A/N: This was going to be angsty, but then I decided against it. The fluff is just too powerful to destroy. Looking at it realistically, who would give their son a name like Remus Lupin? They couldn't have known he would become a werewolf. Let's pretend for the moment that it was just a bizarre coincidence…

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Note: Forgive my constant use of ironic and darkly humorous lines in these random one shots….


"Remus?" Mrs. Lupin said doubtfully before smiling at the new-born in her arms. The baby's birth had gone without complication and she was very tired but very happy.

"Well," her husband said happily from his seat next to her on the bed, "you don't want to call him 'Junior' so we can't name him after me… I thought you wizards always had weird names anyway, Rowena."

Rowena snorted indignantly, causing the child to smile. "I'll have you know an acquaintance of mine just named her child James."

Mr. Lupin dismissed this fact with a wave of his hand. "Come on, think about it: Richard, Rowena, and Remus. Cute, huh?"

"About as cute as you are in the morning," she scowled. Her husband pretended to look offended.

He ran a hand lightly over his son's head. "Look, I'm just saying I like the name. I mean, it does have a nice ring to it; Remus Lupin."

"Ugh," Rowena groaned, "That's terrible. I know you're fond of puns, but this is our son's name we're talking about."

Richard grinned, "I know."

"My husband is the corniest man alive," Rowena sighed. Richard looked at the baby, who now appeared a bit sleepy, intently.

"Remus?" he said carefully. The boy's tiny face turned towards him. "Aha!" he cried, "See? He answers to it already!"

"He's just interested because you made a noise," Rowena said sternly. She hated to admit it, but the more she watched her son the more she found herself calling him 'Remus' in her mind. She couldn't give in so easily…

"Kids will laugh at him at school," she said as a last argument. Richard was fully prepared.

"What are the chances that some kid will be knowledgeable enough of both Latin and mythology to make the connection?"

Rowena grew serious, and looked down at the now sleeping child once more. This is my child, she thought. My son. "We'll have to be careful, you know," she said tiredly, "He could grow up to be a very great wizard."

"With your genes in him I don't doubt it," Richard said on cue, but Rowena caught the change in his tone.

"Rich, it's very likely that this child will be a wizard. We need to face that."

"I know, I know," he replied, "There's nothing to face."

"Then what's bothering you?"

He sighed, silently cursing his wife's perceptiveness. "I don't know… I just don't know if I could stand to send him off to that school. I mean, we've lived a normal life together so far, right? Well, relatively normal…" His hand slipped over his right pocket where his wife's wand lay safely hidden.

"Ah, but what is normal?" Rowena commented melodramatically. Her husband smiled. "So you won't… I don't know, be mad at him for not being 'normal' will you?"

He seemed shocked at the question. "Wen, how could you ask that? I mean, yeah I might be disappointed he won't get to go to my old high school, but I will love this child no matter what he becomes."

And Rowena sighed- this had been bothering her for quite some time. "Good," she murmured, suddenly feeling quite sleepy herself. Richard gently removed the child from her arms so she could lie back properly. "I guess… Remus isn't that bad," she said tiredly. She liked seeing the child in Richard's arms like that. Our son…

"Do you hear that, Remus?" Richard whispered, "Mummy's regained her sense of humor."

Too tired to slap her husband, and not wanting to disturb the baby, Rowena fell asleep to simple happy dreams.