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Polarized Heart

Chapter 8 - Love's Many Faces

The days flew by for the first time in Severus' memory. He and Remus weren't

exactly the couple he had imagined, but they wre indeed a couple and that was all

that mattered. It was hard finding time for just the two of them, and they often

ended up in the library. Tonight was no different. The boys had sat next to each

other in all of their classes together, ate meals facing each other, and then walked

through the halls after hours.

They stepped into the library, Severus letting Remus in before him and

holding the door open. Amber eyes closed for a second and four ivory cheeks


"You know Sev, I have a really good time with you lately."

"Me too."

"Can I be honest with you?"

"Uh, sure, I guess." Remus played with Severus' sleeve for a moment not looking

up. "I wasn't sure how to act around you at first. I mean, I thoguth you were so

deep that you'd find me…well, kind of dumb. But in fact, you make me feel

smarter than anyone else…" (A/N: I have writers block lalalalala….)

"Don't take this personally Remmie, but I'm not really in the mood for a

personal little heart to heart tonight." He lifted Remus' head in his hand in a way

that Remus had no doubt what exactly it was that he was in the mood for. A

devious glint shone in the Slytherin's eyes, and his body itched with anticipation.

"Severus, we haven't done anything yet. Don't you want to have an emotional

connection with me fir-"

"To hell with emotional crap Rem, you know exactly what kind of a connection

I want with you." Remus' eyes popped open and his face burned. Was this a

joke? Was he supposed to be offended? All that Remus could think of was how

attractive Severus was when he was like this and how badly he wanted to give in.

The two stared at each other a moment, and Severus felt his stomach lurch. He

had never even kissed his won parents let alone someone he cared about, but here

he was with Remus Lupin about to exchange saliva. They leaned in and, like hands

in prayer, their lips met. Severus stayed for a moment and then pulled back, his

eyes wide open and watching Remus. That's not at all what I thought it would

be like. Shouldn't there be lights and sparks and stuff? Did I do it wrong?

What is he thinking? Severus' mind raced as he looked at the delicate eyes

before him. The lids slowly opened, and a smile was behind them. Severus closed

his eyes and leaned back into the Gryffindor. Soft lips met his, and this time a chill

went up his spine. Something warm worked its way in between Severus' lips and

into his mouth. Holy Cow! I don't believe this is happening… The kiss

intensified and Severus suddenly felt his hands on Remus, Remus' arms wrapping

around him.

It felt like nothing Severus had ever experienced, and he suddenly pulled back

to get some breath. Both boys panted and leaned back in their chairs.

"Well,…not exactly what I was planning for tonight…" Remus said quietly, a

small smile on his lips as he looked at Severus. As the two considered what to do

next, Lucius burst into the library.

"Severus, come, now!" His eyes were wild and he was breathless as though he

had run the whole way. He sneered at Remus a moment and practically dragged

Severus out of the room before either could say anthing to each other. Once they

were well away from the library Lucius turned to Severus as they sprinted. "I

don't know what was going on in there, but I don't want to see it again."

At last they had reached the dungeons of the Slytherin common room where

Severus finally saw what the urgency was. Lying motionless in the middle of the

room was Narcissa.

"How long is this going to take, Snape?" Lucius asked impatiently over

Severus' shoulder. The younger boy worked furiously over a small cauldron

where a purple potion was slowly bubbling. The two boys sat in the corner of the

common room by the fireplace, but at the moment it was the coldest part of the


"If you want it to work properly you're going to have to stop breathing down

my neck and making me lose my concentration" Severus said slyly. The blonde

backed off a little, his eyes trailing over to where Narcissa was spread across the


"You sure this is going to work?" Lucius asked quietly, slowly sitting down next

to Severus but never taking his eyes off of her.

"If I focus on what I'm doing it will go exactly how I planned." He placed the

last ingredients in and waved his wand to stir it. His eyes slowly met Lucius and his

stomach lurched. There was a longing in his eyes, something that Severus

understood only too well…

"Lucius, what are you thinking about?" The look still in his eyes, Lucius scooted

closer to Severus. A small grin was playing on his lips and Severus grew more and

more nervous.

"You want to know what I'm thinking about? I'm thinking about why Narcissa

is out cold way over there, but you and I are over here, together…" His words

trailed off as the gap between them was closing.

"Th-that's an interesting question…" Severus stammered as he backed away

from him. The room was suddenly very hot and it made him extremely conscious

of the fact that they were the only ones in the room. "Um…what exactly did

happen to her while I was gone? Lucius' smile faltered for a second, something

flickering in his eyes that was more than just the reflection of the fire.

"Hmm…you want to know what happened to her? I'll tell you what happened

to her…" His face was so close to Severus' that his hot breath hit right onto the

other boy's lips. Scooting his chair out, Severus stood up and quickly walked over

to Narcissa. Her eyes were closed and her face was very relaxed. TO anyone

passing by she would have appeared to be sleeping. Footsteps came in slow steps

behind him and Severus straightened up in his anticipation. Lucius came to a stop

right next to him.

"I poisoned her Sev, I poured toxins into her drink." His words came out a hot

whisper into Severus' ear. Severus' eyes popped open, and he stared at her limp

body before him.

"Why would you do that…I thought you loved her…" His voice full of disbelief,

he waited to hear Lucius' response.

"I don love her. But there is some-…thing else I need tonight…and it would

have killed her to know the truth…" He gently licked Severus' neck, his hands

gripping the other boy's sides. Severus' eyes clamped shut and he pried Lucius'

hands off, turning around to face him.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Severus asked, staring at Lucius

incredulously. Lucius grinned wickedly and moved up close to Severus, his breath

mingling with Severus' angry breath. Fear and hurt was playing in the silver eyes,

and Severus couldn't quite recognize it. All he knew was that he didn't like where

this was going. Lucius' hand slowly stroked Severus' hair, sending an unwanted

chill down his spine. Severus felt himself backing up against the couch. "Lucius,

what is going on?"

Instead of replying verbally, Lucius put his hand over Severus' mouth and pu

shed him down on the couch, a sick grin upon his lips. With the movement of

Lucius, Severus let out a gasp, his eyes rolling up to stare at the ceiling.

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