This was written as a response to a drabble challenge on „The Black Pearl sails". I may work it into a larger story some day. As always, this is done for fun, and anything you recognise isn't mine (though I wish it was...) Enjoy!


The Pirate Gate

Mr. Gibbs had insisted the Bermuda Triangle was bad luck. But Jack knew better. Their luck couldn't get any worse with a Spanish flotilla after them. The Spaniards really were overreacting over his sacking of a completely unimportant little town; after all, there had been no bloodshed. What was worse was that the whelp and his strumpet were aboard for this venture, and if anything should happen to the lovely Elizabeth, Commodore Norrington would happily string Jack up. No more head starts for the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow.

So, in effect, Jack had little choice but to brave the whirlpool with his beloved Pearl, taking them to that... other place. So now they were here, in that strange place full of strange plants and animals. The Pearl was anchored off the coast of a lovely little island, and the pirates were replenishing their supplies while Jack Sparrow wracked his brain trying to think up a way of explaining four moons come nightfall, when they ran into two men.

The obvious leader of the two, a tall man with greying hair, turned to his younger, bespectacled companion, and said: „Fer cryin' out loud, Danny, I thought you said this planet wasn't inhabited!"