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True Love
Chapter One
In Search of Kagome.

"Kagome, where are you? Kagome!" InuYasha yelled.

InuYasha and the others were looking for Kagome. She had when missing after her and InuYasha had a big fight over something stupid. Everyone assumed that Kagome had gone home but when InuYasha went to go apologize to Kagome, he found that she hadn't been there for a month. That's when InuYasha formed a search party.

"Where am I?" Kagome asked.
"You're in my castle." Naraku replied.
"What! Why did you kidnap me? I'm useless to you." Kagome questioned.

"You're not useless to me. You have half of the shikon no tama. I want it." Naraku said.
"I don't have it. I left it behind with somebody to watch over it." Kagome said.
"Who?" Naraku asked.
"Like I would tell you, you've got to be crazy." Kagome replied.
"Fine be difficult. I will just use you to hurt InuYasha and the rest of your friends." Naraku said. As soon as he had said that Kagome was, in a way, possessed, all feelings and emotions were gone. Kagome left the castle headed straight for InuYasha.

"Where can she be? She isn't anywhere in the forest or at here home nor is she at the village hiding." Shippo said to Miroku and Sango.
"Do you think she may have been kidnapped by somebody?" Sango asked carefully.
"I don't know but I don't like the feeling I'm getting. Something that is very powerful is coming this way." Miroku said. InuYasha heard what Miroku said and focused all his senses to the forest. Then all of a sudden Kagome came out. InuYasha, Miroku and Sango knew that something was wrong. Then Sango looked into Kagome's eyes and notices something very familiar.

'I need to stop myself before I hurt anyone.' Kagome thought. She tried to stop walking but found that it was pointless to do anything. She wasn't in control over her own body! She did remember one time when Kohaku was with them. He was exactly like she is right now. Naraku told him to kill Kagome but he didn't.
'So maybe I can control some things.' thought Kagome. Then at that moment Naraku released her. She was in control! She then realized where she was and who she was walking towards.
Sango then looked again. She noticed that Kagome's eyes were the same old, soft brown eyes that she always had.
"Be careful InuYasha." Sango said.

'She won't give in to me. I guess I will have to control her again for her to do what I say.' Naraku thought.
"Kill InuYasha, Kagome." Naraku said in Kagome's mind.
All of the sudden Kagome started to run towards InuYasha with a sword.
"What the hell are you doing, Kagome?!" InuYasha yelled. Before InuYasha could do anything, Sango used her boomerang to stop Kagome. Kagome when limp and she dropped the sword and fell to the ground.
"Why did you have to do that?!" InuYasha yelled.
"I was trying to help." Sango replied desperately. InuYasha ran over to Kagome. Kagome opened her eyes but before she could grab the sword, InuYasha grabbed it.
"What's wro...?" InuYasha cut himself off. He had finally noticed her eyes and the smell of Naraku on her.
"Where's the bastard?" InuYasha asked under his breath. InuYasha looked around him. The only problem was that he didn't notice Kagome move. She raised her hands then blasted InuYasha with an energy blast.
Kagome tried to stop it before it happened but she couldn't do it. She was so broken-hearted in hurting InuYasha that she gave up.

'Fine, I'll give you the jewel shard, just let me go.' thought Kagome.
At that Naraku released her saying to come to the well and give it to him. Kagome then turned back to normal. She sat up and turned to a horrified Shippo.
"Shippo, please give me the jewel shard." Kagome asked. Shippo took out the jewel around his neck and gave it up. Shippo then noticed the sadness in her eyes.
"Kagome wait, please don't go. You can explain what happened. You don't need to leave us. I'm still your friend." Shippo pleaded.
"I'm sorry Shippo but I must do this. I'm sorry InuYasha." Kagome said, now crying. Then Kagome ran off into the forest. InuYasha got up, and with out being told to, ran after her.

'Everybody witnessed what I did. I can't believe that I'm giving in like this.' Kagome thought to her self. She then realized that she was being followed.
"Wait Kagome, where are you going?!" InuYasha asked.
"Leave me alone!" Kagome yelled. When she said that, another energy blast hit InuYasha. InuYasha took a look, before he landed on the ground, at Kagome and saw all the sadness of surrendering and the sadness of hurting him again. Then she ran off.
'I need to stop her before she does something stupid.' InuYasha thought.

