The Dare

Chapter 1

Hermione walked into the library excitedly. She couldn't wait to study in piece for once, without Ron and Harry's complaining, as they were at Quidditch practise.

She couldn't understand them though, it was their 7th year and still they didn't want to study. "Oh well… their loss" she said to herself as she packed out all her books nicely.

She had her notes, quill and everything she needed to get studying ready, when she heard girls giggle. "Urgh" she said in frustration.

But she continued with her work, just to see if they'll stop… but they didn't. "That's it" she said after 2 more minutes. She got up and followed the sound of the giggles, where she found Lavender, Parvati and Padma talking.

She walked up to them. "Excuse me" she said, trying VERY hard to hold back the sarcasm in her voice. "Oh, hey Herms" they replied and continued talking. Hermione sighed. "Would you girls mind to go and talk somewhere else?" she asked.

They looked at her confused "Why?" asked Padma nicely. "Because, I'm trying to study and I can't get anywhere with you giggling so much" said Hermione. "Oh, sorry but… why don't you leave your study for a bit and come join us" said Lavender.

Hermione rolled her eyes "What are you doing?" she asked. "We're playing truth or dare" said Parvati with an excited smile.

Hermione's eyebrows raised, her eyes confused "No tha…" "We'll leave if you join us for one round" said Lavender quickly before Hermione could decline. Hermione thought for a minute.

"Alright fine" she said and took a seat at their round table next to Padma. "But only ONE and then you leave" said Hermione "Excellent" said Lavender and smiled mischievously.

"Ok… who was next?" she asked. "Me" said Parvati. "Ok… truth or dare?" asked Lavender "Mmm, truth" replied Parvati.

Everyone thought for a minute "HA…ok I have one" said Padma "How old were you when you got your first period?" Parvati blushed "PADMA"

 "What, we're all girls here… and you HAVE to answer it, other wise you know what happens… and you can't lie" said Padma. "What happens?" asked Hermione panicked.

 "It's a surprise… you won't know when or what will happen to you… but we will come for you when you least expect it" "You didn't tell me that, why do you do it anyway?" said Hermione her eyes wide.

 "Makes it more fun" said Lavender with an evil grin.

 "And how do you know if the person is lying or not?" she asked. "See this?" asked Lavender, pointing to a remembrall on the table.

"We charmed it, so it can tell when a person is lying when touching it, and instead of the smoke turning red when you've forgotten something… it turns red when you're lying so… Parvati, if you please" said Lavender with a sweet, yet teasing smile.

Parvati swallowed and placed her hand on the ball. "Twelve" she said and quickly removed her hand.

"Hey, you told me you were 15" said Padma. "Well…I …I … it's Hermione's turn" said Parvati quickly, trying to get the embarrassing situation out of the way.

"True, it is" said Lavender with that smile again while Padma looked at Hermione excitedly. Parvati let out a small breath. "Ok Herms… truth or dare?" asked Padma.

"U-um… uh" Hermione thought for a minute, she didn't want them to ask her something like they did Parvati so… "Dare" she said.

"Mmm, that's a tricky one…" said Lavender. Padma's nose crumbled up in thought as well.

 "I know" said Parvati. "Ok, spill" said Lavender. "Place your hand on the ball Hermione" "Why?" "Because, if you don't perform the dare within 24 hours well… you can think of the consequences yourself and the ball will tell us when your time is up" said Padma.

Hermione swallowed "Is studying really worth this torture?" she thought as she placed her hand on the ball. "Ok… hit me" said Hermione.

"Right… you and Harry share a common room and everything, cause you're head prefects, correct?" said Parvati "Yeah" said Hermione slowly, afraid of where this was going.

 "Ok, so you can like, go to Harry's room right?"

"Yeah, our rooms are separated by our bathroom" said Hermione "Brilliant… even better" "PARVATI" said Lavender and Padma "Just say the dare already" said Padma.

"Ok, ok… you, my dear Hermione… have to take a bath and shave your legs…" Lavender gasped "NO" she said sarcastically "Are you serious, she'll NEVER be able to do that" she continued. "Let me FINISH please" said Parvati and looked at Hermione again.

"Then…" Parvati glanced at Lavender "…you go to Harry's room, IN your pj's…" Hermione nodded as Parvati spoke "…take your body lotion and ask him to rub it into your legs for you" Parvati finished, with a smile.

Hermione gasped "What?" she breathed out. Lavender and Padma looked at each other, then at Parvati "Good one sis" said Padma, then they all looked at Hermione.

 "Well?" they asked "Well what?... there's NO way I'm going to do that" said Hermione

"It's not like you have a choice… and besides what's the worst that could happen?" said Lavender. "Well, Harry would think I'm crazy and… I mean what do I tell him… I mean why would I ask him something like that?" They all shrugged.

 "That's up to you, all we care about is that you do it, so… see you" they said removing the ball from beneath Hermione's hand, sealing the dare.

"Wait, where are you going?" asked Hermione "Leaving, we said we would if you played one round, remember?" Hermione opened and closed her mouth… "Oh, and Herms… good luck" said Padma and they left giggling.

Hermione looked out the window "My life is over" she said and threw her head in her arms. This was not good at all, because… yes, she was in love with Harry Potter… which no-one knew of course.

And now, she was going to ask the man of her dreams a.k.a. her best FRIEND, to run his hands over her legs.

There was no way she could bale, who knows what those evil girls could do to her… no… she simply had to come up with a good idea, which Harry had to buy.

 "Come on, you're the smartest which in this school, surely you can come up with SOMETHING!" she thought.

 But after 5 minutes of hard thinking, she still had no good reason. "Maybe studying would open my mind to some ideas" she said and went over to her books, where she had left it earlier, before this nightmare fell upon her.