaded through gritted teeth.

Gazing briefly at him with those unnatural silver eyes, Lucius cocked an eyebrow. Then he brought his other hand up to his own mouth, and in one quick move, he sliced his own wrist with his fangs. Blood poured graciously from the wound, which he was now moving to Harry's face.

A wave of nausea undulated in Harry's stomach, like he'd swallowed some grotesque alien. He desperately tried to break free from Lucius's hold on his chin. But he couldn't, his body was on the verge of breaking beyond help and deep inside, a foreign instinct rejoiced over the offer of blood.

"C'mon…" Lucius urged, pressing his wrist against Harry's lips.

The Gryffindor closed his eyes, and pressed his lips shut with all the willpower he could gather. He would not give in to this sacrilegious and sick game of Dark magic they were forcing on him.

Lucius seemed clearly agitated by now and he let out a rumbling growl, which made Harry flinch involuntary because he suddenly didn't want Lucius to be angry with him. The man in front of him shifted the position of his arm so that he could push his thumb between Harry's lips, effectively prying his mouth open. Before Harry could react, Lucius tilted his head backwards, and shoved his wrist quickly in his open mouth.

A muffled cry pierced the room, and then all coherent reason left him: the blood seeped into his mouth, unto his tongue, forming a pool in the back of his throat instantly. He was forced to swallow or choke. At the first intake of blood, a red haze clouded Harry's sight. At the second intake of blood, his eyes flooded with a sliver color. At the third intake of blood his corner teeth lengthened. And at the fourth intake he was greedily drinking from iron-tasting liquid, sucking it right out of the body of Lucius Malfoy.

After a while Lucius was forced to pull back, since he began to feel lightheaded from the enormous blood loss. He slumped down as tremors racked his form, releasing Harry's chin and withdrawing his wrist from the boy's mouth. Within seconds Draco kneeled by his side, "Father, are you alright?"

Lucius barely found the strength to nod, "Release him."

"Are you sure that is such a wise deci-"

"Do as I say Draco, he proves no harm to you anymore," Lucius silenced his protests curtly, and then he gracefully drew a hand through his long blonde hair, while attempting to stand up.

Grudgingly and absolutely against the whole idea, Draco moved over to Harry's side, but far enough so the Gryffindor could in no possible way immediately attack him.

Pointing his wand at Harry's bonds he said: "Finite Incantatum."

The first thing Harry did was bundling up protectively, clamping both his hands over his mouth as he gagged, stomach heaving in effort. He released now what he was missing: his heartbeat.

Lucius tried not to give into the temptation to gather the boy into his arms and comfort him. It was simply unheard of! He inwardly wished that he'd be given time to think of the consequences before Turning Harry, but at the time it had been now or never. He had tried to prepare himself for the emotional power of the blood bond, but it was useless to fight it; he knew from experience. He settled with resting both his hands on Harry's shoulders, forcing the boy to look at him.

"You are a vampire Harry."

The Gryffindor shook his head and he tried to cover his face with his hands, all the while trying to escape Lucius's touch. "N-no, it's not true."

"Yes it is," Lucius said calmly, "I am your Sire. I Turned you."

"I don't believe you!" Harry spat at him in a hoarse voice.

Lucius grabbed his chin for the second time that day, angling the boy's head to face him, "You were dying, it was all I could do."

With an eye-widening display of strength, Harry threw Lucius off him, and as soon as the man hit the ground, Harry felt the disgusting desire to apologize. Unknown hatred boiled in his chest, and he was unaware of his own fangs lengthening in rage. With flashing silver eyes he roared, "You should have let me die!"

The man remained disturbingly serene, "Then who will conquer the Dark Lord?"

Harry was momentarily dumbstruck, before continuing his fury, "You are a foul Death Eater, his slave! It is your goal to destroy me!" he stumbled backwards to the far side of the room, not paying attention to Draco's sudden dash for the door to lock it. "I don't want to be a part of this sick game you're playing with me!" the Gryffindor hissed between his fangs, repulsion evident on his face.

"Enough!" Lucius shouted, as he straightened himself to full height, "Do not speak of that which you don't know, Liber."

Harry jumped at that, his teeth withdrawing and eyes fading back to endless emerald green, "I-I don't understand…" he breathed, confusion and shards of memories penetrating his mind, "I don't remember."

For the first time during the whole event, Draco spoke up, "You don't remember anything?" he queried a little incredulous.