"I'm doing what Sango did when we first met. I'm giving up plus I'm hurting someone I love." Kagome said aloud. The thing was when InuYasha fell to the ground he rebounded and started to follow Kagome again. He was close enough to be able to hear what Kagome said aloud. He decided to just follow for a while and make sure Kagome didn't get into trouble.
"I need to hurry so I don't have to go through that again." Kagome said.
'What is she talking about?' thought InuYasha.
"I can't believe I'm giving into his wishes. He's just some evil demon who always gets his way and always uses someone else to do his dirty work for him. He's using me exactly like he used Sango and Kohaku." Kagome said.
'She's speaking about Naraku! What would she be giving him?" InuYasha asked himself. He thought real hard and figured it out. The Shikon no tama! He was going to wait till Kagome actually met up with Naraku before he did anything because he could be wrong.
Naraku noticed that someone was following Kagome. Just as he planned, it was InuYasha.
'How very nice this is. He will watch as Kagome gives into me.' thought Naraku. Then Kagome came out into the clearing.
"It's nice to see that you made it." Naraku said.
"Yeah, well let's get this over and done with." Kagome said, truly sadden in what she was about to do. Then InuYasha came out into the clearing.
"What are you doing Kagome!?" InuYasha yelled. Kagome looked over at InuYasha with frighten look then looked over at Naraku.
"I'm sorry for everything, InuYasha. I'm sorry for ever coming here. I should have stayed home after I went back the first time and none of this would have happened. I'm sorry InuYasha for hurting you and I'm sorry for loving you. That is why I'm doing this." Kagome said, now crying all over again.
"Kagome you don't have to do this. We can still fight him." InuYasha replied, after he got over the initial shock of what Kagome said.
"Don't listen to him, Kagome. He doesn't share the same feelings for you as you do him." Naraku said.
"That's not true, Kagome. I do love you. If you come over here we'll be able to talk some more about it." InuYasha said. Kagome looked over at InuYasha with a look of shock. InuYasha saw that look.
'Finally I'm getting through to her.' thought InuYasha.
"Give me the jewel shard now or you'll have to watch as you hurt InuYasha." Naraku said. Kagome looked over at InuYasha and again at Naraku. She stepped towards Naraku then stopped as InuYasha said something.
"Kagome, hear me out. Don't worry about me okay! Remember, I'm half demon. I'll be okay. Please come this way." InuYasha begged. Kagome looked at InuYasha then went towards him.
'Good, she's coming this way. Maybe I'll be able to actually kill Naraku. I can't believe that he would use Kagome like that!' thought InuYasha. Kagome got up to InuYasha. InuYasha took a look at Kagome and saw that she was scared to death.
"Naraku, you're going to pay for what you've done to Kagome!" InuYasha yelled, as he took out Tetsusaiga. But before InuYasha could do anything, Naraku flew away. InuYasha then put his sward away and turned to Kagome. He saw there was a lot of sadness and fear in her face. He walked over to Kagome and then embraced her. InuYasha had no idea what to do but he saw the monk do this to both Sango and Kagome to reassure them. So he thought he would give it a try.

'Why is he doing this? I've done nothing but hurt him. I don't deserve this.' thought Kagome.
"Kagome before you do anything I just want you to know that I fully understand now what was going on. Naraku threatened you. You don't need to be sorry for what happen. Naraku was controlling you." InuYasha said.
"InuYasha, I can't stay here anymore. I have to leave. This is my entire fault. I hurt you and everyone saw." Kagome said.
"They'll understand, especially Sango since she went through the same ordeal with Kohaku. Don't worry about it. Let's go back to the village." InuYasha said.
"No InuYasha! You don't understand. I almost gave up the shikon no tama to Naraku!" Kagome yelled as she pushed InuYasha away. InuYasha had no come back to what she said. Then he thought about what both Kagome and he had said earlier.
"Kagome listen to me. I love you with all of my heart. To me whatever happened today is forgiven. That's how much I love you." InuYasha said. Kagome just looked at InuYasha before she told InuYasha...
"Fine I'll go back to the village with you." InuYasha's face lit up when she said that.
"Get on my back. It will be much quicker this way." InuYasha said. Kagome obeyed him and go on his back.