"Hey Fleischman"

"Hey Maggie" Joel Looked at Maggie,All He could do was think about what happened on the weekend

(Two Days Before)

It was another normal day in Cicely,Marilyn was sitting behind her desk at Dr Fleischman Office.

"Ok Marilyn whos next?" Joel Asked.

"No one,your free for the day" Marilyn said.

"Ok,well im going to go down to Hollings,see you later"


"Hey Fleischman,what are you doing here,don't you have patients,isn't that why your here,to be a doctor?" Maggie Said

"For your information,No one is sick,and I..Wait I dont need to explain myself to you" Joel Said"

"Whatever Fleischman,So am I flying you to Fairbanks today?"

"Yes,Please" Joel Answered "By Myself for a weekend,Its wonderful" Joel Gloated

(A Few Hours Later)

"Come On Fleischman Lets move it" Maggie Screamed

"Im comming,and none of those air pocket things" Joel said as he climbed into the plane"

"Whatever Fleischman,just get in"

On the ride there while Joel was looking at Maggie,he found himself strangely attracted to her. He memorized each little feature of her face,the way her dimples showed when she smiled,her mole on the corner of her eye,her big blue eyes.

"What Fleischman?,Do I have something on my face" Maggie Asked.

"No its perfect" Joel thought to him self "Oh my god,Did I just say that"

"Are you feeling ok Fleischman"

"No,couldn't be better" The whole way to Fairbanks he kept asking him self...Do I Have Feelings For Maggie,Are these true honest to god feelings,How could I have feelings for her,No..No I Cant,I Just have to focus my mind on something else.

When they arrived at Fairbanks,something happened to Maggie's plane,forcing her to stay in Fairbanks.

"No..No.No,Maggie,this is MY weekend" Joel said,but secretly he wanted her to stay.

"What Fleischman,would you have me sleep in my Plane?,Are You That Selfish?, "It will be fine,I'll get a room like five floors away from you"

"Sorry Ma'am we only have One Room,Its a honeymoon suite" The hotel manger said

"Well...I'll just go to another hotel" Maggie Said

"Sorry,theres not a single hotel room free,besides this one,Take is or leave it"

"We'll take it" Joel said

"Fleischman you better pray it has two beds,other wise your going to be sleeping on the floor"

He loved the passion Maggie had,He loved it when she called him by his last name,just hearing her voice was sweet. He thought to him self (Wait,This Is Maggie im talking about,how can I find everything about her so attractive,No I Have to stop,this is wrong,I DO NOT HAVE FEELINGS FOR MAGGIE O'CONNELL)

When they got to the room,It was beautiful,there was a hottub and two king size beds,a Mini kitchen,it was better then Joels Cabin.

"Fleischman,you lucked out,there are two beds"

"Yea I guess I did" Joel Said.

Joel and Maggie both got ready to go out on the town.

"Now O'Connell I dont want you following me around all night,I need to try to meet some people"

"Fleischman I wouldn't dream of ruining your "Banging Weekend",I will stay out of your way"

Maggie looked at Joel,She found something about him so...so...Sexy and appealing,something she had not noticed before,she tried to tell her self she wasnt jeaouls that Joel could bring some women to the hotel room,but she was,she wanted him to bring her here.

While at a bar,Joel met a women named Debbie. All the while he was talking to Debbie,he noticed Maggie in the corner,pretty much making out with some guy.

"So Maggie,are you going to introduce me to your friend?" Joel said in a sharp tone.

"Fleischman..This is..Is...Ben..Ben is a Dentist" Maggie said,slurring each word.

"Ok Maggie,I think you need to come back to the hotel room,you have had a little to much to drink" Joel Said

"Aww Fleischman,Your such a party pooper" Maggie said as Joel was taking her out of the bar. On The way up to the room Maggie grabbed Joel and gave him a very passionate kiss and then pretty much passed out in Joels Arms. He loved the fact that she had kissed him,and was in his arms,he just wanted her to be sober so she would remember that kiss,It was one he wouldn't forget. When he got to the room he carried her across it,gently laying her in bed.

"Good Night Maggie" He whispered in her ear,as he kissed her on the cheek.

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