Anakin raced madly through the catacomb of corridors within Theed palace, Adroitly guiding the speeder through the crisscross of droid fire, which seemed to be coming from every corner of the palace.
Moving at an incredible speed through the narrow corridors he needed every ounce of his Jedi instincts and reflexes to avoid crashing to the walls.
Even then they would have been sitting ducks, if the Queen, seated behind him was not as skillfully picking up targets with her blaster-making the enemy take cover-and giving them enough room to maneuver. The years of training on the firing range had made her a deadly shot.

Nearly ten years after that fateful invasion by the trade federation, in which hundreds of peaceful Naboo had lost their lives, the planet, enjoyed relative peace and stability. Their Sovereign Queen Amidala had ruled with wisdom, the war and its destructive reminders were gone. Naboo had prospered much and the queen was very popular with her people-except a handful of bureaucrats, who had once enjoyed unbridled power but their authority had been curbed much in Amidala's reign. They were growing impatient; it seemed there was no way to remove her the democratic way. Time and again she had been re-elected to lead the people, frustrating her political rivals, who came out with new election strategies each election year, only to be completely routed by her again and again.

This very popularity was now threatening her life.
Just days before the queen had been attacked, by a palace servant with a chi dagger-daggers that have poisoned blades. Had Anakin not been around to cut him down with his lightsaber, she would not have survived, for, even a small scratch from a chi could be fatal. It seemed her enemies were getting desperate, they were now ready to try any thing to be in power.

Agent Burk, a trusted servant of the queen arrived one day, asking to see the Queen immediately, saying that he had very important news for the Queen and that he had to meet the queen personally. The queen met him in her private office, in the administrative block of the palace. She was very alarmed by the news he had to give. The queen called an emergency meeting of her council to discuss this new development.

Burk gave details of a rebel army that had been training for sometime now in the Western Mountains. He said that he had come across details of an attack on the queen. According to the plan group of rebels would attack the palace, after assassinating the queen and securing the palace, the very people who were behind the plot would come forward and squash the rebellion. Exemplary punishment would be met out to the leaders of the rebellion (at least overtly) thus avenging the queen and saving the planet from chaos and anarchy. By avenging the queen they would earn the approval of the populace and their votes too.

The queen suspected palace insiders to be involved in this plot. She could name a few who would love to be in her place, but there was no solid evidence to incriminate any one.
They were very clever hiding behind their pawns and manipulating them from afar making sure their dirty fingers didn't leave any imprints anywhere.

Burk reported that a man called Captain Halle was leading the rebellion. Not much was known about him, except that he was an ex-mercenary. The report said that the size of this army was quite large. This surprised her because Naboo people including the gungans and swamp tribes were not good candidates as rebel recruits. Either this was a misinformation, which she doubted because the agent was a reliable one, or the rebel army was comprised of off-world mercenaries, which to her seemed more likely.

After considerable debate, it was agreed that the queen's life was in great danger, she had to be protected at any cost to foil the rebel plans.
Because she was an obstacle to the power plans of these people they would not spare her life at any cost. It was decided that the queen should go to a safe place till this was all sorted out.
Captain Panaka was advised to call up for his recruits and mobilizes the army. Burk's men were to stay low and try to find out the identities of the main players of this plot.

As no place on the planet was quite safe, the council decided that the queen should seek asylum on another world friendly to their government.
According to plan the Queen decided to make an unofficial visit-surreptitiously-to the planet of Khandara, Which was a reliable ally of Naboo. The Naboo had helped them in their time of adversity. The Queen had good personal relations with the leader of that planet-the old Haji-who had been chief tribal leader for over five decades. The queen was sure she could rally his support and help her save her people against yet another attack on their peace and independence. Khandarians were, the queen assured the council "not ones to forget when it came to repaying gratitude"

After the trade federation war, Naboo made several changes to their constitutional laws. One of them being the formation of a regular army, along with making one year service in the army, compulsory for all adult Naboo citizens. But even with these new measures the security requirements of the planet could not be met adequately
Small Naboo depended mostly on the assurances of the republic, which made new laws to insure the independence of smaller planets; the laws even promised military intervention to preserve the sovereignty of all the member planets from outside threats. But all the laws of the republic could not help Naboo this time
She was under a new threat this time. A threat; from within.

The Queen had called in her head of security captain Panaka along with her jedi protector Master Obi-wan Kanobi, and a couple of Panaka's men to discuss the details of the escape. The meeting was held in strict confidence, as the rebel spies had infiltrated all strata of the palace staff.

It was decided that captain Panaka would arrange an outing for the Queen, her handmaidens and some selected confidants on Lake Zamron, on the out skirt of Theed City.
The Queen would go in the official transport, joined by two handmaidens and guards, but instead of the real Queen it would be her decoy Sabe, who would be travelling in the royal transport. While public attention was focused on Sabe, Amidala disguised as a handmaiden would slip out of Theed city on Anakin's ship, which he lovingly called "the Sith', the one that they had captured after the fall of the trade federation.

The Sith infiltrator was originally Darth Maul's personal transport but after the Federation's defeat in the trade war and Mauls death it came into Naboo hands. Anakin had fallen in love with it the moment he had seen it.
Manufactured by Sienar Designs Systems. Originally an armed star courier but customized secretly by Darth Sidious to serve as a Sith Infiltrator. Featuring laser cannons, advanced sensor systems and an experimental ion engine system requiring large radiator panels which folded inward during landing. Its most dangerous aspect though was is its cloaking ability, able to appear and disappear like a flickering ghost.

The Queen thought it fit to reward Anakin with this ship for his bravery that day. Obiwan and the Queen both decided he would not get actual possession till he was eighteen years old. Till then it would sit here in Naboo.

The Sith craft's excellent cloaking capabilities and maneuverability made it the transport of choice for such an escape. With Anakin at the controls it was unstoppable. The royal ship though was more susceptible as it was unarmed. And it stood out like a sore thump when it came to sneaking. The queen could not escape in it, as she would be noticed. And it was out of the question for a handmaiden to use it on a private trip. So while Halle's men were watching the Royal Cruiser the queen would slip by in the Sith. Anakin-who at the time was working on a top secret military project at the ultra secret Thal Weil military base-was called up to bring the Sith to Theed.

Amidala feared for Sabe's safety, as she would obviously be more exposed to danger. Obiwan and captain Panaka along with two contingents of palace guards were assigned to her safety. A small group consisting of two handmaiden and four guards and of course Anakin was assigned to Amidala's safety, small so as not to arouse any suspicion as they sneaked out to the hanger.

Captain Panaka was apprehensive though, about the arrangement as he did not believe a jedi student, hardly out of his teens, could be entrusted with such a heavy responsibility, but Obiwan had complete trust in his padawan's abilities. Besides, he argued if one of us were to be seen guarding any one other than the queen people would wonder why? Panaka decided that Obiwan had a point there. So it was agreed that Anakin would escort the Queen to the secret base.