Author's Notice Yeah! Tragic Remus/Lily. :D I'm glad I could write 'em today, it was hard at first but dialogue always gets my brain moving. Lol. I love dialogue.


...sacred seventeen...

"How is James doing?"

"He's your boyfriend, Lily."

"I don't know anything about him. He leads a life all his own, as do I."

"Last time I spoke to him we were all in the Three Broomsticks drinking too much. I don't remember anything."

"It's bad for you to drink, Remus."

"It's bad for you to worry, Lily."

"How is it anyway? How are things with James?"

"Like anything else I guess. We fight a lot and he's really busy, and he's very popular. Like supremely popular, and I just wave to all his little friends and all of that."

"He looks very happy whenever he's with you."

"He is. I think."

"You don't look very happy though."

"I am...sometimes, I miss you though, Remus. I miss you so much I could hurl."


"What? Was that unladylike or something?"

"Indeed it was. We hang out a lot..."

"Not really."

"Well, you have a boyfriend now, things are different."

"I wish they didn't have to be. I liked things before."

"Life is about sacrificing."

"I'm losing."

"Nah, you're not."

"Did I make a mistake? Are you angry with me?"

"For what? For dating James? That's a ridiculous idea."

"But I like you Remus, and you like me. No one knows it but us. It makes me feel lonely."

"You should be with James. That's what's good. That's where your future's at. He'll make the money, he'll know the people, that is where your life should be heading. Where it is heading!"

"That is not my life! That is some planned out Cinderella version. That is not my life!"

"It's the perfect life, for someone good like you...someone who deserves it."

"In other words, I deserve a lonely empty life?"

"Give James a break."

"I will do nothing of the sort."

"Oh, look, here comes James. Finished with quidditch practice..."

"Shield me!"

"I will do nothing of the sort."

"Ha. Ha. Very funny Remus. Here, hide me in the broom closet..."



"I was kidding, Lily. Quidditch practice lasts till seven thirty. It's only six now."

"That was not very nice!"

"It was a joke, oh, Lily..."

"I'm not speaking to you."


"No! You're mean!"

"Oh, Lily..."

"Ha.Ha. You fell for that? What a loser."

"You were acting? I'd be happy to give you to James after that display!"

"You were already happy to give me to James. You had a chance, so many chances. In seven years all you've had were chances. But you're too chicken."

"You're my best friend."

"Yeah, yeah, the best friend thing."



"Just don't forget that I do love you..."

"I won't forget, Remus."


And she never did forget who really loved her. And would always love her. Her best friend. Remus J. Lupin. But Hogwarts' years were gone, and now two people did their best to move on.

Lily was married with a child. Harry James Potter, named after his father. James was the ideal husband. A provider, nurturing, responsible. He had turned into an amazing, handsome man. Sometimes, Lily felt lonely without Remus but her life was one filled with love.

Remus dated few girls. Cecilia, Charlene, and Tella. No one compared to Lily. He got a job teaching at Durmstrang, Hogwarts brought back too many old memories. He drank continuously, which aged him quite a bit. Remus was lonely without Lily, and every dream is but a memory when you're nineteen.


But Hogwarts' years were gone, and now two people did their best to move on.