"Oh Fleischman,What happened last night,I Have such a headache" Maggie Asked

Joel didn't know if he should tell her that she kissed him,he didn't know if it was all the alcohol,or if even a tiny little part of her was attracted to him.

"Nothing really,you were at the bar and all over some guy and I took you home" Joel wanted so badly to tell Maggie that she kissed him,but he knew this wasn't the time.

As Maggie was getting ready for the day she had a flashback to the night before,She remembered Joel taking her out of the bar,and then them in the elevator,and then she..

"Oh My God I Kissed Fleischman" She said to herself. "How could I have kissed him,I just grabbed him and layed one on him?" Now so many thoughts ran through Maggies head. How Can She Look at Fleischman after that,Did she even like the kiss,or was it just the alcohol? She was very confused. She knew a part of her liked the kiss,and liked Fleischman,she just didn't know if he felt the same way. "Probably Not" She said to her self "Im always cocky to him" she thought. She decided just to go on with the day like nothing had happened but she didnt know how hard that was going to be.

Maggie tried to stay out of Joel's way,as Joel tried to stay out of Maggie's way. But all Joel could think about was that kiss...even though it wasn't long,and Maggie was drunk,It meant alot to him,he had never been kissed like that. Every time he seen Maggie that day all he wanted to do was grab her and kiss her like she had never been kissed before!

Later that night Joel decided to make a move..and ask Maggie out for Drinks,but then he thought about it and he remembered that she gets drunk easily,and he wanted to know if her feelings for him were true and not alcohol related.

"Uhh..Maggie?" Joel Asked

"Yea" Maggie Said "Oh Look At Him So Innocent" She thought to her self

"Want to go out Dancing Tonight?" Joel was afraid of rejection.

"Sure Fleischman Why not,Just let me grab my coat" "Maybe tonights the night" She thought to herself.

Wow she actually said Yes. Joel thought. Does that mean she has feelings for me? He wondered...or is she just trying to be nice..he decided not to think about it and just have fun with Maggie and as much fun as he could have. Joel took Maggie to this little place in town. They were having a blast together,they didn't know they could have this much fun with each other. Maggie had two drinks and Joel thought that was enough for her.

"Ok Maggie, Two is enough,Lets go back to the hotel room,I think we have had enough fun for tonight"

"Alright Fleischman,Lets Go" Maggie Secretly wanted to go back to the hotel room,to see if Joel had feelings for her,and if they were the same feelings she had for him. As they stepped in the Elevator,Joel had a flashback of the other night,Maggie kissing him,then passing out in his arms. He still remembered the way her lips felt..so soft and so wonderful.

Maggie and Joel both got ready for bed...As Maggie was putting on her pajamas she needed to know if Joel had feelings for her.

"Fleischman,Come here would ya?" Maggie hollered Joel's Name

"Yea Maggie What is it?" Joel answered you help me with this button by my neck?" Maggie Asked.

"Sure" Joel Said

As he took the button,he noticed how beautiful Maggies neck was,its looked so soft,and with that he kissed her soft warm neck. It felt like silk.

"Umm..I..I..Im Sorry,I have no clue where that came from Maggie...Im So Sorry" Joel Said,but he really wasnt that sorry.

Maggie turned around and put a single finger on Joels Lips..

"Shh,Dont say anything Fleischman" Maggie Said

And with that Maggie kissed Joel,it was a very passionate kiss,Joel had never been kissed like that before,as he found his hands going through her hair and rubbing her back.

"Uhh Maggie..What Are we doing?" Joel Asked

"What do you want to do?" Maggie asked in a Sexy and seductive tone

"You" Joel Said.

Maggie got a chuckle out of that,and with that Joel layed Maggie on the bed continuing to kiss her ever so passionately. He Unbuttoned her nightgown and gently pulled it over her head...he just stared at her for a while..noticing ever little detail about her body and noticting all her soft curves. Her skin was milky white and it was beautiful. He kissed her neck,and then he kissed her chest. She left out a soft moan.

"Oh Fleischman,make love to me" Maggie said,her breath getting faster and heaiver

"O'Connell, are you sure that's what you want?" Joel asked,he had to ask,but he just wanted to make love to her.

"Fleischman,you talk to much" Maggie said,and with that she continued to kiss him as she unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his chest...as they made love all through the night. What they didn't know was that was the least of there problems!