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Yugi looked out of his window. He sighed. You see, Yugi had a problem, a big one. He had to choose between his biggest dream and his life. He always wanted to be a famous singer, but now he had a tumour in his throat. The only way to get better is by going trough an expensive operation, but Yugi knew that he would loose his voice after it. He didn't want to loose it, he couldn't. Yugi thought back about the promise he made years ago with his best friend, Joey.


"Yugi, I'm gonna to leave Domino-city tomorrow," said Joey.

"What!" said Yugi, his heart began to beat faster. "But I don't want you to leave, Joey!" By now, tears began to run down the short boys' cheeks.

Joey smiled, his eyes looking sad. "You know I gotta go, Yugi. My sister, Serenity, is waiting for me in the US.

"I know," said Yugi, between two sobs.

"Promise me this," said Joey. "When we see each other again, we'll be closer to our dreams. Me, getting the money for my sisters' eyesight. You, as a singer."

Yugi began to smile again. "You forgot about your other dream."

Joey blinked.

"Being a famous duellist, remember?"

"Huh, geez I forgot 'bout that!" said Joey, with one of his goofy grins on his face.

Yugi fell anime- style. "I hope you won't forget your luggage tomorrow."

The next day, on the airport.

"Aaaahhhh! I forgot my luggage!"