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Chapter 11

After placing the flower in her hair as Dib had told him to do, Zim stepped back to watch what she would do.

She seemed dazed for a moment, a faint tinge of red at her cheeks, running a hand curiously through her locks until she felt the flower. Tracing her fingertips around the petals, she eyed Zim considerately. She knew she was floating for real.

"Do you know what this means to a girl, Zim?" She fixed him with a hopeful gaze.

"That I'm 'in love', right?" He seemed doubtful, like he was afraid she might have missed his point.

Her eyes widened in surprise, she hadn't expected an answer so direct. Then again, Zim wasn't one to extravagate what he wanted to get across. She could feel her cheeks burning.

"Does it embarrass you?" He asked, looking at her face.

She covered her face. "Only because I like you, too."

He frowned. "Like. Not love?" He grasped her hands to pull them away. But she clamped his hands in hers tight, first. She brought them up to her chin. She raised pooling eyes to look at him. "Love."

He pulled his hands loose, shocked. He wiped away the silver drop that escaped her eye. He fixed her with an understanding look. "You don't want to be, do you?"

"What?!" her eyes took up half her face.

"You don't want to be in love with me." His eyes were downcast.

Gaz couldn't find her voice for what seemed like hours. He nodded and began to walk away. She forced her body into motion.

Oblivious to Gaz's dangerously fast approach, Zim only felt a swift-moving force collide with his back before he was flat on the ground. He rolled over to see Gaz peering down at him, dark cascade of hair brushing his face. "I want to, Zim." She looked like she was on the brink of tears again.

Zim studied her face for a moment. "Then why are you crying?"

"Because I'm happy. Very happy. Aren't you?"

He gave her an imperious stare. "I'm lying on my back, with a human pinning me down, saying she's in love with me." Gaz looked worried. Had he merely been messing with her? Then his face softened. "Of course I'm happy."

The first genuine smile in years curved Gaz's lips. She released her grasp on his shoulders, standing up. He followed suit. She took a few steps into the clearing, tilting her head back to feel the gentle sprinkles of rain on her forehead. Zim walked up behind her.

"So, what do we do now?" he asked uncertainly.

"We do this." Gaz wrapped his arms around her shoulders, leaning back. Her head fit perfectly beneath his chin. She closed her eyes, smiling. Releasing one of his hands she held the other up, spinning around to face him. She clasped her own hands behind his neck now. Standing on her tiptoes, she pulled him closer.

Gaz kissed a boy for the first time in her life. Zim didn't pull away. It was a kiss of innocence. Flower petals and raindrops. Marshmallows melting over a flame beneath a blue velvet sky. Star sprinkles and moonbeams. It was the emblem of a baby named Love, well-nourished and strong.

Gaz opened her eyes, gently breaking the kiss. She looked up at Zim, glowing. "Well?"

Zim looked like he needed to remember who he was. "What was that?" he asked, thunderstruck.

"A kiss."

Zim grinned. He hoped the 'kiss' wasn't a one-time thing. "What's next?"

Gaz laughed. "Nothing. I'm only ten." But she wrapped him in a fierce hug before walking back to camp.

Smiling proudly, Zim followed. He had shown 'love' who was in charge. It was no longer a plague to him. In fact, he found it to be quite enjoyable.


The car-ride home was much like the one to the camping grounds. Conversation was scarce, each person lost in their own thoughts. This time however, none of them was frowning.

As they pulled in front of Zim's house, he turned to Dib. He gave the human a nod of respectful recognition. Dib returned it. Gaz waved goodbye, smiling. Dib watched her in silent happiness. At last, he had been the one to put a smile on her face.

Zim turned once he reached his door. He waved to Prof. Membrane, and smiled hesitantly at Gaz. She blew him a kiss. She and Dib laughed at the baffled expression on his face as they pulled away, heading home.


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