He shook his head violently, "No, nothing. The last thing I remember is…is… my exam of Transfiguration…" he whispered miserably.

Lucius Malfoy rested his head tiredly in his hand; the worst part was yet to be coming: the truth.

Harry, though, was faster, "How did I…" he paused closing his eyes sorrowfully "die?"

Again, Draco was the one to answer that question, "Avada Kedavra." The Slytherin's voice was strained and he seemed suddenly very vulnerable. He crossed his arms over his chest and shuddered convulsively, closing his eyes, not able to look any longer at his nemesis. It made Harry suspect that Malfoy now also would be able to see Thestrals: he'd seen Harry die.

The raven head did not speak for long while, trying to figure out what question to ask first, "I-I should have died instantly," he said eventually, his voice little more than a whisper now, "I should have been beyond dead, before you could have t-turned me."

Lucius nodded, lips curving up into something that was not quite a smile, not quite a smirk. "You weren't hit full-on, the curse scamped off your shoulder as you dove away. Not to mention you've always been a very persistent kid."

As if given a shove in his back, his knees wobbled, gave out, and Harry found himself sliding down the wall, "Please, tell me… I need to understand," he said in an analytical tone which belied the tremor that ran through his body.

"Naturally," Lucius said with his cultured voice, "But I insist we precede somewhere more comfortable. The library perhaps," he beckoned Harry to follow him.

As he obviously had no choice at all, Harry pulled himself back up his legs, and followed mutely after Lucius. Passing Draco waiting at the door, he picked up the racing heartbeat of the Slytherin as he gazed at Harry with an unreadable expression in his slate eyes.

The Malfoy Manor was positively huge and furnished with the most expensive and rare furnishings ever created. Portraits of equally glacial people, all with the same silver-blonde hair as Draco and his father were lined up against the walls and marble statues greeted them as the walked through the endless hallways making up the labyrinth that was the mansion. More than once Harry saw obscure looking artifacts, which were in no possible way legal. Long, narrow windows reached for the ceiling and every time they passed one, Harry was forced to narrow his eyes against the blinding sunlight. Sunlight! The apprehension struck him like a physical blow, "S-sunlight!"

Lucius glanced over his shoulder, and his eyebrows were arched so high that they were in danger of disappearing, "Took you long enough to figure that one out, Liber." He chuckled richly, "You, or we, rather, are DayWalkers."

Genuinely astonished Harry hurried to walk next to the man that had Turned him, "What?"

"Patience, Liber." He looked down on Harry, "We'll get to that soon enough."

The next question slipped of his lips before he could stop himself, "What does 'Liber' mean? Is it some sort of insult?" he hissed, despite his intent not to.

Draco snorted somewhere behind him.

"It means 'child' or 'offspring' in Latin. That's what all Sires call those who they have Turned," Lucius explained flatly and he finally came to a stop at a huge dark, oaken door. "Here we are." He put his hands flat against the wooden surface and pushed, and the obstacle swung open.

Harry was awe-struck when they entered: never in his whole life had he deemed it possible that there'd existed another library as gigantic as the one at Hogwarts. It took up two levels, with a wide sweeping staircase in the middle of the room leading up to the next tier, splitting the room in two. Books were seated on the numerous shelves lining the high walls, and there were tomes from every era; some were so old that they were kept in glass cases. On the lower level to his left, by an enormously huge window, there was a long desk, littered with all kinds of quills and inks, and he noticed the familiar schoolbooks they used at Hogwarts stacked up at one side of the desk. Rolls of parchments were spilled all over it, in all sizes and colors. On the right side of the library were some comfortable leather armchairs grouped together in front of a warmly crackling fireplace, along with a bearskin rug.

That was where they were headed and Harry chose the armchair closest to the fire, in futile effort to feel warmer. Feeling very small and unimportant, Harry took in a shivering breath. It was not just books, but Harry could also see a miniature model of the solar system, contained within a glass dome, each of the moons glimmered in place around the nine planets and the fiery sun, all of them hanging in thin air beneath the glass- just like the one Trelawny had. He could also see a crystal ball, tapestries depicting the constellations at night, several rare looking stones, ancient swords, axes and other weapons adorning the spare parts of stone walls.

"Amazing isn't it?" Lucius murmured softly, as his eyes took in the sight of his pride.

Before Harry could nod, he was hit by a wave of distinct disbelief. He, Harry Potter, was sitting in an absolutely magnificent library, in the Malfoy Mansion, in front of the fireplace with Lucius and Draco Malfoy. And he was a vampire with Lucius Malfoy as his Sire.

