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Chapter 3

Hermione's eyes grew wide. "I, I … oh… I …um" Hermione stuttered then looked at her hands. She didn't know what to say. Harry sighed "Hermione… what's going on?" he asked. She swallowed. "It's, I just… ok, I lied to you" she said "What do you mean?" asked Harry.

She finally looked up "Today, when I went to study in the library… Lavender, Parvati and Padma gave me a dare, and I didn't have a choice but to take it cause I really wanted to study and… and so the deal was, if they could dare me, they'll leave" said Hermione, constantly breaking eye contact with Harry. "So, the dare was?" Harry asked, a down tone filling his voice.

"I should ask you to rub the lotion into my legs for me… they were very specific" she added quickly "So, there's no hair shaving spell?" asked Harry "No" said Hermione in a soft voice "You're hands aren't hurt in any way?" Hermione swallowed before saying "No".

 "Well… why didn't you just tell me from the beginning that it was all a stupid dare?" asked Harry, anger now filling his voice. "Because… because I figured you wouldn't mind" said Hermione, totally surprised at Harry's sudden change of mood.

"Oh, you FIGURED I wouldn't mind… what made you FIGURE that?" said Harry as he got up. "I… I don't know… did you?" asked Hermione, careful not to use the wrong words.

"That's beside the point… the point is… you lied to me, used me and expect me to smile and be all happy about it, because you FIGURED I would" "Harr-"

 "NO… you know what Hermione… just go ok… leave me alone, cause you CLEARLY don't care AT ALL what I feel" he said crossing his arms angrily. Hermione got off the bed "But Harry I …" "Now" said Harry as he opened his bedroom door and motioned for her to leave. Hermione felt a lump forming in her throat.

 She looked at Harry as her eyes glazed over and she walked closer to the door "Har-" "Goodnight, Hermione" he said as he walked back to his bed

"And close the door behind you" he said as he looked out the window. Hermione gave one last look at him as a tear trickled down her cheek "I'm sorry" she said softly, yet Harry heard it.

Then she left, slamming the door shut and Harry closed his eyes as she did so. Then he slumped down onto the bed with a heavy sigh as he threw his head in his hands.

Hermione fell onto her bed, breaking down in sobs… she had NOT planned for it to work out like that at all. Not only did she ruin the little chance of ever telling him how she felt but she ruined their friendship as well.

"I'm such an idiot" she said.

Then she got under the sheets and clutched them tightly around her. "I'm sorry Harry… why wouldn't he just hear me out?" she thought. "And what did he mean ' I didn't care about what he felt'… what DOES he feel?" she thought. Her heart was aching. It wasn't her intention to hurt him. Hermione cried herself into a dreamless sleep.

Hermione woke up the next morning to the sunlight beaming into her room. Her eyes opened slowly and she turned away from the sharp sun.

 She rubbed her eyes and looked at the time, 8:30. Breakfast was in half an hour, since it was Saturday. She rubbed her cheeks, which was sticky from crying and the memories of the previous night came flooding back.

A pang of guilt and sadness filled her heart. She didn't know if she'll ever be able to look Harry in the eye again.

She sighed and decided that she can't just lie in bed and mope all day. So she got up and dressed herself in a comfortable jean and top, along with a jersey. She glanced at the door, which will lead her to Harry's room after washing her face.

She only hoped they could at least talk things out. She headed down stairs and found the common room deserted. Then she walked to the great hall with a slow pace.

 She felt nervous as she entered, afraid to see Harry.

To her surprise he wasn't there. She spotted Ron and went to sit next to him. "Hey" she said. "Hey, are you ok… you look like you didn't sleep much" said Ron as he took a toast. "I didn't" replied Hermione. "What's wrong?" asked Ron.

 "Nothing… have you seen Harry?" "No, I thought he was coming with you" "No, I haven't seen him yet" Ron looked at Hermione confused "Well, he's got to eat some time, he'll probably be here in a minute" said Ron, before taking a sip of his juice.

"Yeah, probably" said Hermione, fidgeting with the food in her plate. Then she pushed it aside "I'm not hungry… I'm gonne go look for Harry ok" she said as she got up. Ron just looked at her confused again and just replied "Ok, see you"

Hermione walked along the corridors until she came to a door that lead her to the green grounds of Hogwarts. She felt a slight breeze blowing over her face as she headed for the lake… when she found that she wasn't the only one in the mood for nature today.

She breathed in and exhaled slowly as she approached Harry, who was throwing pebbles into the lake, slowly.

She walked even slower as she came closer. She was thinking of turning around and running away, before she stepped on a few pebbles.

Harry turned to see who it was and just looked at Hermione before turning back to the lake. "What are you doing here?" he asked as he threw another pebble.

Hermione opened her mouth but had no idea what to say. She looked at the ground. There was a minute of silence, except for the water splashes of Harry's pebbles.

Hermione was about to say sorry, when Harry suddenly turned around "Ok look… I'm sorry, I COMPLETELY overreacted last night… it WAS just a dare and I didn't handle it the right way… and… yeah… I'm sorry" he said looking at the ground.

Hermione smiled faintly "It's ok… I'm the idiot… I should have just told you that it was a dare… but why DID you react the way you did, if I may ask?" said Hermione, walking a little closer to Harry.

"You may… well, I might as well tell you" said Harry "Tell me what?" asked Hermione curiously. "Well… I guess I felt hurt because… you did it because someone told you to… not because you wanted me to do it and… I thought you wanted me to do it because you, you might feel the same way I do-"

"What way is that?" Hermione asked, feeling excitement bubbling in her "The way you feel… when you're in love with someone" said Harry, looking into her eyes.

"That's what I feel Hermione… I'm in love with you… no, I'm madly in love with you and I'm going nuts because I never have the nerve to tell you and I want so desp…"

Harry was cut off by Hermione, crushing her lips onto his in a burning kiss as she pulled him closer by his shirt. He kissed her back as he pulled her closer around her waist. After a minute or so, they pulled apart breathing hard.

Harry blinked "Wow" he exclaimed and licked his lips. "Tell me about it" Hermione said, still breathing hard. She placed her hands on his chest "Harry… I love you too, and I did want you to do that because it's what I wanted, really… I just didn't know if you felt the same way I did" said Hermione, bringing her arms around his neck.

Harry smiled "What way is that?" he asked. Hermione smiled as she looked into his eyes "The way you feel when you're in love with someone" she said.

Harry's smile grew and he took her hands in his "Well now you know… and… I think it would be fair if I asked you to repay the favor… don't you agree?" said Harry with a sly grin. "I do agree…I'm at your service" said Hermione with a smile.

Harry glanced at the castle, saying "Well in that case, why don't we head back to our room and I'll inform you with every detail" "Sounds good to me" said Hermione and gave him another kiss before they headed back inside.