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The Times of The Lord

The world could be seen from her chamber window. At least, all she had known to be of the world could be seen. Rows of flowers and rolling hills made up her scenic view. The beauty of the red roses spiraling up the castle walls and the wide open sky above her distracted her enough to hardly ever give her time to ponder what lay beyond the restraining walls.

She often walked through the gardens in her spare time. She loved to lie in the rich green grass and read a novel, preferably a heartbreaking romance. However, her favorite spot had to be the patch of lilies that spread out by the pond.

Her mother was a fan of lilies. Perhaps that was why she named her daughter Lillian; after the lilies she proudly took care of.

The girl could not be a day older than sixteen. Long, barrel curls of red shone golden in the sunlight. Her skin was milky white, almost as pale as the moonlight. Her eyes were sea green, almond shaped and full of youth and innocence.

Lillian stared down at her small hands and smiled broadly at the ring that abided on her finger. It was a large diamond on a thick gold band. The diamond had been discovered from deep within the caves of the Middle East. It was beautiful, priceless and of vital importance. Lillian never took it off.

"Queen Lillian Marie Evans Moreno…" she said in a sing-song voice. Her engagement to the Prince of the South was buzzing news. Ever since her sister, Petunia, had married, Lillian could think of nothing but her own wedding. Many nights she dreamed of it; the flowing white dress of silk and lace, the sky high cake and delicious pork, the guests by the boat-load and more importantly, that point when she would be cradled in her true love's arms, and he'd lean in, kiss her lips, and they'd start their lives together.

Hilliard was a handsome man. He was nineteen years old, only a few years her senior. His family was close with hers. She'd grown up knowing the young prince. He was now in her father's military; a stunning, handsome Military officer. He was what any girl dreamed of: her own knight in shinning armor.

The beauty of it, in all honesty, was how pure everything had turned out. Hilliard was everything she could ever ask for. Sure, girls her age were already married and bearing children, but Lillian's mother had insisted on raising her child the way she had been raised in Italy. The idea of her daughter marrying and bearing children at the age of twelve was simply out of the question!

There was a soft knock at her door. The young beauty turned to see a woman standing at the door. Her beauty was far superior to her daughters', if that were conceivable.

A man with dark hair grinned."Can't you move it any faster, pussy!?" he shouted to another boy who was carrying a large heavy box away from the cabin. The boy shot him an annoyed look."You're one to call someone a pussy now, Prongs!" The man known as Prongs smiled. He ran a hand through his short shaven black hair."I do enough work as it is. It's not my problem you get stuck with the shit work." His friend shot him the bird and brushed away his shaggy hair from his face. The boys looked to be around seventeen, but were clearly self-sufficient. Both were tall and muscular, but looked as though they hadn't bathed in a few days."You know Prongs!" a new voice came. James whipped around to see another handsome boy his age with black and brown eyes smiling back at him. His name was Sirius Black, or Padfoot. "Yeah, Padfoot?" the boy asked. Sirius grinned and threw his head back in a bark-like laugh. James stared at his friend happily."Yeah, Moony. I think being called the King has gotten to his pretty little head." Sirius shouted over at the brunette. 'Moony' nodded and continued his box-lifting journey wherever it was to take him."Hey! Being the King of Thieves isn't exactly an easy job!" James said holding back laughter. Sirius nodded, his eyes widened in false agreement."Oh shut up! Grab Wormtail and go train. The Ale Bed ain't gonna be some easy cows to beat." he ordered, trying to place his best leader look. Needless to say he failed miserably."How about not? I was on my way to grab some dinner." Sirius said with a sly smile, laughing at his personal joke. It was common knowledge that a thief never paid for his meal. "You get caught and I'll have your ass, I will. Now go, and grab me something." Sirius grinned and nodded sending him the thumbs up.The other male dropped the box and walked over to his friends. He too was good looking and he had mousey brown hair and pale and perky skin."Mind me tagging along? I don't want to get stuck with all Prongs' orders." James shot him a look of sarcasm and Sirius laughed again."Sure. Hey-" he said digging his hands in his pockets and leaning back slightly. He shot a grin at the boys."You hear that the Princess is getting' married?" James blinked and shook his head. Remus followed with a weak shrug. Sirius' eyes widened in excitement."…To the Prince of the South or the West or some place. Hear he's pretty much on the wealthy side." James snorted and whipped the sweat off his forehead with the sleeve of his shirt."Prince Goody-two shoes? Ah! Wouldn't I like to run into him? Ordering us around like he thinks he's our God. Not even the King of all England bothers to!" his friends smiled and nodded in agreement.Remus stared at his friends and jumped impatiently."Come on! I wanna eat before tonight's full moon! You think I enjoy seeing a dog when I'm hungry and I can't eat it?" Sirius' face paled and it was James' turn to laugh aloud."You guys better go before I become bait." His friends nodded and walked out of the bare field they had set up camp in. A group of other thieves sat in a corner near the King's Quarters.They were eating and laughing about something or another. James had to smile. He couldn't have asked for a better team. The members of the Al Beid were good people; despite their tarnished reputation. Men and women, child and adult, all alike, worked hard to keep the group one headstrong family.His eyes strode over to a group of girls that were talking. The young women of the Al Beid were useful in their own way. While most of them were just as skillful at knocking a man out as any of the males in the Al Beid, it was what they did to lure their victims in that impressed James. Sirius, Peter, Remus and himself would be hard pressed to try and seduce a man with their bodies. James decided to speak with Lady Kirah. Kirah was a fortune teller that the Al Beid had picked up ages ago. While she wasn't a natural soldier, she was brilliant and quick on her feet. James had grown up under her watchful eye. Kirah was like a surrogate mother for the children of the Al Beid. He pulled open the door flap of a tent to reveal a small woman who was probobly in her late forties and had a head full of long thick black hair. She was staring down at her crystal ball, not even bothering to look up from it. Her lips curved into a pleasant smile."Ah! My King. How is it, you are?" she asked. James smiled and sat across from the older woman on a large trunk. She wore a hajab around her face, hiding large round loops in her ears. As she moved her hands around the crystal ball, her bangles clinked and clattered. She held a long chain in her hand with a ruby fitted on the end. "Never better." James said with a childish grin. "I thought I'd get a blessing before tonight." He admitted looking at her sheepishly. Kirah laughed and stood. She was tall. Her movements were fluid and soft. She kneeled before him and began murmuring things in a foreign language. James always figured it was some form of Arabic.

After her prayer James stood up and stretched. He thanked Kirah and left, sending her a wink as he ducked out of the tent.

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