"What happened," he wheezed, rubbing at his eyes underneath the rim of his glasses and resettled the wire frames.

Lucius took in a great sigh as well, bracing himself, "The basic facts: It is the 28th of June during your sixth year at Hogwarts. You have been unconscious for nearly three days. The night of the 24th, the day you took your Transfiguration exam, the Dark Lord attacked Hogwarts."

"HE WHAT?" Harry yelled, jumping up from his armchair, "Ron! Hermione!"

"Are alright," Lucius said firmly, "The school, due to your intensive training of those in the DA classes you gave, was ready… also with a warning from Serverus Snape, who has been spying. Most of the Dark Lord's forces were stopped upon entering through the castle's gates; Hogwarts was harboring one of the best prepared magical armies in history. All younger students had been removed that night from the castle, and the only students present there were sixth and seventh years. Very few have been killed, if I am correct the worst damage was the loss of a limb, no actual deaths… and that's where you come in. Valiant and stupidly brave as you have always been, you had simply struck a bargain with the Dark Lord: you for the castle and all its inhabitants' safety.

As Lucius retold the story, Harry's memory was jogged: screams and cries sounded in the back of his head, and he saw the colorful strikes of spells, curses and hexes shooting through the air. And then those red eyes, and that shrill voice and high-pitched laughter.

His Sire continued: "Obviously, he accepted. You were taken to his birthplace, Riddle House, with a portkey he had been carrying around with him." Lucius paused, and he seemed to strain to go on, "I will not lie to you, Liber. I was there during the attack, and I fought on the Dark Lord's side and I was there when he brought you to Riddle House. Until then I had absolutely no intention of stopping him, whatsoever."

"But then why did-" Harry breathed, distressed.

With a sweep of his hand, Lucius silenced him, "Patience," He frowned, voice tight, "But what I did not intend was for Draco to be there"

At this Harry's head spun to the so-said Slytherin, whose face had turned completely ashen at the mention of the fact. His otherwise so handsome and fair face looked exhausted, dark circles marking the skin around his slate gray eyes, soulful and fathomless. His blonde hair dangled freely over his forehead, as he'd broken the habit of slicking it back with an unhealthy amount of gel.

Meanwhile Lucius simply continued, "I am in debt with the Dark Lord, that's why I have been under his service for all these years. That does not mean I oppose him, I agree with his prospects of pure-blood. But there is a line between devotion and obsession."

"In debt?" Harry asked quietly.

Lucius directed a piercing gaze at him, "Yes, in debt," the tone in his voice stated the end of that particular matter, "Anyway, that night he had ordered Bellatrix to take Draco with her, if needed by force. Apparently, he found that if you, Harry, were to die at his hands, would have been a good trial for his Initiation."

He spoke no more, and two pairs of eyes –one green pair and one gray pair- were regarding the young wizard sitting silently in his armchair. Harry was shaking his head in disbelief and disgust, Lucius appeared completely devoid of all emotion, but if one knew him well, his eyes betrayed pride.

"I refused," Draco rasped, and his eyes fell down to look at his fidgeting hands in his lap. He opened his mouth several times again, as if wanting to speak, but eventually he just remained silent.

His father continued for him, "The Dark Lord was outrageous. He cast the Unforgivable, Avada Kedavra, at Draco." Another pause in the hackled explanation fell, and now Harry found himself pinned like a butterfly to a board under his Sire's eyes, "You took the blow."

And then Harry remembered; he saw himself colliding with Draco as he dove for him, shielding the Slytherin from his rushing death. A sharp cutting ache when the Curse hit his shoulder, the cold grip around his heart when he fell to the floor and into Draco's arms as the blonde had automatically caught him. And then, in a flash how Lucius had thrown himself unto both young men.

Lucius was nodding, as if he'd read Harry's mind, "Yes Liber, you saved Draco's life," a genuine smile spread over the man's lips, and Harry realized just how rakishly handsome he was, "DayWalkers each posses a personal power. I have the ability to teleport at will; I can teleport anything I want: myself –which is the easiest and poses me no problems at all-, objects –which require a great deal of concentration- and other people. That of course requires an enormous summoning of magic, and seeing as I had to teleport the two of you, it was nearly impossible."

