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Argus Filch, a scruffy young man, walked quietly down the dark hallway. A faint sound was coming from the end of the corridor. As he approached a fork in the walkway, he saw a woman crouched into a ball, rolling back and forth, crying. She had tabby, mouse brown hair that curled by her ears and wore a baby blue cardigan draped over her shoulders. At once, he thought she was beautiful.

Argus felt the urge to comfort the girl, to wash her sadness, and whatever had caused it, away. He silently put his hand on her shoulder and she jumped, noticing his presence for the first time. She looked at him with her frightened and tear-stained face but did not scream or hit his hand away.

He looked at her beautiful face. Her cream colored skin. Her perfect nose. Her amazing green eyes. What could something have done to make such a wonder cry?

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a man in dark robes appeared with a crack. He began shouting tangled words at the young women and pointed what looked like a brown stick at her.

Argus did not understand what was going on. Terrified he sat there, helplessly trying to make out the scene that was unfolding around him. A scream, a flash of light, a man's voice, more flashes of light and screams.

Then, as if in slow motion, the man turned to Argus, pointing the stick at him, threateningly. The woman gave a gasp of horror and quickly dived in front of Argus as a stream of silver light erupted from the thing the man was holding. The woman took out a stick and yelled defiantly.

Everything was still. The man had vanished. Argus glanced around, confused. The woman who had supposively saved his life was gone. He looked into a corner. There, where the woman had been moments before, was a tabby cat with amazing green eyes.