Title: Two Guys and One Scully
By: Mist
Rating: PG-13
Type: Scully/Doggett romance
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Author's Notes:
Please don't hate me M/S!! I think romances differnently. Like, I think(when I was young)Shaggy and Daphne should be together! So, please read it anyways. Thanks all you peeps! Mist :P


I look at my new partner. Ugh, I remember how we meant. I fell in love with Fox Mulder from the day I met him. But now, I can't take my eyes off of John Doggett. Why did I fall in love with him? Why couldn't I've stayed in love with Mulder? Huh. I remember the day he came back. Came back from UFO's. *sigh*


Agent Doggett and I were driving, looking for a cheap motel for the night. It was about oh, 8:00pm. Then, out of no where a blinding light was about 5in. in front of Agent Dogget's Ford. Doggett pushed the brakes and we just watched. There, out of no where came Mulder.

"Is that...Mulder?" asked my confused partner.

"The one and only," I replied, a little excited.

Agent Doggett stepped out of the veichle and was armed, just in case.

"Is you name Fox Mulder?" he asked.

"The one and only," Mulder replied.

"Uh...huh," replied Doggett, "There's a lady-"

"Scully?" asked Mulder.

"Yes, Scully has been looking for you for over a year," replied my surprised partner.

"I have to see her, where is she?" asked a too excited Mulder.

"In the car," said Doggett, a little worried for my saftey.

"May I travel with you, to, Washington D.C.?" asked Mulder.

"Sure," said Doggett.

"Oh. Who are you?" asked Mulder.

"Her new partner," said Doggett.


So, here I am, in a car full of two guys(in the back)wondering, 'Who the hell do I chose? One I've known for 6 or 7 years, and the other helped me through when Mulder was gone. *sigh*

"Were here," announced Doggett.

As we walked up to the hotel, I had SO much questions to ask Mulder, but didn't want to. He should have a couple days off from all alien realated stuff.

"Welcome to Martin's Motel, my name is Martin, how may I help you?"
asked the clerk.

"I'm John Dogget, may we have three rooms?" asked Doggett.

"I'm sorry, only two sir," said the clerk.

"Uh..Mr. Mulder, may...uh...well...should we share a room?" asked Doggett.

"Why not?" asked my best friend.

"OK, OK, 2 rooms please," said Doggett.

"OK, room 117 for the lady and 218 for you 2," said the clerk.

We went to their rooms and changed to their PJs.

Why is it for me to chose. Both of them probably don't like me in that way anyways. *sigh* I'm pregnat with a baby, and Doggatt was there for me. He saved my life in that one time when my car broke down. And I had to stay at a creepy hotel. But Mulder saved me lots of times, like when an alien went into my body, where we almost kissed...but...

I gathered up my courage and headed toward Doggatt's room.

Aurthor's Notes(Again):
Again, sorry. I have a weird brain. Please don't flame me.
See you.

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