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Chapter 1

It was the Friday night of the 4th of July weekend, and for some unknown, completely uncharacteristic reason, Prof. Membrane decided that it was about time he spent some time with his kids. And so...

In the kitchen of the Membrane household, Dib and Gaz were gorging themselves on newly-delivered pizza, harnessing completely different thoughts behind quite similarly blank faces. The clock behind them struck nine.

As if on cue, Prof. Membrane's face appeared on the screen attached to the wall beside the refrigerator. Expecting the usual "Don't forget to finish your homework before you go to bed" speech, neither child surrendered the least bit of attention, but rather continued munching in a dazed manner.

"Now I know you two probably have plans for the weekend already, but I'm afraid you'll just have to cancel them. I think its time we spent a little family-time together."

Dib and Gaz turned to face the screen in absolute shock.

"So I've decided to take you two camping."

Even Gaz opened her frequently-squinting eyes to exhibit a wide-eyed look of pure confusion. She was still too stunned to speak.

Dib, however, overcoming his initial surprise, resumed his ever-present mind set, forming a connection between his ensuing absence and the inevitability of Zim utilizing the advantage of such a situation.

"But Dad, I can't leave...that would give the alien an advantage!"

"Son, I expect you to participate in this family activity."

"I can't leave the Earth undefended!"

Prof. Membrane paused to ponder his son's sanity for a moment. Such strange games he played with that little green kid.

"Then perhaps you should bring your foreign friend along." Prof. Membrane humored.

"What? Bring Zim?!" Dib considered the possibility of Zim even agreeing to come along. And what about my own peeves? A whole weekend with my hated enemy...

He looked up to Gaz's penetrating glare. Clearly she had decided that they would go.

Gaz fixed Dib with the most fearsome stare she could muster. She was no fan of camping, but the idea of her father actually asking to spend some quality time with his children was almost as alluring as it was unsettling. They would actually sit and talk and laugh together (although Gaz had no doubt she would spend most of her time communicating with her Game Slave) and she would be able to smile at things not completely morbid for once. She set her jaw and raised her chin slightly, letting Dib know that he was going to agree to come, no matter what company he had to suffer.

Dib sighed, defeated. Two days of existence in the company of Zim. He looked at the floor.

"Ok. I'll see if he wants to go Dad..."

"Great. Now you two start getting packed, we leave first thing tomorrow morning." The screen went blank.

"Better go tell your alien friend that he's being dragged along." Gaz chuckled darkly. She really did enjoy the look of unmasked disgust on her brother's face.

"He is NOT my friend Gaz! You know that..."

"Well, it looks like you better start being just that. Tonight." She turned and left the room, presumably to pack for the trip.

Dib glared at the spot where she had been sitting. She had been using her knowledge of his loathing for Zim to constantly nag at him ever since she had played against the alien on her Game Slave. Dib secretly wondered if anything had passed between them while he was unconscious.=

Shaking off the thought, on the basis that it was impossible. Gaz? Acting girlie? Come on. He walked slowly to the door.


=Reference to an occurrence in "Pure Doogie" (If you wanna know what DID happen, you'll just have to read it! : P )

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