The last story that I wrote was a one shot, so let me try a longer story. This is also the first time I'm working with characters that I don't own and I'm trying to tell their story without putting myself in as a character.

Polarized Heart

Chapter 1 – The Darkness of the Night

A boy sat alone in his dark chamber, a solitary candle burning on his desk where he was. Stooping over to have his face close to the paper, he furiously scribbled down the day's events into his journal. The sound of distant footsteps caused him to stop writing. Slowly he raised his head, his long black hair still touching the parchment, and quill in writing position. Someone was heading down the hall towards his room. No one ever came to his room unless he was in trouble or something bad was going to happen. Judging by the heaviness of the steps, it was his father coming. Hurriedly the boy blew out the candle and ran to get under the large bed. He fit easily as he was very thin, his long legs curling around him. Times like this he hated his life.

"Severus! Severus!" a harsh whisper cut through the room rushedly and angrily. "I know you're in here. I can smell the smoke from a freshly snuffed candle. And your stinking fear wreaks around your room in a way only you could cause. Get out from your hiding place you coward and face me like a man!" A few angry curses and mumbled invectives escaped the man's mouth, but did not reach the boy's ears. He lay there for a few seconds contemplating his next move. He can't really know that I'm under here. He just wants to scare me into coming out. I won't give him the satisfaction of that… A few moments passed, neither one moving from their positions. Finally, after getting stiff in the joints and beginning to question himself, the older man turned to leave but stopping just outside of the door. With a wave of his wand, he made the sound of his retreating footsteps. The boy fell for the trap, slowly crawling out from under the bed. As soon as he had he regretted it. A strong hand wrapped around his small wrist causing immense pain and burning. The boy tried to call out, but the man had grabbed him by the neck with the other hand and threw him against the wall.

"How dare you disobey me boy!" he snarled. "When I give you an order, you damn well better follow it. I always knew you'd be a weak spot in our family. We'd be better off without you. If I had my way I would have killed you years ago, but your mother wouldn't have it, so you best be listenin' to me now." He let go of the boys neck. A fragile hand reached up to rub where the man's hand had just been, a lone tear of anger rolled down his cheek, hidden by the raven curtain of hair covering his face. The man paced the room a few times, looking up at the boy from time to time.

"I don't know what to do with you. Are we not good enough for you? Any other boy would kill to be in this family, but you take it for granted… I may have to teach you to appreciate it. For now, I need to finish that training we started last week… How is your studying? Seems to me you weren't working hard up here" his sharp eyes ran to the now empty desktop, then back to the boy. "I can't even look at you" and with this he stormed out of the room. The boy slid along the wall to the floor, a fire of hate burning holes in his young little heart.

The letter had come a few weeks ago. His father was furious that it hadn't come from Durmstrung, but Hogwarts was better than other schools. Deep inside of Severus was a longing to leave now, as though he couldn't leave fast enough. All sorts of strange events had started happening, and many kinds of folk had come to his house to talk with his father. This only fueled the fire inside of him further, never easing up to give the boy peace. He lay on his dark velvet bed, the hangings pulled open to watch the events of the house. The only light in his room was the blue light of the night coming in through the windows. He fit in perfectly with the shadows, dressed all in black, except his pearly white skin. He had always been pale, a sad effect of living inside his room his entire life. This was another reason going off to school would be good for him. Perhaps he could make friends now. Even his own brother wouldn't play with him, as Severus was too scared to venture freely through their large house. Severus knew the dark nature of his father was not safe, and neither were the lot he hung around with. On the contrary, his brother liked his father very much, and the feelings were returned. This had caused Severus to call his room sanctuary ever since he was five years old. After six years of holding your self prisoner with your own chamber as your dungeon, the thought of leaving seemed like an impossible dream. Yet here it was, the invitation to go to a school far away, live in the school, and not have to see his father for nine months.