He looked at Harry from over entwined fingers, "Evidentially, I teleported here. Now I had two choices: leave you to die or Turn you, grant you eternal life and a second chance. I realized that I would have lost my son if it weren't for your dumb courage, and also, I was aware that you are the only one that can conquer the Dark Lord; the madman who'd betrayed my forced loyalty. I Turned you. Taking you as my Liber is both to express my gratitude and for an egoistical purpose. This is my way to take revenge on him."

Dazed, Harry stared off into space, and sagged away into his leather armchair. He felt very in need of a pensive now all the memories flooded his mind. "So I really am death? A vamp-" For a moment the Gryffindor's voice failed, but he closed his eyes and swallowed hard, bringing his feelings back under control "A vampire?"

"Listen to me Harry," Lucius spoke firmly, demanding full attention, "I know this is too much for you, but you need to understand." He waited for Harry's affirmation, and when he received a weak nod, he went on, "Being a vampire is not exactly about dying, that's just one way to look at it. My Sire taught me another way of understanding: your heart freezes at the exact moment of rebirth; a moment for an eternity, a heartbeat ever-echoing with life, rigid at the moment of perfection.

Profound amusement dawned on his face with a smirk, which Draco had undoubted inherited from him, "'Beautiful words, to make something sound better than the truth' my Sire always said, but I found it easier to look at it that way."

Harry nodded softly, it was an easier way to look at it, but he felt so, so hollow. Empty.

"Now, we finally come to possibly the most important thing you need to know: the difference between a common vampire and a DayWalker." Lucius stood up, and started to walk calmly through the room. Harry sat up on his knees in his armchair, so he could watch Lucius during his explanation, "We are DayWalkers, you became one because I Turned you. DayWalkers obviously have been granted with the ability to walk in the daylight, while vampires are nocturnal creatures, and sunlight proves to be fatal to them. DayWalkers are by far more powerful, even though we are much less in number. That is because of two simple reasons, but I'll leave those and the rest for the Elder to tell you." he paused in front of the fireplace, "The Elder is the oldest and wisest of us all. Hawke, that's the Elder's name, will tell you all you need to know. Sadly, Hawke remains abroad until your new school year; your seventh, has already started again. So you will have to be patient."

Harry swallowed numbly at the mention of his school, "I won't be allowed. Vampires -DayWalkers or not- are despised thorough the whole Wizarding world."

"I know, Liber, I know. Even now the whole community remains in delusion that you have died. Your death will not be in vain, Harry. I am not saying I will turn to the light side, but I will contact Dumbledore. That's the least I can do for you."

He didn't dare to believe it; Lucius would never do such thing. "Really?" he managed, but his voice already betrayed complete disbelief. To his slight panic, it came out rather like a scathing remark.

"Another thing," Lucius said with a smirk "as I Turned you, I first bit you and then fed you. That was what made me your Sire. The bond between Sire and Liber is powerful beyond your imagination, believe me. Even now as I fight it, there is an irrational urge to defend you and make you feel better. This is a mutual attraction forged by a blood bond, which can never be broken. There is only one bond that surpasses this one, and that is the bond between a Vampire and his Mate."

"Mate?" Harry queried, slightly nervous.

Lucius arched an eyebrow amusedly, "Yes Mate. When you meet The Elder, it will all become clear. In your case, a Mate is very important. But now, we will first try to come to terms with this unusual turn in events, basically helping you to move on with your life as you left it. Secondly, you'll be learning to control –as you surely have noticed- your amazingly sharpened senses."

"You're the one feeding him," Draco muttered meekly, head bowed with a deep frown on his sharp, albeit ashen features, but more or less composed. He was holding his lower arm unconsciously where Harry earlier had tried to bite him.

"Don't worry, son, " Lucius said lightly, before turning back to Harry who was fervently shaking his head at the thought of having to murder people for their blood, "And you don't worry, Liber, that's another thing that sets us apart from common vampires. The normal lamia is bitter, and knows nothing more than the hollow emptiness inside of him. They do not care what they bite, as long as they are fed. We, on the other hand, have not lost our souls, so we feel. We use the blood of animals, which we purchase in special stores. I admit that human blood is by far more delicious, but any blood from a living creature proves to be sufficient. And you only have to be fed every full moon."

He looked into Harry's white face and felt a roll of deep nausea undulating in his gut. Cursing those blood blonds mentally for feeling so concerned with this young man, Lucius moved to stand in front of him "You alright Liber?" Lucius said with a smile of his own that just barely stretched his elegant mug.

With a shaky breath Harry said, "I'm okay," but his voice sounded perforated and drained, he sounded terrified.

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